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Shower rooms are rapidly gaining popularity over traditional bathrooms thanks to their sleek design, efficiency, and versatility. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, consumers prioritise functionality and convenience; a shower room provides this. According to a Houzz UK Bathroom Trends Study, almost three-quarters of homeowners upgraded their showers (74%), with more than two-thirds increasing their shower size during renovations (68%). These increases were not insubstantial; almost a third enlarged the shower by more than half its original size (32%).

For those with limited space, fitting a bathtub requires more floor space, whereas shower rooms work well with a compact footprint, rendering them ideal for smaller homes or urban dwellings where space is at a premium. Additionally, shower rooms can be customised to suit individual preferences, with options ranging from minimalist walk-in showers to luxurious spa-like enclosures. In our April round-up, Diane Larner explores the latest products to hit the market.

Expand your horizons

Bette shower trays  residential commercial_bathrooms

Shower trays

Despite the prevalence of smaller bathroom spaces in new construction, the demand for luxurious yet practical bathroom solutions continues to rise; spacious bathroom areas deliver on this preference, but how do you cater to a generous aesthetic whilst transcending limitations imposed by square footage? Larger, flatter shower trays that emulate the feel of a wetroom are emerging as a crafty solution. Balancing form and function whilst offering a more expansive option, larger formats help designers redefine the boundaries of bathroom design whilst embracing a seamless fusion of utility and aesthetics.

Sven Rensinghoff, head of marketing at Bette, agrees, “There’s a growing demand for larger, flatter and flush-to-floor shower trays that give the look of a wet room, without any worries about water leakage, and with a shower floor that is easy to clean. There’s also a growing demand for shower trays that coordinate with flooring to help make the room appear larger. We are seeing more customers adding colour into the bathroom to increase the feeling of cosiness and to aid relaxation. While white is still the most popular choice, the use of darker colours is increasing in popularity to create a cosy and relaxing interior space in which to switch off from the stresses of the outside world.”

Bette shower trays come in 70 sizes, so there is no need to compromise on the perfect size. They are strong and stable, even in the largest 2000 x 900mm and 1800 x 1000mm dimensions, and come in floor level and above floor options, with central or side wastes.

Sleek & chic

Bathroom Review Kudos Divera shower enclosure range

Shower enclosures

If preferences lean toward a shower enclosure, selecting a design that optimises room space whilst delivering accessibility is key. Various options are available to the market, from bi-fold doors to quadrant enclosures, each delivering unique benefits tailored to diverse needs.

Shower enclosure manufacturers often cite easy installation as a benefit and suggest enclosures can be more cost-effective than traditional custom-built designs. With an array of design options, from sleek minimalist styles to bold statement pieces, shower enclosures align with today’s design trends, helping elevate style while maximising functionality.

The new Divera collection from Kudos Showers offers a comprehensive and design-led modular showering solution where many of the components can be used to create a number of different enclosures. Its side panels and fixing kits are universally designed for use with any of the door types in the range. Easy to install, the comprehensive collection includes sliding, bi-fold, hinged and quadrant enclosure door options, along with wet room panels, side panels and accessories.

The company also offers a reassuring check-list of support and customer service; as Nick Granville, Kudos’s sales & marketing director, explains, “Choosing a local, reliable shower enclosure supplier that offers quality, deliverable product guarantees, and a speedy backup service instils confidence in both the retailer and the consumer. As a result of recent market challenges, such as Brexit, COVID-19, and continual economic uncertainty, service levels in the showering market have been inconsistent. The importance of supporting local manufacturers like Kudos has, therefore, been elevated.  

“British manufacturers that offer a comprehensive range of products, all at price points and with flexible design options, and hold in-depth stock in the UK, have become leading contenders in the showering supply chain.”

Style icon

Bathroom Review KEUCO Plan Blue Thermostatic Shower

Thermostatic showers

Thermostatic showers offer a raft of benefits for designers, including safety features, built-in water conservation and customisable options such as adjustable spray settings. Exposed mixers are also easy to integrate into various project styles thanks to a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements most bathrooms. Beyond their visual appeal, thermostatic showers enhance user satisfaction by maintaining consistent water temperatures, minimising the risk of scalding. These showers also feature ergonomic handles and intuitive controls, enhancing usability and accessibility for all ages and abilities.

A perfect example is the PLAN blue series of fittings from KEUCO; the range now incorporates an exposed thermostatic shower mixer. The two new on-wall shower fittings have been created to complement the extensive PLAN blue range with either a thermostat shower mixer or a combination with an integrated head and hand shower.

A thoughtfully designed shower can also ensure the new space is multi-generational, adding value and longevity to the property. James Sketch, country manager at Keuco UK, agrees: “By considering who will be using the shower in years to come, designers can include elements that ensure the shower is adaptable and can be adjusted to cater for different heights, from small children to those who need to sit whilst showering. It is also important to ensure there is room for a grab rail within the showering space. These small details can lead to significant savings in the long term, as the shower can continue to be used with minor adjustments for years to come.”

Big style for small spaces

Flair Baby ILI sliding door Shower Enclosure

Shower doors

Designing for small or awkward spaces such as an attic or en-suite presents a unique challenge for designers and architects, but also offers an opportunity for innovation and creativity. The latest trends in compact bathroom design include clever solutions such as utilising a recessed space or integrating space-saving corner showers.

Amongst a raft of brand-new design-led products, Flair has recently unveiled a new range of shower doors; BABY ILI is a specially designed solution for attic bathrooms and spaces with height restrictions. Standing at 1800 mm high, BABY ILI ensures that even in tight spaces, retailers can offer their customers a stunning shower enclosure, enhancing their daily showering experience.

Panel power

Kinewall Shower Panels from Kinedo

Decorative wall panels

Wood panelling in bathrooms has emerged as a notable trend this year, bringing warmth, texture, and a touch of natural beauty to the bathroom space. Departing from traditional tiled walls, modern bathrooms embrace the versatility and charm of wood panelling to create inviting and spa-like sanctuaries. Whether used to accentuate a feature wall or to cover an entire surface, wood panelling adds depth and character. Furthermore, advancements in material technology have made wood panelling in bathrooms more practical than ever, with moisture-resistant options that are durable and easy to maintain.

Pictured above and below, Kinewall by Kinedo is a new range of decorative bathroom wall panels that can transform not just a shower space but a whole bathroom, cloakroom or utility room. Said to offer a revolution in materials, a revelation in designs and a remarkably simple installation process, Kinewall offers an abundance of choices to create the perfect bathroom with over 70 unique patterns, styles, and colours.


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The new Kudos Ultimate slimline shower tray collection stands at just 27mm in height and comes in two standard slate effect finishes, four bespoke-coloured options and 19 standard sizes. They are lightweight, slip and stain-resistant, trimmable to fit on site, and the slate effect finishes contain an antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of microbes.

The composite material used to produce these new trays is up to 60% lighter than a traditional stone-filled shower tray. The composite construction, which has a CNC machined waterproof core, features a slip-resistant acrylic surface and is virtually unbreakable. This new tray innovation has also been tested with selected retailers over the past few months to establish the best colour options and features to launch. As a result, Kudos is offering a standard collection from stock in two colour finishes, in white and grey slate effect, and 19 sizes up to 2000 x 900mm, all with an end-positioned waste.

The trays can also be manufactured to order as a bespoke option, which expands the range to 6 coloured options and four different waste positions. These special orders can be made to any size up to 2000 x 1000mm and offer an option of choosing a contrasting-coloured edge to the tray, too.

The Ultimate Shower trays have been designed to suit the range of Ultimate shower panels from Kudos and offer additional flexibility for the bathroom designer.

Kudos is a brand of showering products that is trading as RONAL Bathrooms UK. The Kudos brand is designed and manufactured in the UK, where they have been producing shower products at their Cumbria facility since 1999. The Kudos portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over-bath screens, and wet-room solutions that are sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Visit their website kudosshowers.co.uk, call them on 01539 564040 or email info@kudosshowers.co.uk

Whatever your age, standing safely in the bathtub or shower is important; Invisible Grip is the new super anti-slip surface finish from Kaldewei. It works on the glossiest of their steel enamel surfaces, and the feeling when your skin meets the shining, plastic-free Kaldewei surface is pleasant. The grip does not diminish when using soap, shower gel, shampoo or simply when there is contact with water as the invisible micro-structuring of the enamel continues to provide a particularly strong grip underfoot.

Glamour and safety in the bathroom

LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165. This is particularly relevant for the planning of barrier-free bathrooms.

Even when dry, the Invisible Grip finish does not alter the brilliant gleam of the Kaldewei steel enamel surface and is available in Alpine White for shower areas and bathtubs. This means it provides safety and introduces a touch of modern glamour to the bathroom. The micro structure can be cleaned just as easily as a normal enamel surface. An explanatory video can be seen at https://www.kaldewei.de/produkte/invisible-grip/, which demonstrates how the new surface treatment works.

“With Invisible Grip, Kaldewei offers an innovative solution for the modern bathroom that increases the feeling of safety without compromising on the visual appearance, feeling underfoot and hygiene. Carefree showering and bathing with aesthetic aspirations become everyday normality”, says Yvonne Piu, head of global marketing at Kaldewei.

Like all the products in the Luxstainability®World from Kaldewei, Invisible Grip stands for uncompromising safety and trust combined with a highly aesthetic surface finish. Invisible Grip demonstrates Kaldewei’s special innovative competence, for which the premium manufacturer has been awarded the seal of the Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) (Certification body for research grants).

Even when using soap, shower gel and shampoo or simply when there is contact with water, the invisible microstructuring of the enamel provides a particularly strong grip.

Tested standing safety: LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165

Kaldewei Invisible Grip anti slip Shower Surface

For 2023 Kaldewei has given the classic Superplan a makeover; it now has a refreshed design that provides floor-level access from two sides. The Kaldewei Superplan also has an up-to-the-minute look with sharper edges, tight angles, and clean lines.

The installation depth has been optimised to max. 25 millimetres – which is almost half that of its predecessor. Narrow margins create an elegant look and guarantee a lavish standing area for a unique showering experience.

The angles of the outer corners and edges have been reduced so that the Superplan can be easily integrated into an existing tile grid, and tiling up to the edge of the shower surface is much simpler.

Kaldewei’s Superplan is a classic among floor-level showers and has sold over a million in the last 30 years. Trusted by technicians and users alike, whether it’s an exclusive private bathroom in a hotel or a barrier-free bathroom, this seamless shower made of recyclable steel enamel integrates perfectly, guaranteeing a
comfortable, safe floor space.

Sustainable, modern, and flexible

The Kaldewei Superplan is manufactured from recyclable steel enamel, and its non-porous glass surface makes it easy to clean. Combining long-lasting design with natural materials, it adds another excellent product to the world of Kaldewei’s Luxstainability® portfolio.

The shower is available in standard bathroom colours and the exclusive shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, creating a huge design scope. The new Superplan is 100 per cent compatible with all the smart Kaldewei accessories – from assembly and waste systems to the familiar easy-care and anti-slip finishes.

This new Superplan shower tray will be available in all 41 sizes by autumn 2023.

More news from Kaldewei

Dallmer, the German shower drainage manufacturer, is introducing the new CeraFrame Liquid – a specifically designed shower channel that creates a seamless, thin-layered finish in shower areas.

CeraFrame Liquid, part of the DallFlex shower channel system family, achieves that smooth, blended finish many people desire. The Black Edition channel and grate finishes are designed to help customers achieve relaxing and luxury spa-like bathrooms.


Black is a statement colour and looks good in any bathroom. Dallmer’s ‘Black Edition’ (pictured above) features black statement shower channels and grates and a new CeraFloor Duo which can be produced in lengths of up to 2metres. As well as style and elegance, the channels and grates also offer resilience. The black PVD coating that features on the CeraFloor Select and CeraNiveau shower channels was originally developed for heavily loaded parts of sports engines. However, Dallmer has engineered this into its shower solutions to create a durable, long-lasting, easy-to-care-for, and hypoallergenic product.

Dallmer recently presented its innovations at ISH and reported a positive response: “There is simply no substitute for personal interactions in an inspiring trade fair atmosphere,” said Yvonne Dallmer, managing director. “It was clear by how quickly our stand filled up that our visitors were very interested in experiencing our products first-hand again.”


For more information about Dallmer’s new products, please visit dallmer.com.

About Dallmer

Dallmer has been a specialist in drainage systems since 1913. The family business is now in its fourth generation. Founded over 100 years ago as an engraving house at the Arnsberg site, Dallmer developed from a workshop to a premium architecture brand for building drainage. The high-grade product range comprises all kinds of drainage systems, shower channels, waterproofing and seals, urinal systems, fire protection and soundproofing systems, and special drains for yards, cellars, roofs, car parks and balconies. The guiding principle of the family business is: maximum functionality, top-quality materials and exceptional design.

Pictured very top: Dallmer CeraFrame Liquid

Impey, best known as one of the UK’s market-leading wetroom manufacturers, has announced the introduction of four new colours of drain top to their portfolio. The shades Gold, Anthracite, Bronze and Black, have been chosen to complement the brand’s Aqua-Dec EasyFit and Aqua-Dec Linear range of wetroom floor formers. The Allure collection and new Paragon drain tops will be available from September 2022, throughout the brand’s nationwide retailer network.

Impey is renowned for its portfolio of wetroom solutions including its Aqua-Dec wetroom floor formers with inbuilt drainage gradient. In addition to the popular Aqua-Dec range, Impey has released an eye-catching new selection of coloured drain tops that offer enhanced personalisation options and will fit both the linear and square style of wetroom floors. 

The new linear Allure range is available in both 600mm and 800mm sizes for the Aqua-Dec Linear floor formers. While the new square Allure range has been designed to fit the Aqua-Dec EasyFit.

In addition to the new colours, Impey will simultaneously launch two high-quality stainless steel drain tops ‘Paragon’ which will also be available in a brushed or polished finish. The pioneering new drain tops offer a minimalist aesthetic and customisation within any bathroom space.

Both the Allure collection and Paragon drain tops boast high flow rates, exceptional quality and are manufactured with a low carbon footprint.

Said Jessica Davis, Impey’s product manager, shower floors: “We are excited to launch the stunning Allure Collection and Paragon drain tops as an addition to our Aqua-Dec wetroom floor former drainage solutions. Giving specifiers and homeowners an opportunity to customise their wetrooms and coordinate perfectly with bathroom accessories or screen profiles. The colourful drain tops will sit alongside our existing wetroom floor former options and can be purchased as an upgrade to a complete wetroom solution or as a stand-alone item.”

Both new additions to Allure and Paragon are manufactured in the UK using locally sourced products and suppliers. Targeting sustainability, 100% of the packaging is recyclable cardboard and the Allure collection is PVD coated; the most energy-efficient coating process.

For more information on Allure or Paragon visit https://www.impeyshowers.com/wetroom-inspiration/impey-allure-collection/

Wetroom Drain Top

Kudos has introduced a slate effect finish into its Connect2 shower tray collection. The eye-catching dark grey tray features an exclusive surface pattern, taken directly from a piece of locally sourced slate, to ensure an authentic finish. 

There’s a growing trend for adding colour and textures into the bathroom space and this natural slate effect is particularly relevant as the tray is made in the Kudos factory just outside Kendal in the Lake District, an area known for its use of slate in construction.

Whilst the finish may be slate grey, the new Connect2 tray is manufactured in the same acrylic capped ABS filled with a structural resin bonded stone, so maintains all the strength and durable benefits of its material. It is both slip and stain resistant and contains an anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of microbes including bacteria and mould. 

As with other Connect2 trays, it retains a super low profile when installed, standing at just 35mm in height and is guaranteed to avoid standard joist spans thanks to the positioning of an offset dual waste outlet, allowing the installer to choose the waste free from obstruction to connect. The tray may have to be rotated 90 or 180 degrees (dependent on shape) to accommodate the fixed joists, but once set, the installer simply uses the blanking plug provided to seal the unused waste and plumb in the hi-flow waste and trap, avoiding any need to lift the tray off the floor. If both waste holes are free then both wastes can be connected for even faster water removal. A reinforced, magnetically secured waste cover, that’s easily removed for cleaning, then sits neatly over the waste blanking plug to complete the installation.

The collection of Connect2 trays, which come in a choice of slate effect, high gloss white or slip resistant SR finish in white, are now available in a broad range of 28 different sizes from 800mm square to 1700x900mm rectangle including seven new sizes launching in April to expand the quadrant and mid-size rectangular options.

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbrian facility since 1999. Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK. Please call on 01539 564040, email to marketing@kudosshowers.co.uk or visit their website at kudosshowers.co.uk.

We expect a great deal of the once humble shower room. It goes without saying shower spaces should offer multi-generational accessibility, and in the wake of COVID-`19, hygienic features and easy-clean surfaces. However, we are also looking for a sense of spa-like luxury, a space to relax and rejuvenate.

Shower hardware combines all these elements, offering a practical solution that is included throughout the shower area to match bathroom accessories for a cohesive design-led feel.

Simon Boocock, CRL Managing Director agrees: “The shower enclosure has evolved into more of a wet-room, easy access and almost open-plan area, low-level trays coupled with frameless enclosures create a minimalist appeal. With very little on show, the shower hardware, including hinges and U-channels, as well as the brassware, has a chance to shine. Creating a cohesive look is important here, with hardware very often now chosen in keeping with shower brassware and available in a range of finishes to suit.”

Frameless style

CRL Cambridge Frameless Shower Enclosure

CRL’s Frameless designs such as the Cambridge maximise accessibility and deliver a clean, streamlined look. This range is designed to match CRL shower hardware with colours and styles to suit all décor schemes.

Access all areas

HEWI’s System 900 is also a response to the complex requirements of accessible bathrooms. The products boast long-lasting quality, clever installation solutions and a hygienic design. Matching accessories open up versatile design options in the bathroom and HEWI also offers practical toilet roll holders and new towel rails or toilet brush sets in stainless steel, chrome or with a powder-coated finish in white, shades of grey and black.

System 900 powder coated finishes shower spaces
Hewi System 900 Powder Coated Finishes

Staying grounded

Some of the most serious accidents happen in the bathroom and we expect a high proportion are caused by slips and falls whilst getting in and out of the shower. For hoteliers, keeping bathrooms safe is a priority and the health and safety checklist requires handrails and slip-proof surfaces. For the home, an efficient anti-slip surface keeps all the family safe without having to include rails for open plan designs.

BetteAir Shower spaces
BetteAir Tile

The Bette-Anti Slip Sense surface is a new type of surface treatment for maximum slip resistance (in accordance with evaluation group C of DIN 51097) and claims to provide the highest level of slip protection. This surface is available on Bette’s new BetteAirshower tile for perfect level-access integration.

Smooth operator

Another key aspect when it comes to safe design is not having to fight with your amenities. Lakes Antigua Slider features an easy-glide door that closes effortlessly at the touch of a finger to a near-silent stop. Concealed wheels ensure easy cleaning and a cooler look plus a low threshold for easy and safe access, and a solid cast handle with smooth, rounded edges for a touch of elegance.

Let’s get personal

Lockdown gave us time to get creative and in the UK it fuelled a trend in home improvement, as life imitates art, art imitates life and so, the hospitality sector is creating bathroom spaces that feel like home. In our homes, we still want to emulate that luxury hotel feel. Personalisation delivers the best of both worlds.

Richard Eaton, Product Manager, RefleXion Enclosures by PJH comments: “The desire for personalisation is causing designs to evolve, for example, the black-framed or panelled look that we’ve seen of late is great for the industrial-inspired or monochrome look.”

“More patterns, colours and unusual finishes are now appearing, such as our botanical themed RefleXion Iconix ‘Black Leaf’ 8mm Panel and the use of materials other than polished chrome frames and clear glass will really grow in the next few years – such as gold or brass frames, and frosted or fluted glass.”

Just relax

Keely Greenhalgh, National Sales Manager at Mermaid Panels tells us: “We want our bathrooms to replicate the spa experience. Bathrooms are increasingly being treated as a treasured area of the home to truly relax and refresh so bathrooms that can capture that spa-like serenity at home will continue to be a standout style for 2022.”

Pursuing tones that give a sense of tranquillity and reflect the natural environment certainly feels like a trend that’s here to stay and using contrasting materials is a simple way to achieve this. However, we can expect a switch back to lighter shades for 2022, for example, greens and blues will still be popular but sage green and sky blue may lead in popularity.

Keely agrees: “Whether it’s a Swedish wood effect or a more traditional yet decadent marble, there is an increasing number of surface options on the market to create a hidden retreat in the home. Calming tones and colours are a perfect way to create serenity within the bathroom. Designers can look at muted tones combined with one stand out wall to create a relaxing, soothing area.”

Mermiad panels elite ange shower spaces
Mermaid Panels – Elite Range – Himalayan Marble

Mermaid Panels has introduced 28 new décors to its premium Elite collection of bathroom panels.  Offering an alternative to tiling, Elite has a 100% waterproof core and helps create a completely seamless, premium look and finish. The artistic post-formed edges add unique design detail that removes the need for trims or grouting.

The BetteAir from Bette is reportedly the world’s first glazed titanium-steel shower tile and completes the evolution of the shower tray into part of the bathroom floor.

BetteAir integrates so perfectly that it is hardly noticeable and, at only 10mm high, it can be glued directly to the screed like a conventional tile. The BetteAir can be installed with a minimum installation height of only 97 millimetres. Durable and easy to clean, it has all the advantages of a tile without any of the disadvantages.

The new BetteAir shower tile is available in eight sizes from 900 x 900 to 1400 x 1000 mm and in a choice of 31 colours.

BetteAir is supplied as standard with basic sound insulation for quiet showering and can also be equipped with an anti-slip surface: BetteAnti-Slip Pro, or the new BetteAnti-Slip Sense for gloss white, which offers the highest level of slip protection.

BetteAir Tile

The Bette-Anti Slip Sense surface is the only glossy, smooth and easy to clean anti-slip surface to provide the highest level of slip protection on shower trays.

It is a new type of surface treatment for maximum slip resistance (in accordance with evaluation group C of DIN 51097). Almost invisible, the anti-slip effect occurs when the pressure of the body weight and water come together.

New BetteAnti-Slip Sense can be used to provide the highest level of slip protection on Bette’s gloss white glazed titanium-steel shower trays and baths. For shower trays in matt colours, Bette offers its almost invisible BetteAnti-Slip Pro.

All Bette shower trays, baths and washbasins come with a 30 year warranty. Made from natural products, they are 100% recyclable.

BetteAir Tile

For further information on Bette: www.my-bette.com/en or telephone 0844 800 0547.

The SUPERPLAN ZERO shower floor is the latest product from Kaldewei created by the Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger. Available in over 50 different dimensions, the sustainable enamelled shower surface is easily accessed from three sides.

Designed to be installed at floor level, the shower surface has very narrow edges so it is possible to tile directly up to the shower edge to create the impression of almost invisible joints. The waste is close to the wall to enable comfort when standing and safety when moving around the shower area.

There are over 50 different dimensions from 70 to 180 centimetres, diverse surface variations and a wide range of colours, all of which make the Superplan Zero even more attractive. Whether in large or small bathrooms, building owners, planners and installers have full flexibility. The shower surface is available with the almost invisible, anti-slip surface finish Secure Plus, upon request. The Superplan Zero is 100 percent compatible with all the sealing sets, assembly systems and waste fittings from Kaldewei.

Kaldewei Superplan Zero Shower floor

The base is made from sustainable, long-lasting and 100 per cent recyclable steel enamel. The glass surface is applied to the steel using a special process and this is what gives it such a luxurious finish. Kaldewei claims to be the only steel enamel manufacturer that produces the enamel (or the basic substance for the glass coating) in-house with a secret formulation.

To launch Superplan Zero, the well-known musician and photographer Bryan Adams worked with leading choreographers and dancers and shot six different motifs. The aesthetic, powerful movements of ballet dancers are captured on a “stage” made of precious steel enamel, bringing the sensual serenity of the shower moment to the fore.

Kaldewei Superlplan Zero shower floor