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Whatever your age, standing safely in the bathtub or shower is important; Invisible Grip is the new super anti-slip surface finish from Kaldewei. It works on the glossiest of their steel enamel surfaces, and the feeling when your skin meets the shining, plastic-free Kaldewei surface is pleasant. The grip does not diminish when using soap, shower gel, shampoo or simply when there is contact with water as the invisible micro-structuring of the enamel continues to provide a particularly strong grip underfoot.

Glamour and safety in the bathroom

LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165. This is particularly relevant for the planning of barrier-free bathrooms.

Even when dry, the Invisible Grip finish does not alter the brilliant gleam of the Kaldewei steel enamel surface and is available in Alpine White for shower areas and bathtubs. This means it provides safety and introduces a touch of modern glamour to the bathroom. The micro structure can be cleaned just as easily as a normal enamel surface. An explanatory video can be seen at https://www.kaldewei.de/produkte/invisible-grip/, which demonstrates how the new surface treatment works.

“With Invisible Grip, Kaldewei offers an innovative solution for the modern bathroom that increases the feeling of safety without compromising on the visual appearance, feeling underfoot and hygiene. Carefree showering and bathing with aesthetic aspirations become everyday normality”, says Yvonne Piu, head of global marketing at Kaldewei.

Like all the products in the Luxstainability®World from Kaldewei, Invisible Grip stands for uncompromising safety and trust combined with a highly aesthetic surface finish. Invisible Grip demonstrates Kaldewei’s special innovative competence, for which the premium manufacturer has been awarded the seal of the Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) (Certification body for research grants).

Even when using soap, shower gel and shampoo or simply when there is contact with water, the invisible microstructuring of the enamel provides a particularly strong grip.

Tested standing safety: LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165

Kaldewei Invisible Grip anti slip Shower Surface

The new magnetic shower holder from HEWI is designed to improve showering comfort thanks to its user-friendly, safe and easy-to-clean features.

Innovations are usually in the details and mean a significant system or product range improvement. Thus, the international expert for barrier-free sanitary solutions, HEWI, continuously develops products that increase ease of use, contribute more safety and make a difference in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning. One such product is the new System 900 magnetic shower head holder, which the company has already patented.

Well thought out down to the last detail and timeless in design

In stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated in white, black and grey, the new product follows the minimalist, high-quality and timeless design that characterises all ranges from HEWI and forms another building block in the diverse range of barrier-free solutions.

In terms of handling, the new magnetic shower head holder has been significantly simplified and is, in the sense of universal design, an optimal product for everyone, and especially for users with physical limitations.

Key characteristic features are its straightforward, magnet-function-based height adjustment, which works by sliding the shower head with an intuitive one-handed operation. The shower head holder incorporates a fully rotatable cone bracket and a conscious lack of buttons and knobs that usually feature on such products. Thus, the shower holder can be used without strain and even by those with motor limitations.  Wet hands also no longer hinder use as the traditional clamping mechanism has been replaced by the novel magnetic principle, thus eliminating the need to exert pressure when adjusting the shower holder. As virtually no mechanical forces act on the product, wear is minimal.

For 2023 Kaldewei has given the classic Superplan a makeover; it now has a refreshed design that provides floor-level access from two sides. The Kaldewei Superplan also has an up-to-the-minute look with sharper edges, tight angles, and clean lines.

The installation depth has been optimised to max. 25 millimetres – which is almost half that of its predecessor. Narrow margins create an elegant look and guarantee a lavish standing area for a unique showering experience.

The angles of the outer corners and edges have been reduced so that the Superplan can be easily integrated into an existing tile grid, and tiling up to the edge of the shower surface is much simpler.

Kaldewei’s Superplan is a classic among floor-level showers and has sold over a million in the last 30 years. Trusted by technicians and users alike, whether it’s an exclusive private bathroom in a hotel or a barrier-free bathroom, this seamless shower made of recyclable steel enamel integrates perfectly, guaranteeing a
comfortable, safe floor space.

Sustainable, modern, and flexible

The Kaldewei Superplan is manufactured from recyclable steel enamel, and its non-porous glass surface makes it easy to clean. Combining long-lasting design with natural materials, it adds another excellent product to the world of Kaldewei’s Luxstainability® portfolio.

The shower is available in standard bathroom colours and the exclusive shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, creating a huge design scope. The new Superplan is 100 per cent compatible with all the smart Kaldewei accessories – from assembly and waste systems to the familiar easy-care and anti-slip finishes.

This new Superplan shower tray will be available in all 41 sizes by autumn 2023.

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Dallmer, the German shower drainage manufacturer, is introducing the new CeraFrame Liquid – a specifically designed shower channel that creates a seamless, thin-layered finish in shower areas.

CeraFrame Liquid, part of the DallFlex shower channel system family, achieves that smooth, blended finish many people desire. The Black Edition channel and grate finishes are designed to help customers achieve relaxing and luxury spa-like bathrooms.


Black is a statement colour and looks good in any bathroom. Dallmer’s ‘Black Edition’ (pictured above) features black statement shower channels and grates and a new CeraFloor Duo which can be produced in lengths of up to 2metres. As well as style and elegance, the channels and grates also offer resilience. The black PVD coating that features on the CeraFloor Select and CeraNiveau shower channels was originally developed for heavily loaded parts of sports engines. However, Dallmer has engineered this into its shower solutions to create a durable, long-lasting, easy-to-care-for, and hypoallergenic product.

Dallmer recently presented its innovations at ISH and reported a positive response: “There is simply no substitute for personal interactions in an inspiring trade fair atmosphere,” said Yvonne Dallmer, managing director. “It was clear by how quickly our stand filled up that our visitors were very interested in experiencing our products first-hand again.”


For more information about Dallmer’s new products, please visit dallmer.com.

About Dallmer

Dallmer has been a specialist in drainage systems since 1913. The family business is now in its fourth generation. Founded over 100 years ago as an engraving house at the Arnsberg site, Dallmer developed from a workshop to a premium architecture brand for building drainage. The high-grade product range comprises all kinds of drainage systems, shower channels, waterproofing and seals, urinal systems, fire protection and soundproofing systems, and special drains for yards, cellars, roofs, car parks and balconies. The guiding principle of the family business is: maximum functionality, top-quality materials and exceptional design.

Pictured very top: Dallmer CeraFrame Liquid

Online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum recognises that when it comes to designing your home, making it suitable for a range of mobility issues is a priority for thousands of households.

People can live with a wide spectrum of mobility issues making everyday tasks and the ability to move around the home more challenging – particularly in older age.

Trying to strike a balance between functionality and style is key to any bathroom design, but even more so when buying a bathroom for an elderly relative who is living independently.

Maintaining independence is extremely important and when it comes to the bathroom there are a wide choice of adaptations that can be made that vary from quick fixes to more complex renovations.

Whether you’re looking to adapt for ease of mobility, better access or want to future-proof for your senior years, an accessible bathroom could be just what you need.

Ruth Foster, interior designer at Victoria Plum shares some practical advice and her top design tips for creating an accessible and modern bathroom that is both functional and stylish for independent living.

Ruth says: “When people hear the term ‘accessible bathroom’ it conjures up images of sterile rooms with clunky obtrusive items, that wouldn’t look out of place in a hospital – a distant cry from the beautiful space you’d envisaged for your home.

“However, it is possible to get the contemporary bathroom that you want and have it meet your accessibility needs at the same time.”


Simple modifications

“An accessible bathroom can be fully customisable with as much or as little as you need. Trying to strike a balance between functionality and style is key to any bathroom design, but even more so when buying a bathroom for someone with a disability or an elderly relative who is living independently.

“Day to day independent living can be hugely impacted by the addition of items such as walk-in baths, grab rails and bath and shower seats.

“Advanced toilets are also an easy adaptation, with comfort height settings and built in personal hygiene jets and dryers. Opt for an electronic bidet toilet with a control panel, automatic flush and seat opening and closing mechanism.

“A walk-in shower bath or shower enclosure with large easy to use controls are ideal for those with visual impairment or hand mobility restrictions. Wet rooms are especially accessible for wheelchair users and those with impaired vision. With no steps or shower trays to worry about, trip hazards can be greatly reduced for those less steady on their feet.

“Consider lowering your shelving so that accessories can be reached more easily and angle your mirrors lower too. A pivot mirror is great for shared spaces as it can be tilted to the perfect angle as required.

Minimalist greys

“Minimalist design continues to lead the way when it comes to choosing an on-trend look for the bathroom with a colour palette of greys and earthy tones.

“This trend works well for an accessible bathroom as it is simple and uncluttered.  Adding patterned tiled and textured floors or walls can make a lovely feature and can help to identify zones in the bathroom for visually impaired users.

“Sleek and sturdy chrome grab rails will help you move around with ease while a folding shower seat is ideal if you find standing for an extended period a strain.

Bold, blue and easy to use

“A splash of colour can be most welcome in the bathroom, and you can create some real impact by painting walls rather than tiling everywhere.

“Shower wall panels are fast becoming a popular for accessible bathrooms as they are easy to install and clean with no grout lines where mould can develop. Use them around key splash zones to create contrast.

“If a full wet room is beyond your budget, then a walk-in shower enclosure will still give you easy access to your shower.

“At just 40mm in height walk-in shower trays are ultra-low meaning stepping in and out takes no effort at all. Choose an anti-slip tray and matt for extra safety.”


Black framed and beautiful

“Black framed shower screens are a huge trend in bathrooms right now giving a nod to industrial style interiors, whilst metro tiles are an enduring popular option.

“If climbing in and out of your bath is a chore a large black framed shower is the ideal alternative. Marble effect shower panels will help bring a luxury feel to the décor and are cost-effective to install. Black accents in the form of taps, shower, fold down seat and grab rail provide a super stylish look.

“Break up the space with a feature wall around the basin – again this can help with identifying the different zones in the bathroom.

“A lowered mirror and wall mounted single handed mixer tap will make using the sink area easier while a fold away grab rail for the toilet will retain the aesthetic of the room as well as providing extra support if needed.”

For more independent living design inspiration visit  www.victoriaplum.com/pages/independent-living  where you can download a free look book.

PJH’s Bathrooms to Love Collection has added a new and improved ‘RefleXion’ Slate Grey Shower Tray to its showering category.

Perfect for contemporary wetrooms and walk-in enclosures, the ultra-slim 25mm high rectangular shower tray with a slate grey effect is made from 100% natural stone resin.

Complete with coordinating steel grate and waste, finished in the same slate grey effect, the tray boasts a highly efficient, tested waste flow rate of 33 litres per minute. This 90mm, flush-fitting, fast flow waste offers top surface access and presents an excellent USP to the retailer.

Handmade in the UK, a slip-resistant slate-effect surface finish offers all-round peace of mind for the consumer. The ultra-slim rectangular tray is available in nine different sizes, ranging from the smallest, 1000mm x 800mm, to the largest, 1700mm x 900mm, so is suitable for all bathroom or ensuite shower room sizes.

The tray pairs especially well with the range of matt black shower enclosures and wetroom screens available in the RefleXion Shower Enclosure collection and also from Bathrooms to Love, helping create a clean sleek look, accentuated by the bold dark grey slate tray and matt black screen profiles.

Held in stock and available for next-day delivery from PJH via the company’s e-commerce platform, the PJH Partners Portal™, the new RefleXion low-profile Slate Grey Tray comes with a two year Guarantee.

For further information, contact PJH to find out more about Bathrooms to Love display deals, point-of-sale material, and all marketing collateral – Tel: 0800 8 77 88 99  / www.partners.pjh.uk  / www.bathroomstolove.uk

When Studio F. A. Porsche designed a range of accessible bathroom products for KEUCO, the result was something unique: German engineering meets premium interior design.

KEUCO AXESS, designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, has been created to deliver barrier-free bathrooms in hospitality, private and public sectors, e.g. high-quality healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, hotels and spas. The design focuses on combining aesthetics and barrier-free functionality without making the special functions visually obvious.

Good design has to be honest
“It was our wish to meet the highest aesthetic demands and yet incorporate the specific needs of a barrier-free bathroom system. Our aim was to develop accessible bathroom products from a completely new perspective. Timeless, very clear, aesthetic forms, permanently perceived as beautiful, even after many years. Independent of the spirit of time and trends and at the same time, beyond anything known so far. Out ambition was to create something special, right down to the smallest detail, and making it technically possible. A combination of German engineering and top-quality implementation in every respect. “ Christian Schwamkrug, design director Studio F. A.

Accessibility meets design: for high-quality bathrooms across all sectors
KEUCO AXESS is a sustainable and cross-generational concept made from high-quality materials and ensures safe use of all areas of the bathroom – not only for the elderly and those currently in need of care or for those with a physical disability, but for all generations.

A barrier-free bathroom brings many advantages adding to the quality of life. Turning barrier-free bathrooms into ‘bathrooms’ for people of all ages and for all life situations is a solution adopted by more and more building owners in the project sector, as well as architects, planners and private individuals. Barrier-free increases the level of comfort and safety in the bathroom and adds to property value.

Elegance on the wall: a folding support rail like no other
Studio F. A. Porsche and KEUCO’s folding support rail is a highlight of the barrier-free KEUCO AXESS range. It looks nothing like folding support rails of the past as the visually appealing folding support rail stands uniquely flat against the wall when folded up.

When unfolded and exposed in the downward position, the KEUCO AXESS support rail is an elegant solution. It is available in three finishes: chrome, matt black or aluminium chrome and depending on the surface, a grip-friendly plastic inlay in black or white is seamlessly integrated. The plastic is significant as it makes it easy to grip and prevents slipping when supporting or holding on. There is an optional and retrofittable toilet paper holder which has a black or white roller stopper enabling it to colour match the design.

Two different projections in 700 and 850 mm offer perfect safety and support. The larger projection folding support rail is also suitable for larger wheelchair-accessible WCs. The optional and retrofittable radio WC flush actuator integrates aesthetically into the handle and is compatible with radio flush cisterns from common manufacturers via Bluetooth.

Despite the reduced design, stability is guaranteed with 115 kg load capacity: KEUCO AXESS folding support handles are TÜV tested and certified according to DIN standard.

The rail system – a beautiful design that provides support at the same time

The rail system and the grab rails of the KEUCO AXESS range are characterised by their elegant yet simplistic design. The versatile range provides support in the shower and bath, at the wash basin and the WC. Despite high stability when holding and supporting, this ergonomic design appears light, stylish, and un-cumbersome.

The grip surface at the front forms a smooth rectangular band – with flat surfaces and precise edges. At the back, the rail/grip system and handles are ergonomically shaped in a semicircle – for an optimised grip. This oval rounded back perfectly fits in the hand when grasping so it is not necessary to exert a great deal of force when holding on; ensuring a secure grip and a reliable hold.

The range of KEUCO AXESS grab rails ranges in lengths from 400 to 1000 mm. In the shower, the rail system can be flexibly adapted to suit on-site conditions. The shower rail also serves as a stable grab rail, always giving a feeling of safety. The shower slider can be unlocked and moved up or down simply by pressing on the back, and this can be done with one hand. The shower head can be turned in various positions, to the left and right in the holder and can be tilted up and down from any angle without any problems.

Safe, beautiful and comfortable: mobile seating in the bathroom

A stable seat is a plus for comfort in the bathroom. Taking a shower while sitting down is particularly comfortable. Keuco has supplemented its range of seats with the mobile KEUCO AXESS stool.

The design of the KEUCO AXESS stool, Design by Studio F. A. Porsche, is crafted to the highest standard: as minimalistic, as safe as possible, and as comfortable as possible. In an archetypical, timeless design, the stylish stool takes up little space in the bathroom and fits in any corner. With a load capacity of 150 kg, the KEUCO AXESS stool can be used in both private and public areas.

The stool is particularly stable and resilient as the discretely outward-facing legs with anti-slip ensure a secure standing position, whilst being easy to reposition using one hand.

The softly roughened, non-slip surface of the seat has a pleasant feel and is easy to clean. The seat is slightly curved inwards and features a small hole in the middle which allows water to drain off directly in the shower. The mobile stool with a white or black seat can be harmoniously integrated into the bathroom or shower area.

With a white seat, you can choose between chrome or aluminium legs; with a black seat, the legs are also black. All versions are robust, durable and easy to clean.

More news from Keuco

Products for children have to meet a variety of requirements: they must be safe, easy to use and robust. In addition, they must be easy to clean and hygienic. Products that are used in cots, nurseries, kindergartens or schools must be able to withstand high loads over the long term. HEWI products for children meet all these requirements.

Hewi-Kids washbasin

Washing hands and brushing teeth is much more fun when the wash place design is adapted to the needs of the little users. HEWI offers a comprehensive range of products for the washing area which, with its cheerful colours, virtually invites you to wash and splash around.

The small radii of the washbasins mean there are no corners or edges where children can bump into each other. The narrow rim as well as the compact design of the mineral CST washbasin allow even small children to reach the tap effortlessly.

The product range also includes mirrors, fittings and tumbler racks with hooks and accessories.


Impey, best known as one of the UK’s market-leading wetroom manufacturers, has announced the introduction of four new colours of drain top to their portfolio. The shades Gold, Anthracite, Bronze and Black, have been chosen to complement the brand’s Aqua-Dec EasyFit and Aqua-Dec Linear range of wetroom floor formers. The Allure collection and new Paragon drain tops will be available from September 2022, throughout the brand’s nationwide retailer network.

Impey is renowned for its portfolio of wetroom solutions including its Aqua-Dec wetroom floor formers with inbuilt drainage gradient. In addition to the popular Aqua-Dec range, Impey has released an eye-catching new selection of coloured drain tops that offer enhanced personalisation options and will fit both the linear and square style of wetroom floors. 

The new linear Allure range is available in both 600mm and 800mm sizes for the Aqua-Dec Linear floor formers. While the new square Allure range has been designed to fit the Aqua-Dec EasyFit.

In addition to the new colours, Impey will simultaneously launch two high-quality stainless steel drain tops ‘Paragon’ which will also be available in a brushed or polished finish. The pioneering new drain tops offer a minimalist aesthetic and customisation within any bathroom space.

Both the Allure collection and Paragon drain tops boast high flow rates, exceptional quality and are manufactured with a low carbon footprint.

Said Jessica Davis, Impey’s product manager, shower floors: “We are excited to launch the stunning Allure Collection and Paragon drain tops as an addition to our Aqua-Dec wetroom floor former drainage solutions. Giving specifiers and homeowners an opportunity to customise their wetrooms and coordinate perfectly with bathroom accessories or screen profiles. The colourful drain tops will sit alongside our existing wetroom floor former options and can be purchased as an upgrade to a complete wetroom solution or as a stand-alone item.”

Both new additions to Allure and Paragon are manufactured in the UK using locally sourced products and suppliers. Targeting sustainability, 100% of the packaging is recyclable cardboard and the Allure collection is PVD coated; the most energy-efficient coating process.

For more information on Allure or Paragon visit https://www.impeyshowers.com/wetroom-inspiration/impey-allure-collection/

Wetroom Drain Top

Sustano is Duravit’s first recyclable DuraSolid® Nature shower tray. The shower trays feature a flat, rimless design for installation flush with the floor in conjunction with the integrated, flush outlet cover, they also come in a wide range of dimensions.

Additionally, the range has an attractive entry-level price and is offered in six colours making it especially suited to renovation projects.

DuraSolid® Nature

Created from recyclable mineral material, DuraSolid® Nature is low weight, adaptable and easy to cut on the construction site. The UV-resistant tray also has anti-slip properties built in to the matt surface versions.

As it is easy to install it is ideal for renovation projects where every millimeter matters in the installation of shower trays. With their extremely low installation height of just 30 mm, the self-supporting Sustano shower trays enable flush-mounted installation even in renovation projects with a low floor height.

Alternatively, they can be installed in floor-mounted or semi-recessed applications. Sustano boasts flexibility since 100 mm can be removed from each side of each shower tray, even on the construction site, making it simple to modify when necessary. Their low weight makes the Sustano trays easy to handle on the construction site, allowing them to be installed by one person.

Sustano shower trays are made from DuraSolid® Nature and have high surface hardness and density, making them durable and comparatively impervious to damage or soiling. A soft cloth with warm water or standard cleaning agent is all that is needed for cleaning.

The porefree surface creates a pleasantly warm, appealing feeling on the skin. The versions in matt colours feature a velvety surface, with a somewhat smoother surface feel than the glossy colours. The flat, easy-to-clean outlet cover with a lattice structure in the same colour as the shower tray integrates into the trays unobtrusively, in both visual and tactile terms. The cover is also optionally available in stainless steel.

Maximum safety and accessibility

The material’s special surface texture means that Sustano shower trays with a matt surface attain anti-slip class C with no additional coating. This is the highest classification for wet (barefoot) areas, like shower rooms, and thus guarantees maximum safety.

The surface of the glossy White variant is comparable to Duravit’s acrylic shower trays. The 1200 x 1200 mm flush-mounted Sustano model is also suitable for accessible bathrooms, even for wheelchair uses.

Versatile design options

The Sustano can be installed flush with the floor, semi-recessed, or on the floor tiles depending on structural factors and personal preference. The flush-mounted application is particularly impressive, as it lends itself to a seamless spaciousness. The elegant, calm design language of the shower tray is perfectly attuned to the contemporary bathroom.

Featuring 21 sizes, the ideal solution can be found for almost any new-build or renovation project. With five attractive matt colours – White Matt, Matt Crème, Matt Light Gray, Matt Greige, and Matt Dark Gray as well as a glossy White, Sustano offers a range of options to match the colour scheme of any bathroom.

Sustainable, recyclable material Duravit is mindful of the responsibility it bears when it comes to the environment, its employees, and future generations. A complete bathroom solutions provider, Duravit is committed to treating resources with respect and supplying products that are especially long-lasting and sustainable. “We live and breathe sustainability along our value-creation chain, with a clear focus on the four dimensions of water, resources, climate, and social commitment.

“Our actions – in all strategic areas – are being reviewed and optimized from the perspective of sustainability,” said CEO Stephan Tahy.

Thanks to their low weight, Sustano shower trays are lighter to transport, thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Even more important is the material’s durability and recyclability following the usage phase.

After the end of their useful life, Sustano shower trays made from DuraSolid® Nature can be returned either to Duravit or to a local recycling center to keep within the life-cycle principle. The recycled materials can be reused to manufacture new shower trays or can be applied to industrial use, e.g. the manufacture of pivot bearings.

Sustano Shower Tray Duravit