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Whilst we see the bathroom as a place for rest and relaxation, shower rooms are undoubtedly aimed at reinvigoration and renewal. Minimalist walk-in shower enclosures with generous dimensions deliver a plentiful sense of space that not only transforms the bathroom aesthetic but also bring a sense of luxury and wellbeing to the end-user. Diane Larner takes a look at the latest designs to reach the market.

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Sealskin Duka Hero
Sealskin Duka

As well as factoring in handsome good looks, shower design needs to offer versatility to allow for a range of projects, and not simply when planning for small or awkward spaces.

Chris Kingaby, product and marketing director, agrees; “The evolution of modern shower enclosures means that we, as manufacturers, can offer so much more for the retailer and consumer. Visually stunning contemporary enclosures which can be personalised to suit even the most unique design schemes are a must.”

Coram UK recently celebrated the British launch of its exclusive shower glass brand, Sealskin, and its premium range of Sealskin duka enclosures. The launch consists of three key styles: acqua 5000, libero 5000 and pura 500, all compatible with both wetroom floors and shower trays, offering maximum flexibility for the bathroom designer and end-user.

Save your energy

Smart appliances with built-in personalisation are becoming more popular as consumers look for ways to manage busy lifestyles and balance the needs of household members. When it comes to the bathroom, built-in personalisation features make it simple to set the water temperature to user preferences and monitor water and energy use.

One example comes from the new bathroom brand Elisa. Launched to the market this month, Elisa has unveiled its new range of heritage-style mixer showers and smart digital showers. The Intuition smart digital shower (pictured top and above) features a ShowerMe Smart App that gives users the ability to select the duration of the shower, helping to save water and energy, while an easy-to-use dashboard gives the homeowner a clear picture of individual water consumption.

Reach for the top

Bathroom_Review_Kudos _Pinnacle_8 shower rooms
Kudos Pinnacle8

A study by RIBA* found that on average a new three-bedroom home is missing 4m² of floor space – the size of a family bathroom – while the smallest homes were missing the space equivalent to a double bedroom. British homes have an average floor space of 71.2 sq. m. This is compared to Germany’s average of 92.7 sq. m. and Italy’s average of 108.2 sq. The shortage of land for new homes and a trend for multiple bathrooms in existing housing stock means the space allocated for shower rooms is under pressure.

A quadrant shower takes up less overall space than a square enclosure of the same size and fits neatly into the corner. Kudos has expanded its collection of Pinnacle8 luxury shower enclosures to satisfy growing demand and is now one of the most popular selling enclosure ranges offered, the collection has been expanded again and new options are available to retailers from March. 

Water wise

Neoperl shower hose

Despite increasing awareness when it comes to sustainable design and climate change, UK water consumption demand has never been so high and is set to rise in the next few years. Regulating water flow is a simple way to combat this trend and saves both energy and water.

Neoperl is an expert in the field, manufacturing flow regulators from its Malvern Worcestershire factory. Its Chromalux® Supreme Shower Hose, coupled with a retrofittable Pressure Compensating Washer (PCW), saves water and controls the flow. The range of smooth, soft and flexible hoses incorporates chrome-plated connectivity with the options of a swivel connection, an integrated check valve and a washer regulator. 

Take to the floor

Bathroom_Review_Impey shower rooms
Impey – spa-style wetroom

A contemporary wetroom design not only serves to deliver multi-generational benefits and an accessible bathroom layout, but it also delivers a spa-like feel, especially when combined with luxury shower systems.

Impey has 25 years of experience and over half-a-million UK installations under its belt. Combining key design elements and innovative showering scenarios, Impey’s contemporary showering solutions portfolio showcases countless possibilities for wetroom designs within residential, commercial and specialist settings.  

*RIBA study

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Elisa™, a new premium bathroom brand, has launched in the UK. First to be unveiled in the Elisa collection will be a range of heritage-style mixer showers and smart digital showers.

Smart shower technology brings enhanced wellbeing to owners through its personalisation settings while providing greater visibility of water usage to promote sustainable living.

Elisa Intuition™ and Incite™ smart digital showers
Intuition and Incite smart digital showers promise to offer an exceptional family-orientated showering experience. With the accompanying ShowerMe™ Smart App, every member of the household can create their own personal profile for a fully tailored shower routine. Voice control through their existing smart home system means seamless connectivity with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Elisa smart digital showers can be started remotely from anywhere over Wi-Fi, with the reassurance that the water is at the precisely desired temperature at all times. Furthermore, a bath fill option ensures the bath is filled to the perfect temperature and level every time, without the need to watch and wait. Providing simple on/off operation, a convenient wireless remote control is included, and with Intuition, a motion-controlled proximity sensor activates the shower automatically when the user steps in.

The ShowerMe Smart App means, users have the ability to select the duration of the shower, helping to save water and energy, while an easy-to-use dashboard gives the homeowner a clear picture of individual usage and can monitor the volume of water being consumed by the family each day.

Powered by Elisa’s SmartValve™ technology, Elisa showers offer a wealth of options for installation in any bathroom size, shape or configuration. The SmartValve also allows the maximum temperature of the shower to be set for added safety, and the flow rate switched to ‘Eco’ mode to reduce water usage further (by up to 33%).

An array of different options are available across the Intuition and Incite series, with a choice of fixed drencher head, adjustable handset and bath fill features. All models are fitted as concealed shower units for a discreet and elegant finish. Incite is available in a chrome colourway, while Intuition comes in a choice of chrome, matt black or brushed brass. Each model comes with a five-year guarantee, for full peace of mind.

Elisa Valenteena

Elisa Valenteena™ heritage mixer shower collection
Launching at the same time as Intuition and Incite, the Valenteena mixer shower from Elisa adds a touch of heritage luxury to any bathroom environment. Timelessly beautiful in its styling, and built from solid brass and the highest quality components, this premium shower delivers proven reliability and ultimate durability.

Tim Creedon, sales director for Elisa, commented, “Elisa has been an exciting journey for us to bring a bold vision to life. We have worked closely with our premium showroom customers and listened to installers and homeowners alike. We believe that the future of showering is not only powered by products that provide data to the user via digital technology, encouraging new routines to reduce showering times, but also products that are engineered to last. The serviceability of our showers provides homeowners with the opportunity to make a greater impact, and for the installer, the premium products they are proud to put their reputation to.”

Further products in the Elisa collection will be announced over the coming months. For more information on the range, please visit: https://www.elisabathrooms.com/

Pricing and availability
Elisa Intuition, Incite and Valenteena will be available from premier bathroom showrooms from April 2022.

For pricing and more information, please contact the Elisa Customer Support Team on 01959 560003.

Showerwall, a leading designer of wall panelling, has unveiled its new Compact Collection, offering the real look and feel of tiles without the need for grout.

With five designs available, Showerwall’s Compact Collection is an effortlessly chic range that takes inspiration from some of the most popular trends and contemporary colours in bathroom and home design.

Compact Panels are made from a strong solid composite material, embossed to create a tile effect wall and the designs include the stylish Dove Grey and Silver Grey, the striking Midnight Blue, the nature inspired Hunter Green and the elegant Lily White.

These 3mm solid laminate panels are easy to fit through a waterproof system, reducing the fitting time compared with traditional tile products, and offer hygienic benefits as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Steph Harris, Product Manager for Showerwall comments: “Wall panelling has risen in popularity over the past 10 years, with more homeowners opting for the many benefits it offers. The Compact Collection offers the best of both worlds with a tiled aesthetic that features the unique, unrivalled benefits of Showerwall’s panels.

“The expansion of our range has been a truly exciting development. The simplicity of the collection it can easily be incorporated into any home, and the panels can be fitted over existing tiles allowing for quick bathroom refreshes.”

The Compact Collection panels measure 1220mm x 2440mm and are a waterproof system when installed correctly with coordinating trims, available in four complementing colours including Chrome, Satin Silver, White and Black.

The full Showerwall collection of Laminate, Compact and Acrylic panels offer a range of comprehensive decors to suit all tastes, backed by a guarantee of 30-years. The Laminate and Acrylic panels collections are currently available in sizes 600mm, 900mm and 1200 x 2440mm.

For further information visit: https://www.showerwall.co.uk/

Kudos has introduced a slate effect finish into its Connect2 shower tray collection. The eye-catching dark grey tray features an exclusive surface pattern, taken directly from a piece of locally sourced slate, to ensure an authentic finish. 

There’s a growing trend for adding colour and textures into the bathroom space and this natural slate effect is particularly relevant as the tray is made in the Kudos factory just outside Kendal in the Lake District, an area known for its use of slate in construction.

Whilst the finish may be slate grey, the new Connect2 tray is manufactured in the same acrylic capped ABS filled with a structural resin bonded stone, so maintains all the strength and durable benefits of its material. It is both slip and stain resistant and contains an anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of microbes including bacteria and mould. 

As with other Connect2 trays, it retains a super low profile when installed, standing at just 35mm in height and is guaranteed to avoid standard joist spans thanks to the positioning of an offset dual waste outlet, allowing the installer to choose the waste free from obstruction to connect. The tray may have to be rotated 90 or 180 degrees (dependent on shape) to accommodate the fixed joists, but once set, the installer simply uses the blanking plug provided to seal the unused waste and plumb in the hi-flow waste and trap, avoiding any need to lift the tray off the floor. If both waste holes are free then both wastes can be connected for even faster water removal. A reinforced, magnetically secured waste cover, that’s easily removed for cleaning, then sits neatly over the waste blanking plug to complete the installation.

The collection of Connect2 trays, which come in a choice of slate effect, high gloss white or slip resistant SR finish in white, are now available in a broad range of 28 different sizes from 800mm square to 1700x900mm rectangle including seven new sizes launching in April to expand the quadrant and mid-size rectangular options.

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbrian facility since 1999. Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK. Please call on 01539 564040, email to marketing@kudosshowers.co.uk or visit their website at kudosshowers.co.uk.

Lakes, a leading manufacturer of innovative showering spaces, has launched the Onyx Collection, a striking new matt black range.

The Onyx Collection is stylish and modern, featuring a matt-black anodised finish, to create a high-impact design for a dramatic showering space. Black as a statement trend has been an increasingly popular modern choice for bathrooms, and Onyx is perfect for those who want to incorporate the latest interior design trends into their bathrooms.

The Collection is extensive and includes walk-ins, hinged panels, quadrants and slider doors, so there is an option to suit nearly every bathroom space. As with all Lakes’ products, Onyx also benefits from Lakes’ unique ‘no-quibble’, guarantee.

Managing Director Bev Brown says: “Demand for matt-black showering spaces is proving to be an enduring trend and we are delighted to offer customers our stunning Onyx collection. We have also added two new ‘Horizon’ showering spaces with distinctive matt black horizontal stripes to really make a statement.

“Inspired by the Crittall-style popularised in the art deco movement of the early 20th Century, Horizon comprises two walk-in showering spaces, incorporating a pair of horizontal stripes, creating a natural horizon in the showering space.

“The high-visual impact of the design of both Onyx and Horizon will help refresh showrooms and drive high-value sales for our nationwide merchants and stockists.”

All Lakes products are backed by a unique guarantee. To add Lakes’ new Onyx Collection in to your display, call 01684 853 870. Download the brochure here: www.lakesshoweringspaces.com.

Lakes has launched a new Ambient walk-in shower with concealed LED lighting in the wall mount that emits a soft glow of light along the edges of the Low-Iron glass. The light is activated when the embedded PIR sensor is triggered.

Headlining the popular Walk-In Collection, this 2-metre high walk-in is the first of its kind and is designed to make night-time bathroom visits safer while leaving light sleepers undisturbed by the need to turn on bright main lighting. The PIR motion sensor triggers soft LED lighting when someone enters the bathroom in the dark.

As well as making nocturnal bathroom visits safer and less disturbing, the soft glow also transforms the showering experience into one that is calming and restful by virtue of the low-level lighting which helps to create a private, gently lit sanctuary. Ambient has Lakes Glass PureVueHD low-iron glass for superior clarity and AllClear® advanced glass coating for long-life looks. The glass thickness is a generous 8mm.

Managing Director Bev Brown says: “The LED lighting built into the spectacular Ambient walk-in serves a dual purpose. First and foremost it makes the showering space a more soothing environment to relax and unwind in, particularly for showering in the evenings. It also makes the bathroom a safer place at night, showing up potential trip hazards left out by younger generations that could otherwise pose a safety concern for visiting or co-habiting grandparents. Although, who hasn’t stepped painfully on a piece of forgotten Lego or a toy?

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more families welcoming sons or daughters, often with young families, or grandparents back into the family home. Multi-generational living and improving the home to make that possible is becoming a feature of life today. Low thresholds to showering enclosures, non-slip shower trays, seats and reassuring grab rails are the showering accessories that enable this type of lifestyle. The good news is they’re no longer purely functional; the best are very stylish additions and enhancements.

“Showrooms offering solutions for homeowners modifying their bathrooms to suit a multigenerational lifestyle will maximise opportunities and sales by displaying the Ambient Walk-In.”

All Lakes products are backed by a unique guarantee. To add Lakes’ new Ambient walk-in to your display, call 01684 853 870. Download the brochure here: www.lakesshoweringspaces.com.

Kudos has expanded its collection of Pinnacle8 luxury shower enclosures. It’s now offering a 1000mm quadrant, four new offset quadrants (900x800mm, 1000x800mm, 1000x900mm & 1200x800mm) and two new door sizes to the hinged range, 1100mm and 1300mm, that are suitable for use in either corner or recess installations.

Pinnacle8 is an elegant range of semi-frameless shower enclosure models initially launched in 2018. The collection has been increased by a number of additions in both 2019 and 2020 in response to increased demand. As one of the most popular selling enclosure ranges the collection has been expanded again and these new options are available to retailers from March. 

At 2000m in height, the Pinnacle8 collection offers enclosure sizes ranging from 760mm to 1800mm. All models feature crystal clear seals and 8mm toughened safety glass throughout which is treated with Lifeshield™, a lifetime protective coating for easy cleaning. The collection can be paired with the Kudos KStone or Connect2 shower trays and is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Pinnacle8 enclosures are easy to install with a slimline wall profile with fully concealed fixings maintaining 20mm wall adjustment. SmartSeal technology is used on the crystal clear seals and glass-to-glass corner join seals, to ensure a clean uninterupted finish and a water tight bond. Kevlar impregnated pins are used in the rise and fall chromed hinges for consistently smooth opening and closing of the glass doors and aircraft grade stainless steel roller bearings are used in all sliding doors for smooth action and longevity. 

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbrian facility since 1999.  Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over-bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Visit their website kudosshowers.co.uk, call them on 01539 564040 or email info@kudosshowers.co.uk.

The Splashpanel PVC bathroom wall panelling range has been extended with a new Premium collection. Eight exclusive designs have been introduced that mirror natural materials such as marble, stone and quartz, elevating the design scope of this easy-to-install product more than ever.

Available in 1000mm and 1200mm x 2400mm x 10mm sized panels, the new Splashpanel Premium decors range from timeless white Calacatta Marble through to sophisticated Pietra Antracite (pictured), with the ever-increasing grey trend reflected in all hues across the designs.  The collection offers a choice of four gloss decors and four that feature a contemporary matt finish.

Ideal for fitting in shower enclosures, around baths and in wetrooms, the 100% waterproof Splashpanel system offers a practical cost-effective alternative to tiling. Durable yet lightweight thanks to their 10mm thick cellular PVC structure, the panels can be fixed over existing surfaces, including tiles, for fast refurbishment or alternatively they can be bonded to a flat wall surface. Splashpanel’s grout-free and non-porous surface assures a hygienic and easy to clean wallcovering that is resistant to mould, bacteria and stains. The panels are FR rated and backed by a 5-year domestic warranty.

Splashpanel Premium is part of the comprehensive PanelStyle collection of PVC wall and ceiling panelling which also includes the standard Splashpanel range, Splashpanel Narrow, Proplas and Proplas Tile. The full PanelStyle collection offers a total of 59 contemporary decors.

The PanelStyle range is available ex-stock for delivery in 24-48 hours from IDS branches nationwide.  Contact t: 0845 023 0374, email info@panelstyle.co.uk, or visit www.panelstyle.co.uk

According to Hansgrohe, AirPower is a unique shower experience that ncreases the enjoyment of the shower whilst reducing water consumption. The innovative technology AirPower enriches each water droplet with air to produce plump droplets creating a velvety touch on the skin.

Hansgrohe recognises water is a valuable resource, extensive time and research has gone into establishing AirPower technology to help reduce water consumption. When using the shower, air is sucked in through the spray disc that stirs up the water. Enriched with fresh air, the droplets are noticeably lighter, creating more enjoyable showers whilst helping save both water and energy.


AirPower technology is featured in a vast range of Hansgrohe products including collections Raindance, Vernis, Vivenis and Croma through basin taps, overhead and hand showers and shower systems.

Wash basins

With AirPower, the basin taps from Hansgrohe encourage them to work reliably by adding volume to every droplet of water whilst noticeably reducing splashing. The soft water droplets make for a pleasurable washing experience, whether that’s washing hands, washing hair or caring for children’s sensitive skin.

We expect a great deal of the once humble shower room. It goes without saying shower spaces should offer multi-generational accessibility, and in the wake of COVID-`19, hygienic features and easy-clean surfaces. However, we are also looking for a sense of spa-like luxury, a space to relax and rejuvenate.

Shower hardware combines all these elements, offering a practical solution that is included throughout the shower area to match bathroom accessories for a cohesive design-led feel.

Simon Boocock, CRL Managing Director agrees: “The shower enclosure has evolved into more of a wet-room, easy access and almost open-plan area, low-level trays coupled with frameless enclosures create a minimalist appeal. With very little on show, the shower hardware, including hinges and U-channels, as well as the brassware, has a chance to shine. Creating a cohesive look is important here, with hardware very often now chosen in keeping with shower brassware and available in a range of finishes to suit.”

Frameless style

CRL Cambridge Frameless Shower Enclosure

CRL’s Frameless designs such as the Cambridge maximise accessibility and deliver a clean, streamlined look. This range is designed to match CRL shower hardware with colours and styles to suit all décor schemes.

Access all areas

HEWI’s System 900 is also a response to the complex requirements of accessible bathrooms. The products boast long-lasting quality, clever installation solutions and a hygienic design. Matching accessories open up versatile design options in the bathroom and HEWI also offers practical toilet roll holders and new towel rails or toilet brush sets in stainless steel, chrome or with a powder-coated finish in white, shades of grey and black.

System 900 powder coated finishes shower spaces
Hewi System 900 Powder Coated Finishes

Staying grounded

Some of the most serious accidents happen in the bathroom and we expect a high proportion are caused by slips and falls whilst getting in and out of the shower. For hoteliers, keeping bathrooms safe is a priority and the health and safety checklist requires handrails and slip-proof surfaces. For the home, an efficient anti-slip surface keeps all the family safe without having to include rails for open plan designs.

BetteAir Shower spaces
BetteAir Tile

The Bette-Anti Slip Sense surface is a new type of surface treatment for maximum slip resistance (in accordance with evaluation group C of DIN 51097) and claims to provide the highest level of slip protection. This surface is available on Bette’s new BetteAirshower tile for perfect level-access integration.

Smooth operator

Another key aspect when it comes to safe design is not having to fight with your amenities. Lakes Antigua Slider features an easy-glide door that closes effortlessly at the touch of a finger to a near-silent stop. Concealed wheels ensure easy cleaning and a cooler look plus a low threshold for easy and safe access, and a solid cast handle with smooth, rounded edges for a touch of elegance.

Let’s get personal

Lockdown gave us time to get creative and in the UK it fuelled a trend in home improvement, as life imitates art, art imitates life and so, the hospitality sector is creating bathroom spaces that feel like home. In our homes, we still want to emulate that luxury hotel feel. Personalisation delivers the best of both worlds.

Richard Eaton, Product Manager, RefleXion Enclosures by PJH comments: “The desire for personalisation is causing designs to evolve, for example, the black-framed or panelled look that we’ve seen of late is great for the industrial-inspired or monochrome look.”

“More patterns, colours and unusual finishes are now appearing, such as our botanical themed RefleXion Iconix ‘Black Leaf’ 8mm Panel and the use of materials other than polished chrome frames and clear glass will really grow in the next few years – such as gold or brass frames, and frosted or fluted glass.”

Just relax

Keely Greenhalgh, National Sales Manager at Mermaid Panels tells us: “We want our bathrooms to replicate the spa experience. Bathrooms are increasingly being treated as a treasured area of the home to truly relax and refresh so bathrooms that can capture that spa-like serenity at home will continue to be a standout style for 2022.”

Pursuing tones that give a sense of tranquillity and reflect the natural environment certainly feels like a trend that’s here to stay and using contrasting materials is a simple way to achieve this. However, we can expect a switch back to lighter shades for 2022, for example, greens and blues will still be popular but sage green and sky blue may lead in popularity.

Keely agrees: “Whether it’s a Swedish wood effect or a more traditional yet decadent marble, there is an increasing number of surface options on the market to create a hidden retreat in the home. Calming tones and colours are a perfect way to create serenity within the bathroom. Designers can look at muted tones combined with one stand out wall to create a relaxing, soothing area.”

Mermiad panels elite ange shower spaces
Mermaid Panels – Elite Range – Himalayan Marble

Mermaid Panels has introduced 28 new décors to its premium Elite collection of bathroom panels.  Offering an alternative to tiling, Elite has a 100% waterproof core and helps create a completely seamless, premium look and finish. The artistic post-formed edges add unique design detail that removes the need for trims or grouting.