Architect and designer Antonio Citterio’s Aurena bathroom range for Duravit seamlessly integrates balanced proportions with function, offering efficient washing-area solutions to include basins, bathtubs, toilets, bidets, and mirrors. “The idea was to structure surfaces and create a sense of order that positively influences the quality of the overall room,” Citterio explains.

Antonio Citterio’s approach to the Aurena collection emphasizes practicality and efficiency. The perfectly proportioned surface in the washing area is made entirely of ceramic and separated from the wet area. Integrated dividers on the vanity tops simplify accessory storage. A basin can be integrated into this ceramic console, or the console can be combined with an above-counter washbasin made from ceramic or glass.

The architect opted for compact basin sizes, which allowed him to prioritise large vanity tops. An aluminium profile frame with a stainless-steel finish is used to unite the console with the vanity unit, with a projection on one side for a subtly integrated towel holder.

“I try to give straightforward answers to reality. At the washbasin, we need elements for hanging a towel, large vanity tops, and storage space, and it should all fit together perfectly,” says Antonio Citterio.

Crafted entirely from aluminium with an inlaid mesh base, the shelving unit provides an open storage space and is complemented by two drawers under the double washstand for added convenience. The Aurena range includes a closed alternative, a furniture unit with two drawers, which can be mounted in a floating position on the wall or placed on a metal frame with graceful legs.


The Aurena collection offers a harmonious blend of materials, with ceramic available in White or Black. Choose from super-matte carcass colors such as White, Taupe, or Graphite, which can be paired with identical matte or high-gloss fronts or customized with special front fills.

For a touch of warmth and sophistication, textured wooden surfaces create an inviting ambience. Alternatively, opt for the timeless appeal of white marble-look ceramic panels or the understated luxury of black lacquered glass.

The Aurena series extends beyond the washing area, with matching bathtubs, toilets, bidets, and mirrors designed to create a harmonious bathroom concept. Integrating innovative materials such as DuroCast Smooth and DuroCast Plus ensures durability and elegance, while soft geometric forms and concealed illumination add a touch of sophistication.

Completing the ensemble are accessories from the Starck T range, perfectly coordinated in finish to complement Aurena’s aesthetic. This architectural range caters to diverse settings, from private residences to upscale properties like hotels and medical offices.

Aurena by Antonio Citterio introduces HygieneGlaze® Plus, setting a new standard in hygiene and ease of cleaning. With a keen understanding of residential and commercial needs, Citterio’s design ethos transcends mere functionality, offering a holistic experience that blends aesthetic allure with practicality.

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Waters Baths of Ashbourne unveils its new Essence collection of compact contemporary stone freestanding baths and heralds the arrival of indulgent luxury bathing for the smaller room.

Mirroring the contemporary curves and smooth scoops of their full-sized counterparts in the Elements Collection, all four models in Waters Baths’ Essence collection promise the same high levels of luxury, comfort, and quality synonymous with this Great British brand but in a more absolute, pared down and measured form.  

Lee Frost, director of Waters Baths of Ashbourne, comments, “Knowing that space in UK bathrooms has been and will continue to be an issue, we wanted our retailers and bathroom designers to have the opportunity and potential to deliver the maximum of luxury within a limited space to meet their customers’ demands. While it would once have been unthinkable to add a freestanding bath to a smaller room, we’ve worked hard to create a variety of more compact designs that embody luxury and comfort; their quiet luxury speaking volumes when creating a statement in a more bijou-sized bathroom.”

Echoing the Element Collections’ silhouettes, the Escape, Aurora, Mist2 and Azure follow similar ergonomic lines as their larger counterparts; their beauty distilled to a concentrated form.  

Available in both a matt or gloss finish, the Essence Collection is crafted from incredibly tactile and warm-to-the-touch silken stone composite; combining the practical and ecological benefits of keeping the water warmer for longer and negating the need to top up with hot during a leisurely soak.  

This intelligent reimagination of luxury bathing broadens the potential and scope of possibilities for their growing network of hand-picked 400 independent retailers to help their customers bring blissful ritual to daily routine. 

The new Essence Collection is available from 1 February 2024.

Escape freestanding bath : 1550 x 765 x 560mm

Aurora freestanding bath : 1550 x 765 x 630mm

Azure freestanding bath : 1530 x 750 x 540mm

Mist 2 freestanding bath : 1510 x 765 x 540mm


Bathroom design company Acquabella is embracing the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, by introducing new customization options for its bathroom solutions. The adoption of this colour reflects Acquabella’s commitment to staying at the forefront of new design trends.

This soft peach tone is designed to express closeness and connection, transforming spaces into warm and relaxed environments. Peach Fuzz has the ability to create inviting spaces, paying tribute to the natural while maintaining elegance. Whether in shower trays, countertops, basins, or wall coverings, Peach Fuzz is the perfect choice for adding a touch of colour to your bathroom.

Pantone’s Color of the Year has a significant influence across industries, and the integration of Peach Fuzz into Acquabella’s products will resonate with design professionals and enthusiasts.

Customers can explore new customization options and immerse themselves in a truly unique bathroom experience. The application of this trendy tone in Acquabella’s products provide consumers with the opportunity to integrate the beauty of nature and current trends into their bathroom spaces.

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Arranged like a Japanese lunchbox: the new Bento Starck Box bathroom series from Duravit and designer Philippe Starck represents the latest Duravit Artisan Lines addition. Inspiration is drawn from a traditional Japanese bento box – which is subdivided into several internal compartments by separators.

The new series includes a washbasin, toilet sets, plus bathtub, featuring a clear-cut design that is perfectly matched to different variants and dimensions of the bathroom furniture. The spacious Bento Starck Box washbasins offer practical and convenient storage areas. All personal care products and accessories can be placed within easy reach.


The Bento Starck Box single washbasins are made from DuraCeram®, and the double washbasins from DuroCast UltraResist. Enabling Duravit to demonstrate how a range of different materials can be used to produce unconventional designs.

Alongside the 650 mm-wide washbasins, the Bento Starck Box collection comprises above-counter basins
in a range of sizes, all available in White and White Satin Matt: round variants with a diameter of 460 mm, and rectangular versions with a width of 550 mm as individual basins or, for two faucets, in widths of 1140 mm and 1340 mm – made from DuroCast UltraResist. The faucet is mounted inside the inner basin on all models.

Bathroom Review Duravit Bento Box Series


The freestanding acrylic infinity bathtub, sized 1800 x 900 mm, is ideal for a spa-like experience in your home bathroom. A tapered water channel prevents a build-up of water and can be used as a storage area for accessories.

Bathroom Review Duravit Bento Box Series


Bento Starck Box toilet sets harmonize with the design of the ceramic and bathtubs, including a compact model with a projection of just 480 mm and the HygieneFlush version with a projection of 570 mm. The range includes a floor-standing, close-coupled toilet and matching bidets. The integrated push buttons on the seat with the gentle, silent lowering mechanism means it can be easily removed and cleaned.

“The Bento Starck Box collection is the start of an elegant serenity,” said Starck, describing the washbasins and bathtubs. “With intelligently divided wet and dry areas, the clean, clearly structured washing areas and bathtubs enable countless options for personal design.”

Bathroom Review Duravit Bento Box Series

Providing the answer to awkward-shaped bathrooms, Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s response is their Coast Corner Set Bath – a choice that cleverly combines both the practicality of a corner bath with the modern indulgence of a freestanding bath.

Coast Baths Waters Baths of Ashbourne

“Just like pebbles in the ocean, we wanted to create the illusion that the perfect organic silhouette has formed over centuries – the sea slowly shaping the smooth contours of the bath with its steady currents and torrents, wearing it down to create the most natural of forms” comments Lee Frost, director of Waters Baths of Ashbourne.

Sculpted to fit the body like a glove, the smooth contours of the Coast bath edge are contrasted with the well-defined angles of the corner setting, exuding a luxurious contemporary aesthetic.

Crafted from one piece of incredibly hard-wearing Lucite acrylic, the double-ended bath is available in both left and right-hand options, proving the model versatile and durable – an exciting and unique addition to the Space Collection.

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Whilst a successful bathroom design relies on the synchronicity of all its necessary parts (from surfaces to lighting), sanitaryware undoubtedly leads the way in tone and style. Whether you intend to create impact or build a space to relax and rejuvenate, the choice of sanitaryware can make or break your design. Today, we explore the latest offerings and consider solutions, from bespoke designs to minimalist, timeless styling.

Bespoke beauties


Creating ‘bathrooms to order’ is simpler if products are selected from companies that build-in design flexibility for all aspects of the bathroom. When it comes to baths and basins, creating bespoke designs is not truly possible if limited in size and material.

Charlotte Hughes, retail manager at Cosentino UK, agrees: “When specifying bathrooms, design flexibility is key, especially when it comes to the basin given it is one of the key focal areas and most used products of the room.

“As such, designers need to be able to have maximum opportunities for customisation here as possible; whether that’s seamlessly integrating basins into worktops that match with wall claddings, offering adjustable basin widths and depths or being able to manufacture basins to exact colour and material specifications.”

The new C-Bath brand from Cosentino brings this freedom to bathroom design; the company uses surface applications to create bespoke applications such as cladding, flooring, countertops, shower trays, washbasins and furniture. As seen above, the concept allows designers to incorporate iconic and individual designs.

Personal places

Another way to create a unique bathroom experience is to source design-led products that stand out. Sanitaryware that offers something a touch more exotic in terms of colour and shape delivers a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, and is an easy win when injecting personality into your design.

Ashley Sinclair, specification and design manager of Sanipex Group, explains: “One of the biggest trends in bathroom design currently is the shift towards adding personality to the bathroom. This remains a tranquil, calm setting, of course, but as a very personal space, it also offers the perfect canvas for injecting an individual look unique to the homeowner.

“In terms of the sanitaryware chosen, this means more in the way of colour for washbasins and shapely design – don’t be frightened to experiment with curves to make a style statement!”

The Koy collection from the luxurious BAGNODESIGN brand (pictured above) is available in ten colourways ranging from daring Buttercup Yellow to the more dulcet tones of Matt Green and Thistle Blue. The basins are designed to team with Bagno Design’s wall-mounted WC (in four matching shades), and to complete the look, Koy brassware is also available in various finishes.

Material gains

Sourcing materials that deliver a happy, sustainable outcome is very much on the mind of today’s consumer. We can expect a robust analysis of green credentials to apply to an increasing array of purchasing decisions.

A recent report into eco-awakening states that many consumers believe ‘brands bear as much responsibility for positive change as governments’ and look to the commitment from businesses to protect nature and ecosystems. For the bathroom industry, products that offer longevity and durability and can be recycled at the end of life are an attractive option. Copper is one such product since it is one of the few materials that can be recycled repeatedly and does not lose performance.

Bathroom_Review_ Baths_basins_WCs_Asrton_matthews

James Lentaigne, creative director, Drummonds comments: “Interestingly, copper is also 100% recyclable without any loss of quality, and it is estimated that over 80% of the copper ever mined is still in use today.

“Polished and lacquered, copper retains its natural rich red colours, but there is also a trend for un-lacquered copper, making a very direct visual link to the authenticity of this material, which patinates so beautifully.” 

Pictured at the top, Drummond’s hammered copper tamar bath is a compact, double-ended bath with a perfectly proportioned contemporary skirt. The comfortable roll-top design is finished with a copper exterior wrapped around the tub, giving the look and beauty of copper but with the durability of cast iron.

Aston Matthews also produces stunning roll-top copper baths and uses recycled metals. Pictured left is the Astonian Copper freestanding roll-top bath in polished nickel interior, with an antique copper exterior.

Feeling flush


Bringing the outdoors in is very much part of the design landscape, whether due to a renewed enthusiasm for the great outdoors as reflected in the tourism industry or the popularity of home office spaces and garden rooms. WCs that still look stylish yet work well in projects with problematic water removal are ticking the right boxes for designers.

Saniflush from Saniflo is a complete ceramic toilet with an integrated macerator and an on-trend solution for installing a WC in spaces where gravity drainage isn’t an option. Whether it is a bathroom in a basement or loft or a cloakroom under the stairs, installing a Saniflush is possible with just a water supply and electrical connection. Thanks to its two outlets, a basin or a shower can also be connected. 

Maximum style

Minimalist bathroom designs have the benefit of retaining longevity and credibility in a rapidly changing market. And, whilst creating a de-cluttered and minimalist space is often advocated as a route to success in our personal lives, the simplicity of a minimalist design is also unfailingly easy on the eye.

With perfect timing, Ideal Standard’s new Solos range debuted at Clerkenwell Design this week. Due to launch in October 2023, the visually-striking Solos range is part of the design-led Atelier Collections. The range features a unique combination of basin and fitting and is characterised by its sleek lines and defined edges.

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Pictured very top Drummonds hammered copper Tamar, and pictured middle – Hammered Copper Usk Price: £11,940

The hammered copper tamar is a compact, double-ended bath with a perfectly proportioned contemporary skirt. The comfortable roll-top design is finished with a copper exterior wrapped around the tub, giving the look and beauty of copper but with the durability of cast iron.

The bath is also available in a smaller size for compact spaces and with a lower rim for easy access.

The hand poured cast iron delivers a superior thickness and the unique dry fit vitreous enamel is fused with the cast iron for increased durability.

One of the best selling Free-standing baths from PJH’s Bathrooms to Love brand, the deep and luxurious Belmont model, has added a new Matt Blue option to its range of finishes, to widen the range’s appeal even further.

With the trend for inky blue indigo’s and navy themed bathroom colour schemes showing no sign of fading, this bold Matt Blue bath tub finish is a welcome addition to Belmont’s other colour options of grey and white. Designed to stand-alone or to coordinate perfectly with many of the furniture ranges within the Bathrooms to Love Collection, it is shown here teamed with modular furniture range, ‘Statement’ in Matt Deep Blue and the ‘Luxey’ washbowl, also in Deep Blue. Brushed brass taps and accessories complete the decadent look, and customers can opt for either a free-standing bath shower mixer, as shown, or wall-mounted bathing brassware.

The new Matt Blue exterior finish of the contemporary Belmont bath, with its streamlined curves and edges, provides a contrasting focus to the flawless pure white interior, creating depth and as well as great looks to this versatile double-ended tub. With a sumptuous 245-litres water capacity and dimensions of 1700 (L) x 780 (W) x 670 (H)mm, Belmont’s elegant bateau styling combines luxury bathing with on-trend styling and underlines the range’s popularity with consumers. A pre-fitted integrated waste is included.

Manufactured from high grade smooth acrylic, which delivers long-lasting durability, it also ensures excellent heat-retention, and attracts a 20-year quality guarantee, for peace of mind.

Available to order now from PJH’s online Partners Portal™ platform, the new Matt Blue Belmont Bath, together with the existing grey and white finishes, are available from stock and via PJH’s Next Day Delivery service if required.

Contact PJH to find out more about display deals, point-of-sale material, and all marketing collateral. 

Further information:

Bathrooms to Love by PJH: T: 0800 8 77 88 99  / www.partners.pjh.uk  / www.bathroomstolove.uk

Created by esteemed French designer Toan Nguyen, Laufen’s new Lua collection comprises rimless wall-hung and close-coupled WCs and bidets; single and double washbasins; freestanding and back-to-wall bathtubs in durable Marbond composite and acrylic drop-in bathtubs.

Laufen LUA
Lua washbasin, £232, Lua basin mixer, from £223, Lua wall-hung WC, £291

The Lua collection is designed to complement LAUFEN’s Lani furniture of wall-hung vanity units, wall cabinets and tall cabinets with a timeless aesthetic to suit any bathroom décor, the series offers savvy storage for compact and spacious bathrooms alike.

Beautifully designed inside and out, Lani furniture offers plenty of space for essentials, with safety glass shelving and compartmentalised drawers. A range of mirrors completes the look.  

The Lua ceramic collection is available in Laufens innovative Clean Coat (LCC) finish, which is baked on over the original glaze. This creates a pore-free, practically indestructible surface that ensures grime, limescale and bacteria are easily rinsed away by running water. 

Lani furniture comes in a standard palette of White Matt, White Glossy, Traffic Grey and Wild Oak. Also available are three metallic finishes – Gold, Copper and Titanium – and 37 matt colours, ranging from Sage Green and Smokey Blue to Antique Pink and Ochre Brown.    

Lua wall-hung rimless WC, £525, Lua wall-hung bidet, £525, Lua bidet mixer, £270, Lua washbasin, £232, Lua basin mixer, from £223, Lani vanity unit in White Matt, £633, Lani tall cabinet in White Matt, £635.

Pictured very top: Lua wall-hung rimless WC, £525, Lua wall-hung bidet, £525, Lua bidet mixer, £270, Lua freestanding bathtub in White, £2901, Lua wall-mounted bath mixer and hand shower, £294, Lua double washbasin, £1217, Lua basin mixer, from £223, Lani vanity unit in Wild Oak, £1110, Lani tall cabinet in Wild Oak, £794, Lani mirror, £891.

A new brand to the market, the House of Piccadilly, has made its catalogue available on Virtual Worlds software.

House of Piccadilly offers a diverse range of colours, sizes and styles across its range of products, from radiators to mixer taps. The range is said to cover everything needed to create stunning bathroom designs, from composite stone baths and wash basins, to antique radiator valves. Al its products are imagined and made by plumbing and interior experts, combining an eye for artistry with years of experience in what works best.

“House of Piccadilly is all about celebrating originality, with a vision to develop a brand that is constantly evolving ahead of interiors trends,” explains managing director Harry Pashby. “As a new brand to the market we want to shake things up and provide customers with added value. Joining Virtual Worlds is an important part of this, enabling retailers to include our extra-special piece in their designs with ease, so their customer can enjoy homes that are extraordinary.

“Not only are the products out of the ordinary, but the price point is a key differentiator too. Working with its manufacturing partners, House of Piccadilly can provide the unique styles, varied colours and superior standard that consumers are seeing, at a more widely affordable price.”

Find out more about House of Piccadilly here and for more information visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk or call 01908 663848.

About Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds is a UK leader in innovation-led CAD technology for the KBB market.  Since launching in 1998 it is said to be the first company to develop 3D design software for KBB retailers and, most recently, it has launched its new 4D Showroom Technology. Virtual Worlds is a division of Logicom Computer Services (UK) Ltd