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Bathroom specialist Aqualisa has announced an additional series within its premium Midas™ 220 mixer shower collection, featuring an elegant black metal finish.

The Midas 220 in Black series satisfies the growing consumer demand for black bathroom products and accessories. It is equipped with a thermostatic brass body and brass handles, and each model complies with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) criteria for quality*. Three options are available in the Midas 220 in Black line-up:

• MD220S.MB – Single outlet bar mixer shower with adjustable shower head
• MD220SC.MB – Dual outlet shower column mixer with 245mm drencher and adjustable head
• MD220BSM.MB – Bath shower mixer with adjustable shower head

Midas 220 in Black: Single Outlet
The high-performance single outlet Midas 220 in Black provides a consistently safe and satisfying shower experience. Built from brass, this fully thermostatic valve with cool touch surface technology offers a five spray mode handset that can be easily adjusted to numerous heights and angles.

Midas 220 in Black: Dual Outlet
A versatile choice, this brass, wall-mounted exposed bar valve with cool touch surface technology includes an integrated diverter for a conventional adjustable handset shower, or an exhilarating overhead drencher shower from a generous 245mm fixed deluge head. This model incorporates a telescopic rail for extra installation flexibility, making it suitable for a variety of showering spaces.

Midas 220 in Black: Bath Shower Mixer
This space-saving option provides the perfect combination of shower and bath fill for a flexible family bathroom experience. The quality engineered, brass deck-mounted valve delivers excellent flow rates to fill the bath quickly, as well as ensuring a powerful and invigorating shower – all with the safety assurance of thermostatically-controlled temperature and cool touch surface technology.

The 24mm five mode handset included with each shower has been designed to be effortless to maintain, with rub-clean jets. An easy fit bracket is included with each product.

Tim Creedon, sales director at Aqualisa, commented, “The black brassware colourway has never been as popular as it is now. Offering high-calibre performance combined with bold and distinctive styling, the Midas 220 in Black blends an iconic and trusted design with refined, on-trend styling for the modern home environment. With three stunning choices, this new collection makes an immediate impact, as well as offering the versatility to accommodate an array of different bathroom spaces, configurations and sizes.”

The Aqualisa Midas 220 in Black range is backed by the Aqualisa five year guarantee.

For further details on the Aqualisa Midas 220 in Black collection, please visit: www.aqualisa.co.uk/midas-220-black

Pricing and availability
The Aqualisa Midas 220 in Black range is available now. For pricing and more information, trade partners can contact their Aqualisa representative or the Aqualisa Customer Support Team on 01959 560020 or 01 864 3363 (Republic of Ireland).

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The new IXMO shower series by KEUCO has been designed to offer flexible installation thanks to the ability to freely position fittings horizontally or vertically. IXMO’s range of functions has been efficiently combined to enable specifiers, designers and consumers alike to create a stylish shower area with the minimum number of visible components.

IXMO Online Planner

One of the key details when designing a showering space is the ability to visualise the area and how all the elements will work together. With IXMO it is possible to combine up to three separate water outlets; so for example the main showerhead, a hand shower with shower rail or wall bracket, waterfall shower and a spa hose can all be combined.

This can be easily demonstrated via the brilliant IXMO online planner, a system that enables designers and consumers to create a personalised showering solution. The results can be saved in pdf format providing both a detailed specification with illustrations and an installation guide showing component placement and pipework routings.

IXMO Verstile Fittings

Round or square fittings are offered and each provides a unique combination of functions. For example, a 3-way diverter valve, a hose connection and a bracket for the hand shower, have been combined into one.

The adaptable fittings may also be freely positioned to deliver design flexibility. The versatile mounting rail enables an easy and precise alignment of the components; whether you want to position the valves horizontally or vertically, they will always align with the help of the mounting rail. The IXMO thermostat fitting is also designed to account for any installation option, for example, if the waterways have been crossed during installation the cartridges can simply be switched over inside the valve instead of the costly ordeal of accessing the pipework.

IXMO depth-conpensator

Another intelligent feature of IXMO is the depth-compensator which ensures fast and safe installation. The depth compensator makes it possible to install IXMO showers into walls with depths between 80-110mm allowing for building methods both new and old.


The star of the IXMO series is the IXMO solo thermostat (pictured here). Created for single-function showering it easily surpasses conventional thermostat solutions as they require two wall-mounted elements to adjust the water flow and temperature and a third element for the hose connection. However, the IXMO solo thermostat compresses the shut-off valve, thermostat and hose connection into one single element.

The IXMO_solo Thermostat and IXMO_solo Single-lever mixer created for single-function showering cleverly combines shut off, flow and temperature control and hose outlet into one single fitting allowing for ease of use and speed of installation.

IXMO shower fittings have an elegant minimalistic design, they are available in six different finishes including; chrome-plated, aluminium and PVD stainless steel, brushed bronze, brushed nickel and brushed black chrome.

IXMO shower accessories also provide innovation; an integrated yet movable soap dish; a height-adjustable shower rail with an easily adjustable bracket that can be turned by 180° so it is ideal for both right and left-handed persons and can be moved with just a single hand.

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Watt is a brand-new range of single-lever and thermostatic shower valves for built-in showers, inspired by the world of lighting. The architecture firm Q-Bic has designed the new Watt collection for Rubinetterie Treemme.

Keen to create a collection of cutting-edge shower thermostats with a truly innovative design, Rubinetterie Treemme says the Q-Bic architecture firm in Florence offered just what the company was looking for, creating a unique, unprecedented collection.

Rubinetterie Treemme WATT

“The world of electricity was part of my family background, which re-emerged while I was designing this new collection”, explains Q-Bic’s Marco Baldini. “This prompted me to give the range a vintage look reminiscent of the old-style electrical plates, obviously with a totally modern, designer slant. So then the name Watt came naturally”.

The signature feature of the Watt range is the levers that turn the water on and off, adjusting the flow; these hallmark elements resemble light switches, while the temperature is adjusted with a round knob.

The collection is fashioned entirely in brass and comes in a choice of several different finishes.

Watt is the result of an impressive style and design effort, in which the creative skill of Q-Bic joined forces with the manufacturing expertise of Rubinetterie Treemme.

Watt has also just won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, one of the most prestigious accolades in the sector.

Rubinetterie Treemme

GROHE has expanded its range of modern thermostat solutions for the bathroom. The new GROHTHERM 1000 Performance and GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan thermostats offer additional safety features and enhance shower comfort and convenience for the user

Combining high standards of quality and design with a multitude of innovative technologies, the new models offer additional safety features and enhance shower comfort and convenience for the user. Alongside the standard models which can be purchased individually, or as shower sets in combination with the GROHE Tempesta Cosmopolitan shower mixer with two sprays, low-pressure shower sets of both the GROHTHERM 1000 Performance and GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan will also be available in a convenient one box solution.

“Low water pressure remains a pain point for many property owners up and down the country, delivering a poor shower performance that leaves users frustrated and underwhelmed”, says Paul Bailey, Senior Category Manager at GROHE UK.

“A study we commissioned recently into showering behaviours and attitudes revealed that 61% of us like to take a shower to get us feeling fit and ready for the day so it’s important that our shower performance can match our demands. It can be confusing for homeowners trying to find a suitable product for a property with low pressure, so we’ve created a one box solution comprising our new thermostats, hose and hand shower to provide a really simple, hassle-free solution”.

Precise control and uncomplicated installation: GROHTHERM 1000 Performance

Like all wall-mounted thermostats of the GROHTHERM range, the GROHTHERM 1000 Performance enables easy and uncomplicated installation. The integrated GROHE CoolTouch technology ensures that a barrier of cold water is formed between the hot water and the product surface, helping to reliably protect against scalding. With this technology, the product surface always stays cool to touch and never exceeds the running shower temperature.

Additionally, the GROHTHERM 1000 Performance is equipped with ergonomic ProGrip handles with a knurled surface making it convenient to use, even for children or with soapy hands. Economic, efficient water consumption is a must-have feature of any modern thermostat and the GROHTHERM 1000 Performance encourages its users to choose more considerately with the addition of its EcoButton, which when selected, saves water by up to 50%.

GROHE Grohtherm 800 Shower Set thermostat
GROHE Grohtherm 800 Cosmopolitan shower set suitable for homes with pressure as little as 0.2 bar

Minimalistic design with smart ergonomic metal handles: GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan

GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan is the latest evolution of the compact thermostat and unites the highest
standards of quality, technology, and design. Like the Performance series, this new range ensures easy and uncomplicated installation whilst its slim, cylindrical silhouette is streamlined and minimalist to meet the style demands of sophisticated, modern bathrooms. The solid metal handles of the new GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan ensure safe and ergonomic ease of use thanks to an integrated “Ergorim” on the back which helps to improve grip when operating the shower even with wet or soapy hands. Meanwhile, GROHE’s EcoJoy feature offers the additional benefit of reducing water consumption by up to 50% without compromising on the showering experience.

Precise temperature control
For ultimate showering convenience and safety, both GROHTHERM 1000 Performance and GROHTHERM 800 Cosmopolitan models are equipped with GROHE’s TurboStat technology, which ensures that the thermostats react fast and precisely to sudden changes in both water pressure and temperature, keeping them constant for the duration of the shower.

For those seeking a safe, family-friendly shower that all family members can use confidently and independently, additional features such as the GROHE 38°C SafeStop Button have been designed to protect against incidents where the temperature may be unintentionally turned too high.

SafeStop Plus is an additional function that allows users to pre-set the maximum water temperature to 43°C for extra safety if required.

Pictured top: GROHE GROHTHERM 1000 Cosmopolitan thermostatic shower set, available as both a
standard and low-pressure model


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Ideal Standard has upgraded its entire range of thermostatic exposed shower valves with a slimmer, more compact body than ever before. Providing the perfect balance between style and functionality, the Ceratherm T range has been designed to complement any modern bathroom, while guaranteeing the perfect shower experience, day after day.

Developed by Ideal Standard’s in-house engineers, the Ceratherm T range features the hidden brilliance of a new, smaller thermostatic cartridge, the FirmaFlow® Therm, allowing for a streamlined appearance with no compromise on performance. The result is a slim, elegant and modern shower mixer that performs beautifully, while offering unrivalled levels of durability, safety and sustainability.

With buttons and controls that blend seamlessly into the Ceratherm T’s body, the water flow and temperature can be adjusted easily. Users can also pre-set their desired levels for optimum comfort and if pressure is lost, the cartridge rapidly shuts down the flow of hot or cold water, preventing burns and unwanted shocks. 

To ensure the highest level of safety for all users, all models also feature Cool Body technology as standard. Cool Body works like a protective shield: inside the thermostat, the hot water flow is surrounded by cold running water to ensure the controls and body remain cool to the touch at all times, providing extra peace of mind.

Ceratherm T’s integrated controls also reduce water and energy wastage, with the FirmaFlow® Therm ensuring target temperatures are reached far quicker, while an eco-setting limits flow by half, without affecting performance. Thanks to the temperature being pre-set and the thermostatic mechanism keeping flow constant throughout, not even one drop of water is wasted.

Having first invented the ceramic disc cartridge more than 50 years ago, revolutionising the bathroom experience, Ideal Standard has now built on this expertise and its R&D capabilities with the introduction of the thermostatic cartridge, FirmaFlow® Therm. The integral cartridge provides unrivalled efficiency, even in high-traffic areas.

The range includes a variety of models, all offering a choice of mixer options and accessories – including Ideal Standard’s Idealrain, Evo and Evo Jet handsprays, which come with three spray modes for an invigorating, comforting or relaxing shower experience.  Evo has an aerated spray mode, ensuring a softer shower experience without compromising on power, while Evo Jet features Ideal Standard’s unique Drop Jet function, creating larger, softer droplets for added luxury. And with the Navigo push button located on the handspray, switching between modes couldn’t be easier.

Ceratherm T can also form part of increasingly popular diverter mixer showers, featuring a head shower and hand shower with a moveable wall bracket for added versatility. The adjustable bracket means existing holes can be covered during installation, while the sleek form conceals fixtures for a seamless finish, making the collection perfect for renovation projects.

Ashley Smith, Brassware Product Manager at Ideal Standard, said: “With the new Ceratherm T range, we’ve been able to completely redesign the external look and feel of our showers in keeping with current bathroom trends, while applying our longstanding fittings expertise to the interior in the form of our clever FirmaFlow® Therm cartridge. Having refined our technology over decades, we’re now offering the most advanced collection yet, which not only delivers in terms of aesthetics and user experience, but is guaranteed to stand the test of time, too.”

For more information, visit www.idealspec.co.uk