The Shower Lab, one of the UK’s leading shower space companies, has launched a range of new
hinges and customised cover plates.

The new hinges are constructed from solid brass and benefit from fully adjustable spring action and soft impact closure with firm pressure to the adjacent seal. The hinges have 8mm of horizontal adjustment.

The Axis are optional hinge cover plates, only available for use with TSL hinges. The Axis are a range of glass-to-glass or glass-to-profile hinge cover plates which beautifully complement The Shower Lab’s design-led shower spaces.

The Axis are highly specified and are constructed of solid brass and beautifully conceal the workings of the hinge. The Axis can be fully customised to match handles and profiles.

The Axis wrap-around solid brass cover plates are available in three styles; 3D, Knurled or Fluted, with eight finishes.