Family-run, independent online tiles specialist Hyperion Tiles’ latest collections include encaustic tiles for eye-catching floors and walls.

The handmade, artisan tiles, designed by Bert & May, are ideal for bathrooms and all inside or outside areas.

Director Richard Skeoch explains: “Encaustic, or cement, tiles are becoming increasingly popular for those looking for versatile tiles with the wow factor. Encaustic refers to the firing process that burns the glazed pattern onto the tile surface or cement tiles, which have been inlaid with pigment to create patterns and colours.

“Our Bert & May tiles are handcrafted, using traditional techniques and natural colours. Designed in the UK, they are hand-poured by a family of fourth-generation artisan tile-makers in Spain and crafted with crushed marble to create extra strength and a beautiful, raw finish. Options include plain designs, while patterned styles can feature anything from two to six different colours.”

Bert & May Hyperion Tiles

Pictured above is the clever design tessellations of Bert & May Tilt Marigold Tile (£156 per sq m). As showcased in Pearl on the floor, the tiles work well in retro/rustic settings and are suitable for both interior and exterior walls and floors.

Pictured below left is Bert & May’s Manarola Tile (£144 per sq m), incorporating a diamond shape for a fresh twist on a classic design. This creates a beautiful pattern suitable for both large rooms and small settings.

Pictured below right is the classic neutral shade of Bert & May’s Brighton Stone Encaustic Herringbone Tile (£209.95 per sq m). It works well on its own, paired with a patterned tile, or combined with other colours from the herringbone collection (pic credit: Samuel Heath).

The Nagoya tile, Ceramique Internationale’s dramatic new addition to its large format porcelain tile collection, is highly durable, making it ideal for bathroom walls and floors. It is available in four colours, from classic grey and graphite to eye-catching marfil and greige.

With all the opulence and individuality of natural marble Nagoya is guaranteed to be a centrepiece within any space. The commanding 600mm x 1200mm tiles have a reflective, lightly polished surface and intense veining. Nagoya is an exotic marble finish created from a blend of quartzite and Fior di Bosco marble. 

Managing director of Ceramique Internationale, Peter Vann said: “The Nagoya collection, manufactured by Azteca, is a welcome addition to our recently expanded range of 600mm x 1200mm tiles.

“These very large tiles – every one of them unique – create a mood of opulence and space, so will make a big statement even in smaller bathrooms.”

More information on the Nagoya tile can be found at https://ceramiqueinternationale.co.uk/product/nagoya-greige/


Nagoya tile

More bathroom surface ideas

Global bathroom brand VitrA’s Liquid is a new comprehensive range designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon. Liquid is the first-ever bathroom range by the acclaimed British designer. 

The range is the latest addition to VitrA’s portfolio of designer collaborations, part of a long-standing programme of working with world-renowned designers to create distinctive, modern bathroom collections.

For Tom, the collaboration with VitrA has allowed him to explore new design opportunities while gaining an appreciation of the complexities of manufacturing products for the bathroom. Creating a fully comprehensive range was key for the designer so Liquid covers all elements of the bathroom – sanitaryware, furniture, taps, tiles, shower systems, and accessories.

For Liquid, part of Tom’s inspiration was Victorian bathrooms.

“I like the feeling of permanence in Victorian bathrooms, with their big chunky taps and fat tubes,” Tom notes. “It’s an aesthetic that’s closely connected to a whole tradition of British engineering and influenced the development of the bathroom.”

The fact that clay is readily available and extremely durable resonated with Tom, particularly from a sustainability perspective. He found it fascinating “the way a bit of grey and greasy earth can transform into something so white, clean and shiny.”

VitrA Tom Dixon

Like much of Tom’s recent work, the new collection is aligned with his increasing use of round-edged aesthetics. The designs have been inspired by elements of pop art, such as Jeff Koons and his Balloon Dog and the work of Claes Oldenburg, as well as the sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s geometry of soft forms and use of rounded marble.

Cloe up Shower VitrA

Over months of close collaboration, VitrA and Tom Dixon explored lots of new ideas. “I think design should always increase the potentials,” says VitrA’s design director, Erdem Akan. “If you get the core pieces right, you can create combinations and potentials – creating more with less.” The final result is Liquid, a range that is wholly new and yet somehow familiar.

Levent Giray, managing director of VitrA UK, comments:

“We are delighted to introduce Tom Dixon’s innovative and contemporary collection as part of our ongoing collaboration with world-renowned designers. Our extensive manufacturing, design and innovation capabilities have ensured that there is a unity to the breadth of Liquid, the VitrA x Tom Dixon collection. At a time when there is a greater emphasis placed on the bathroom space, this cohesive collection has a generosity of design that will sit comfortably in both domestic and professional environments.”