Leading bathroom distributor Frontline Bathrooms has launched new products in its hero range AQUA. AQUA offers a range of exclusive own-brand sanitaryware, taps, showers, baths, shower enclosures and bathroom furniture.

The new products in the AQUA range champion earthy tones, mid-century glamour and the serene ‘Japandi’ aesthetic, which is set to be a key trend for bathroom interiors this year and include:

  • Loira Mirror, pg 19 of the brochure
  • Kyoto Units, new colour way ‘Oak’, pg 129
  • Holborn Isobel Units, pg 181 (pictured top)
  • Elite Walk-In Shower in Smoked Glass, pg 327
  • Siena Freestanding Bath, pg 85
  • Otto Towel Rail in Brushed Brass, pg 211

Visit Frontline Bathrooms’ website www.frontlinebathrooms.co.uk for design inspiration and product information or download the latest brochure.

Flair Showers has added Brushed Nickel and Brushed Bronze finishes to its popular ETO range of shower doors; the new colour was previewed at Kbb Birmingham.

ETO by Flair includes infold, hinge and sliding doors in addition to corner entry enclosures and quadrants. Finishes available include Silver, Matte Black, Brushed Brass and the soon-to-be-available (this summer) Brushed Nickel and Brushed Bronze finishes.

With a wide range of widths available, ETO can be specified in both large family bathrooms and compact spaces.

Designed for long-lasting high performance, the two-metre-high shower doors are constructed with 8 mm toughened safety glass with Clearview hydrophobic coating for an effortless shine. Clearvue also resists the build-up of limescale and grime on the glass surface for easy cleaning.

for a winning aesthetic, ETO enclosures include fully concealed interior fixings and ultra-clear door seals. Suitable for either a shower tray or wetroom installation, the ETO collection panels are available in a variety of door styles. For smaller bathrooms, the unique design of the ETO infold door ensures minimal space is taken up when it opens outwards while still affording generous access to the shower zone.

The ETO infold doors boast a magnetic linkage system, allowing users to move the shower door smoothly and seamlessly. The sliding doors in the range close gently with a controlled cushion close magnetic system. The ETO hinge doors boast countersunk curved hinges for a flush interior finish that is easy to clean. For a simple but secure installation, the ETO collection benefits from Flair’s patented “Click Fit” assembly system. The tapered dovetail joint locks securely into position, giving a flush connection between the vertical and horizontal profiles, providing maximum structural integrity within every door.

Flair ETO Infold shower

Ronan O’Grady, lead product designer of Flair Showers, says: “Consumers with high demands on their shower look for something stylish, that is good quality and built to last. This was our vision when creating our modern, robust, ETO range of framed shower enclosures.

“The addition of our new finishes, Brushed Nickel and Brushed Bronze, will enhance any space with their soft glow and low maintenance luxury. Designed for long lasting high performance, while offering clever innovations to enhance the user’s showering experience, our ETO range is the perfect combination of elegance and practicality.” 

For more information on the Flair ETO collection of shower enclosures, including the brand new Brushed Nickel and Brushed Bronze finishes, or to become a Flair Showers retail partner, please contact sales@flairshowers.co.uk 

Pictured top: The Flair ETO infold shower door in the brand new, muted yet elegant, Brushed Nickel finish (available Summer 2024).

Pictured bottom: Surround yourself with the beauty of Flair’s ETO shower door collection. The ETO enclosure at the Largy waterfall in Brushed Brass

Flair Showers launched its ILI collection of shower doors in the UK at kbb Birmingham 2024. The ILI range of 1950mm high shower doors is available in three finishes – silver, matte black and brushed brass.

Designed with young families in mind, door options include bi-fold, slider and hinge doors in addition to sliding and hinged quadrants. Non-standard door widths are also used to cater to any configuration.

ILI is crafted from 6 mm toughened safety glass with a clear hydrophobic coating that resists the build-up of limescale and grime on the surface to maintain a spotless and sparkling clean finish.

The smooth curvature of the handle creates a truly ergonomic and tactile experience for the user while providing the additional benefit of an integrated towel or robe hook. The minimalist profiles and neatly curved hinges present simple, clean lines to the door aesthetic and complement the uniquely crafted handle design.

Flair Showers ILI shower door Enclosures

The new range is easy to fit thanks to Flair’s patented “Click Fit” screw-free assembly system. The tapered dovetail joint locks securely into position, connecting the vertical and horizontal profiles seamlessly. Furthermore, every ILI door style is fully reversible for either a left or right-hand configuration and ideal for wetroom and shower tray installation.

Ronan O’Grady, lead product designer at Flair Showers, says: “Key to every Flair product design are the stages of the family lifecycle. The ILI range is designed with young families in mind, its minimalist but robust frames are contrasted by gentle curvature and pillow shaped forms. It’s a range that celebrates functionality, colour and carefully considered features.”

“At Flair, we aim to create joy for our customers. We have introduced our ILI collection of shower doors that boasts aesthetically pleasing designs with clever functional innovations to ensure our retail partners can offer a showering solution that enhances both the bathroom space, and the consumers’ experience too. Consumers can embrace everyday adventures with ILI.”

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Whatever your age, standing safely in the bathtub or shower is important; Invisible Grip is the new super anti-slip surface finish from Kaldewei. It works on the glossiest of their steel enamel surfaces, and the feeling when your skin meets the shining, plastic-free Kaldewei surface is pleasant. The grip does not diminish when using soap, shower gel, shampoo or simply when there is contact with water as the invisible micro-structuring of the enamel continues to provide a particularly strong grip underfoot.

Glamour and safety in the bathroom

LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165. This is particularly relevant for the planning of barrier-free bathrooms.

Even when dry, the Invisible Grip finish does not alter the brilliant gleam of the Kaldewei steel enamel surface and is available in Alpine White for shower areas and bathtubs. This means it provides safety and introduces a touch of modern glamour to the bathroom. The micro structure can be cleaned just as easily as a normal enamel surface. An explanatory video can be seen at https://www.kaldewei.de/produkte/invisible-grip/, which demonstrates how the new surface treatment works.

“With Invisible Grip, Kaldewei offers an innovative solution for the modern bathroom that increases the feeling of safety without compromising on the visual appearance, feeling underfoot and hygiene. Carefree showering and bathing with aesthetic aspirations become everyday normality”, says Yvonne Piu, head of global marketing at Kaldewei.

Like all the products in the Luxstainability®World from Kaldewei, Invisible Grip stands for uncompromising safety and trust combined with a highly aesthetic surface finish. Invisible Grip demonstrates Kaldewei’s special innovative competence, for which the premium manufacturer has been awarded the seal of the Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) (Certification body for research grants).

Even when using soap, shower gel and shampoo or simply when there is contact with water, the invisible microstructuring of the enamel provides a particularly strong grip.

Tested standing safety: LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165

Kaldewei Invisible Grip anti slip Shower Surface

The new Alpha Solo walk-in shower enclosure from shower brand Kinedo is a single glass panel without a reinforcement bar to create a classic minimalist walk-in shower area, which is simple and stylish in design.

Alpha Solo features a chrome aluminium profile, 10mm transparent glass 2 metres high, and a chrome cover strip at the bottom of the panel. Anti-limescale treatment comes as standard. Alpha Solo is available in sizes 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1400mm and is ideal for corner and recess installations. 

The range is available now to retailers, house builders, hoteliers and other accommodation providers who seek a high-end product at an accessible price point.

Offering the freedom of an open shower and suitable for small and large spaces, with Kinedo, it’s possible to create a designer wetroom look no matter the budget or the space size. 

Kudos Shower Products has expanded its collection of Pinnacle8 level access shower enclosures and introduced new corner quadrant models.

There are now seven Quadrant models in the collection. Two are standard quadrants at 900x900mm and 1000x1000mm in size, and there are a further five offset quadrant enclosures from 900x800mm up to 1200x900mm in size. They have all been designed without the need for a bottom rail, providing a level access and making it easier to step in and out of the enclosure.

Eliminating the bottom rail on the door gives it a minimalist appearance and makes it much easier to clean too. These new additions are available in a choice of chrome, matt black or brushed brass profiles.  As with all other enclosures in the Kudos Pinnacle8 range these new options stand 2000mm in height and are produced with 8mm toughened safety glass throughout. All glass panels come with LifeShield protection for easy cleaning and all doors with their iconic Finger Pull handle (with optional retro fit handle if required).

Pinnacle8 level access is a frameless design with slimline wall profiles concealing a 20mm wall adjustment for ease of fitting. SmartSeal technology is used on the crystal clear seals and glass-to-glass corner join seals, to ensure a clean uninterupted finish and a water tight bond. Overall this collection includes both hinged and sliding door options, to suit both recessed and corner installations, in sizes ranging from 760mm to 1500mm offering a plethora of design options to suit any bathroom. Kevlar impregnated pins are used in the rise and fall brushed finished hinges for consistent smooth opening and closing of the glass doors. And aircraft grade stainless steel roller bearings are used in the sliding doors for smooth action and longevity. 

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbria facility since 1999.  Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over-bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Bathroom Review Kudos Pinnacle8 additions to range

Visit their website kudosshowers.co.uk, call them on 01539 564040 or email info@kudosshowers.co.uk.

Kaldewei is a brand known for its sustainability; all its products are 100% recyclable, and it is now manufacturing products from BlueMint steel, which reduces carbon emissions by 70%.  With shower trays providing such green credentials, the next logical step was to save energy and CO2 when showering, so during ISH, Kaldewei launched the Kaldewei shower channel with heat recovery system, the “FlowLine Heatrecovery” shower channel.

Up to 80 per cent of the hot water a home creates is used for showering, not heating.  Recently, the focus has been on developing ways to heat more efficiently and use less energy.   A massive quantity of hot water is wasted as it flows unused down the drain; the new Kaldewei “FlowLine Heatrecovery” shower channel uses heat from the shower water to preheat the cold fresh water on its way to the shower fitting.  A heat exchanger integrated into the waste ensures efficient heat recovery, so significantly less hot water needs to be added to guarantee a pleasantly warm shower temperature. In the spirit of sustainability, this saves energy, noticeably reduces costs and reduces the carbon footprint.

Bathroom Review Kaldewei water-saving shower technology


The new magnetic shower holder from HEWI is designed to improve showering comfort thanks to its user-friendly, safe and easy-to-clean features.

Innovations are usually in the details and mean a significant system or product range improvement. Thus, the international expert for barrier-free sanitary solutions, HEWI, continuously develops products that increase ease of use, contribute more safety and make a difference in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning. One such product is the new System 900 magnetic shower head holder, which the company has already patented.

Well thought out down to the last detail and timeless in design

In stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated in white, black and grey, the new product follows the minimalist, high-quality and timeless design that characterises all ranges from HEWI and forms another building block in the diverse range of barrier-free solutions.

In terms of handling, the new magnetic shower head holder has been significantly simplified and is, in the sense of universal design, an optimal product for everyone, and especially for users with physical limitations.

Key characteristic features are its straightforward, magnet-function-based height adjustment, which works by sliding the shower head with an intuitive one-handed operation. The shower head holder incorporates a fully rotatable cone bracket and a conscious lack of buttons and knobs that usually feature on such products. Thus, the shower holder can be used without strain and even by those with motor limitations.  Wet hands also no longer hinder use as the traditional clamping mechanism has been replaced by the novel magnetic principle, thus eliminating the need to exert pressure when adjusting the shower holder. As virtually no mechanical forces act on the product, wear is minimal.

The Shower Lab, one of the UK’s leading shower space companies, has launched a range of new
hinges and customised cover plates.

The new hinges are constructed from solid brass and benefit from fully adjustable spring action and soft impact closure with firm pressure to the adjacent seal. The hinges have 8mm of horizontal adjustment.

The Axis are optional hinge cover plates, only available for use with TSL hinges. The Axis are a range of glass-to-glass or glass-to-profile hinge cover plates which beautifully complement The Shower Lab’s design-led shower spaces.

The Axis are highly specified and are constructed of solid brass and beautifully conceal the workings of the hinge. The Axis can be fully customised to match handles and profiles.

The Axis wrap-around solid brass cover plates are available in three styles; 3D, Knurled or Fluted, with eight finishes.

The Ultimate10 shower enclosure range is a new addition to the Kudos Premium Collection and is now available from stock. 

It comes with a coveted Red Dot Award-winning double action hinge, enabling the pivot door to open both inwards and outwards, offering a perfect solution where space is at a premium.

This new frameless range has been specifically designed to be truly modular, offering lots of design configurations with more than 70 recommended options in their new Premium Collection brochure. The pivot door can be installed directly from a wall post or from a glass panel, making it incredibly versatile and to fit on a shower tray or wet room floor.

The collection comprises six door models, with off-wall options for recess or corner (standard and large doors) and off-panel recess and corner. Each door and panel is 1985mm high, including fittings and can be installed in a corner or recessed situation. The doors are compatible with the existing Ultimate 10mm wet room glass panels, making it a truly modular system.

In addition, the profiles are available for the company’s best-selling finishes of chrome, matt black and brushed gold to co-ordinate or contrast with different bathroom brassware. The stylish door handle doubles as an integral towel rail, and all glass, which is a robust 10mm in thickness, comes with lifeshield protection. The collection is made in Cumbria and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A unique component within the range is the hinge which has received a Red Dot Award for its innovative mechanism that allows the doors to open both inwards and outwards yet retain a watertight seal. The profile hinge comes with quadruple magnets, one pair always active, so when force is applied, the door will release and then attract the magnet pairs. Overlapping aluminium profiles alongside the active magnets in the mechanism prevents any water from passing through.

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbria facility since 1999.  Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over-bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Visit their website kudosshowers.co.uk, call them on 01539 564040 or email info@kudosshowers.co.uk.