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As shower-toilets become a standard feature within contemporary bathrooms, the Duravit SensoWash® range comprises a selection of models for varied requirements. As such, it has become a byword for modern, high-quality shower-toilet hygiene.

Senso-wash D Neo Shower-toilet Duravit

The shower-toilet models guarantee a pleasant level of comfort: from a range of configuration options for the three shower flow types through the user ID in the seat right up to the time windows for seat heating that can be individually configured. The functions are managed intuitively via a remote control.

A range of construction-related measures helps guarantee maximum safety on all SensoWash® models: these include the use of especially hygienic materials such as stainless steel for the spray arm, separate showerhead jets for Ladywash and Rearwash, the positioning of the shower arm above the ceramic basin as well as the automatic pre- and post-cleaning of the shower arm in its retracted position. Duravit Rimless® technology, optimized basin, and siphon geometry, and the highly effective antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze further ensure optimum hygiene. After just six hours, approx. 90% of bacteria (e.g. coli bacteria) are eliminated, with approx. 99.9% eliminated after 24 hours.

The latest addition is the SensoWash® D-Neo, a compact shower-toilet at an attractive price point.  The clear-cut, no-fuss design blends discreetly into any room and works with all the Duravit design series.  All the technology is discreetly integrated into the ceramic body, while the pared-down aesthetics are a perfect match to all Duravit design series and remain a unique selling point.  and is equally suited to project business or cost-conscious developers who do not require additional functions. 

Senso-wash D Neo Shower-toilet Duravit


Manufacturing toilet paper consumes vast quantities of water and wood. Today, Duravit outlines the sustainable benefits of a shower toilet.

As people seek to live more mindfully, using fewer resources, the sustainable bathroom focuses on products that directly reduce water and energy consumption. In particular, the potential savings in the reduced use of toilet paper, which has a poor environmental footprint overall. In this case, going without doesn’t mean doing without. The shower-toilet cleans more gently, thoroughly, and sustainably than toilet paper. Additionally, it improves physical hygiene, is soothing on the skin, and leaves a feeling of pure freshness.

Poor environmental footprint of toilet paper

According to the WWF, some 26,000 trees around the world are destroyed every day to make toilet paper. Producers rely on fresh pulp to give consumers the high levels of comfort they demand. Made from spruce, birch, and eucalyptus trees it involves the clearance of large forested areas of Brazil, Chile, Canada, Russia, and Uruguay.

Chemicals are added during the water-intensive manufacturing process (approx. 50 liters of fresh water per kg of toilet paper) to make the paper especially soft and fragrant, or for patterns to be printed on the surface. After disposal, these substances pollute the water and the additives make them less recyclable. Moist toilet paper is even worse as it doesn’t dissolve well and causes significant problems for sewage works.

Some moist wipes contain micro-plastics, preservatives containing formaldehyde, and other chemical additives that both affect the environment, and can cause skin irritation. It is all compounded by issues from plastic waste from packaging, pollutants, and CO2 from transportation.

The shower-toilet as a sustainable alternative to toilet paper

The shower-toilet as a sustainable alternative to toilet paper The shower-toilet is a contemporary and sustainable
alternative to toilet paper. More practical than bidets, it combines the toilet and cleaning function in one – and models with a dryer enable drying afterwards. Saving a huge quantity of toilet paper in the long term, which benefits both the environment, your skin, and your wallet.

Cleaning with water is a more thorough and hygienic option than using paper. Conversely, the water consumption of one cleansing with a shower-toilet is just 0.35–0.6 liters per minute (depending on which intensity has been set). The system Duravit uses to warm the water is particularly energy efficient as warm water is only provided as demand requires.

SensoWash® Starck f offers hygienic comfort.

Simultaneously iconic and minimalistic, the SensoWash® Starck f shower-toilet is a synonym for contemporary, gentle, and flawless toilet hygiene.

It can be individually configured and optionally controlled using a remote control with the associated SensoWash® app. Individual user profiles can be loaded at any time.

The temperature of the water and the intensity of the shower flow can be fine-tuned to users’ specific requirements.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed thanks to technical finishing touches such as the motion sensor for automatic cover opening, user recognition in the seat, a range of configuration options for the seat heating, and the controllable warm-air dryer plus integrated nightlight. In addition, the SensoWash® Starck offers added-value for people with restricted mobility.

Pictured top – SensoWash®_Starck

Pictured bottom SensoWash®-D-Neo

Us Brits are often tasked with planning compact bathrooms, with the average UK bathroom measuring a modest 2M x 2M1. Fortunately, many innovations and designs allow homeowners to create an inviting yet functional space. Opting for wall-hung fittings within a compact space is an ideal solution to provide additional space while limiting clutter, helping to create a streamlined finish, and these fittings are continuing to grow in popularity as we get more familiar with their benefits.

Today, bathroom experts GROHE, provide a complete buyer’s guide and share all there is to know on wall-hung fittings, including how these design choices can elevate even the smallest of bathroom spaces with reduced outward projections and elevated placement.

Simple Installation

While its recommended wall-hung fittings are installed by professional installers, the fittings are often
not as invasive and complicated to install as often believed, especially when it comes to full bathroom
renovations. Many of GROHE’s models can be installed in front of a solid wall or within a stud wall in
next-to-no-time thanks to the GROHE QuickFix system with ToolFree feature, which requires no tools
to connect hose, inspection shaft, or water supply.

Functionality & Durability

Wall-mounted fittings offer the same functionality and durability as standard fittings and can even provide
improved function in some cases. The ‘built to last’ fittings firmly mounted to the wall allow room for improved cleanliness and hygiene. As the fittings are elevated from the floor space, with just the toilet or basin bowl visible and no exposed pipework or cistern, there’s less surface area and corners for dirt and grime to build up in, making easy cleaning.

A common misconception with wall-mounted toilets and sinks is that they do not offer adequate support, however a correctly installed flush-frame and basin can more than comfortably support the weight of almost any adult without any concerns. GROHE’s wall-mounted fittings carry the German TUV certification for load capacity with the toilets approved for weights up to 400KG and basins approved for up to 150KG.

Future-proof fittings

With modern flushing systems models such as the GROHE Rapid SLX, homeowners can have peace
of mind if future renovations are needed. While the Rapid SLX can work well with the regular WC
pans, it is exciting to note that it has been designed specially to cater to future-planning and features a
built-in electric socket and water connection ready for shower toilet installations, limiting the need for
invasion renovation work. The system is also equipped with various technologies, including GROHE
3 Whisper which prevents sound travelling through walls making it an ideal choice for households where
someone may be waking up numerous times throughout the night.

Wall-hung fittings can also provide enhanced accessibility to users, thanks to the fitting’s height being
adjustable and not limited to the fitting’s pedestal stands. GROHE’s concealed flush-frames have
adjustable feet, setting the height at the desired level and providing additional comfort.

The new Duravit SensoWash® D-Neo is a compact shower toilet with integrated technology. Its attractive price point means it is ideally suited to the requirements of the project sector and price-conscious developers.

Offering state-of-the-art, high-quality shower toilet hygiene, the flat seat and the white cover is located behind to form a flush-fitting unit. With its minimalist aesthetics and clear, sleek design, SensoWash® D-Neo blends discreetly into any room and matches all Duravit design collections.

SensoWash® D-Neo’s technical refinements guarantee a pleasant level of comfort: and include configuration options for the three shower flow types through a user ID situated in the seat. Timings for seat heating can also be individually configured. The functions are managed intuitively via remote control.

Integrated heated seat and water temperature setting options mean individual requirements are catered for. A night light guarantees safety when using the SensoWash® D-Neo toilet, and a seat sensor prevents the shower function from being activated when not needed.

SensoWash® D-Neo includes measures to ensure maximum safety: including hygienic materials, such as antimicrobial stainless steel for the shower wand and separate showerhead jets for Ladywash and
Rearwash to prevent cross-contamination.

The positioning of the shower wand above the ceramic basin and the automatic pre- and post-cleaning of
the shower wand in its retracted position minimize the transfer of germs and bacteria. Rimless® technology, optimized basin and siphon geometry, and antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze further ensure optimum hygiene. After just six hours, approx. 90% of bacteria (e.g. coli bacteria) are eliminated, with approx. 99.9%
eliminated after 24 hours.

Duravit SensoWash® D-Neo

GROHE’s Bau Ceramic Manual Bidet Seat transforms existing toilets into a hygienic shower toilet for DIY installations, budget bathroom revamps and quick turnkey projects.

Turning an existing WC into a shower-toilet is a cost-efficient solution to quickly update and upgrade the bathroom. Two retractable sprays are manually operated via a lever connected to the side of the toilet seat and no electrical supply is required.

The Bau Manual Bidet Seat can be fitted quickly and easily by all bathroom fitters, plumbers, builders and installers – and with its sleek, modern styling, it complements all bathroom suites. This fuss-free upgrade makes bathrooms more hygienic and environmentally friendly thanks to its retractable spray arms that feature an antibacterial coating and a self-cleaning function. The spray function works with water pressure (1-10 bar high water pressure).

The GROHE Bau Manual Bidet Seat uses cold water as standard but offering the option and extra comfort of warm water is an ideal upsell opportunity and can be easily achieved with the additional installation of the Grohtherm Micro Thermostat.

Easy to install and use it is also practical, hygienic and stylish. Its soft-close seat and lid match perfectly with GROHE Bau Ceramic toilets as well as many other U-shaped toilets, and paper templates are available to help you check if your project is compatible.

Bau Ceramic Manual Bidet Seat
Bau Ceramic Manual Bidet Seat

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