UK bath manufacturer BC Designs has partnered with COAT Paints to launch an exclusive range of paints for their painted baths and basin collections.

BC Designs’ painted baths are among their most popular products. Not only do they offer visual appeal, but painted baths and basins also provide a way to introduce vibrant colours into the bathroom, a trend that has dominated the past seven years.

Retailers can now offer this exclusive paint range, featuring six unique colours: Smitten Pink, Fresh Coast, Pebble Beach, Sand Dune, Olive Garden, and Meadow View.

Keeley Sutcliffe, brand manager at BC Designs, says: “As part of our brand strategy to take ownership of the luxury end of the bathroom market, we will be working with like-minded brands to launch collaborations which strengthen our offering to our retailers. 

“The initial colour palette offers retailers a choice of popular colours such as blues, greens and neutrals in unique shades made to eco-formulas and with sustainability at the heart of the COAT brand.”

About Coat Paints

COAT Paints is a modern, eco-conscious paint company renowned for its high-quality, sustainable products. COAT offers a curated selection of premium paints which emphasise both style and environmental responsibility. Its paints are low in VOCs, ensuring a healthier indoor environment, and come in a range of contemporary colours crafted to suit any interior design.