Kast has launched the new Wave collection, which includes designs named Tilde, Dune, and Prim. This contemporary collection breaks away from the confines of conventional lines and embraces the joyful liberation of curves. Channelling the exuberant spirit of the Italian Radicalism and Postmodernism movements, Wave captures the essence of individuality and playfulness.

Nestled at the edge of Sherwood Forest in the UK, Kast is a design-driven powerhouse known for crafting unconventional concrete wash basins. Imbuing their line of innovative wash basins with a new dimension of style, Kast’s Wave collection ushers in a fresh perspective, celebrating the charm of undulating forms and whimsical silhouettes.

“The curved shapes not only add a touch of whimsy but also creates a contrast with the angular lines present in our living spaces,” says Tim Bayes, Kast Founder. “Each basin is designed to serve as a vibrant centrepiece, its unconventional form infusing the bathroom with a sense of delight and creative energy.”

Tilde features an integrated splashback that gracefully reflects the curvature of the bowl, creating a delicate interplay of light and shadow that enhances its form. With a design that seamlessly adapts, Tilde can be easily mounted on walls or surfaces and pairs perfectly with a wall-mounted tap.

As for Dune, it offers the flexibility of either surface mounting or wall hanging, while vessel basin Prim, exclusively designed for countertop placement, completes the range with its understated elegance.

Starting at an RRP of £1,750/$2,625/€2,100.

The collection is available to order at kastconcretebasins.com and is distributed worldwide. As with all Kast products, Wave serves as a testament to British ingenuity. Crafted with the utmost dedication, the collection features the finest concrete sourced from local Derbyshire limestone and undergoes meticulous hand-finishing by a team of skilled artisans.

Bathroom Review Drummonds Nero Portoro Marble

New to their offering and sourced from Porto Venere in Italy, striking Nero Portoro marble tops bring drama to the bathroom. With elegant gold and white veining against a sleek black backdrop, it pairs perfectly with Drummonds’ choice of nine metal finishes.

Designed as statement centrepieces for bathrooms and cloakrooms, Drummonds’ single and double vanity units have an elegant, refined aesthetic suited to both classic and contemporary interiors. Drummonds’ traditional craft manufacturing processes bring a very special quality to their vanities, combining hand-poured clay with luxurious materials and finishes.

Drummonds’ vanities come in four marble finishes: White Arabescato, Nero Marquina, Verde Guatemala and Nero Portoro.

Pictured top – Double Lowther
H:1160 x W:1700 x D:690mm
Price: from £8472

Pictured left – Double Ladybower
H:850 x W:1500 x D:585mm
Price: from £9360

Drummonds showrooms are in London  & New York         

t: 020 7376 4499     drummonds-uk.com     @drummonds_bathrooms

Leading bathroom brand HiB has added a wide range of stunning new products to its existing lineup. A new Veles modular furniture range, stunning basins, the latest elegant mirrors and cabinets, and quality brassware have joined its portfolio.

The cornerstone of HiB’s latest launch is the Veles modular furniture range, which it says has been meticulously crafted to offer ample storage, useful sizing and beautiful finishes.

For small spaces, the Veles Compact range offers stunning quality and finish in a reduced depth, while the Veles Standard range offers more storage and larger dimensions ideal for family bathrooms. This new range pairs perfectly with the new Terra basins and countertops. Created from high-quality mineral marble in four finishes, this tactile, durable and stunning basin and countertop combination enhances the complete look, offering an exceptional level of finish.

Bathroom Review HiB latest launch

Along with the introduction of the Terra basin range, HiB has expanded its basin category offering to include a whole host of new options, including the Opia and Dexter vessel basins and Cerys corner wall-mounted basin, allowing customers to choose from a wider variety of designs to suit their desired look. Each basin seamlessly integrates with HiB Novum furniture ranges and other units to provide style and function, transforming daily routines into moments of indulgence.

HiB has also launched a selection of mirrors and cabinets, offering the latest bathroom technology, blending contemporary style with practical solutions. The new Rubin and Alba illuminated mirrors include the latest heat pad technology, covering more than 75% of the mirror’s surface. The feature reduces a greater area of condensation, further enhancing visibility.

HiB has been a pioneer in bathroom products for more than 30 years. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and design, HiB has consistently pushed the boundaries of bathroom aesthetics and functionality. This latest launch is HiB’s biggest yet, demonstrating the company’s desire to bring new and exciting products to the market for customers across the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.

To see all the new HiB and HiB Novum products, see the latest brochure at https://www.hib.co.uk/brochure

Us Brits are often tasked with planning compact bathrooms, with the average UK bathroom measuring a modest 2M x 2M1. Fortunately, many innovations and designs allow homeowners to create an inviting yet functional space. Opting for wall-hung fittings within a compact space is an ideal solution to provide additional space while limiting clutter, helping to create a streamlined finish, and these fittings are continuing to grow in popularity as we get more familiar with their benefits.

Today, bathroom experts GROHE, provide a complete buyer’s guide and share all there is to know on wall-hung fittings, including how these design choices can elevate even the smallest of bathroom spaces with reduced outward projections and elevated placement.

Simple Installation

While its recommended wall-hung fittings are installed by professional installers, the fittings are often
not as invasive and complicated to install as often believed, especially when it comes to full bathroom
renovations. Many of GROHE’s models can be installed in front of a solid wall or within a stud wall in
next-to-no-time thanks to the GROHE QuickFix system with ToolFree feature, which requires no tools
to connect hose, inspection shaft, or water supply.

Functionality & Durability

Wall-mounted fittings offer the same functionality and durability as standard fittings and can even provide
improved function in some cases. The ‘built to last’ fittings firmly mounted to the wall allow room for improved cleanliness and hygiene. As the fittings are elevated from the floor space, with just the toilet or basin bowl visible and no exposed pipework or cistern, there’s less surface area and corners for dirt and grime to build up in, making easy cleaning.

A common misconception with wall-mounted toilets and sinks is that they do not offer adequate support, however a correctly installed flush-frame and basin can more than comfortably support the weight of almost any adult without any concerns. GROHE’s wall-mounted fittings carry the German TUV certification for load capacity with the toilets approved for weights up to 400KG and basins approved for up to 150KG.

Future-proof fittings

With modern flushing systems models such as the GROHE Rapid SLX, homeowners can have peace
of mind if future renovations are needed. While the Rapid SLX can work well with the regular WC
pans, it is exciting to note that it has been designed specially to cater to future-planning and features a
built-in electric socket and water connection ready for shower toilet installations, limiting the need for
invasion renovation work. The system is also equipped with various technologies, including GROHE
3 Whisper which prevents sound travelling through walls making it an ideal choice for households where
someone may be waking up numerous times throughout the night.

Wall-hung fittings can also provide enhanced accessibility to users, thanks to the fitting’s height being
adjustable and not limited to the fitting’s pedestal stands. GROHE’s concealed flush-frames have
adjustable feet, setting the height at the desired level and providing additional comfort.

Leading bathroom manufacturer, Ideal Standard, has announced the latest addition to its i.life B range – a Glossy Grey finish is available on a selection of i.life B’s vanities, toilets, and bidets.

Designed in collaboration with the Italian studio Palomba Serafini Associati (PS+A). The entire collection is built to be flexible, offering various models for both large family bathrooms and smaller ensuites.

Ideal Standard’s Singular™ approach ensures compatibility since any of Ideal Standard’s portfolios can be brought together to create tailored solutions without compromising.

The manufacturer offers matching furniture options and shower trays in grey, with various models to suit any space. Partnering perfectly with the glossy grey finish, Ideal Standard’s range of Silk Black fittings, accessories, and shower enclosures enable customers to create a fully coordinated look. Equally, the new grey ceramics can be combined with Ideal Standard’s wide range of brassware collections in chrome or durable PVD colours for fully tailored solutions and truly cohesive space.

i.life B also boasts powerful flushing technology, while the lack of an overhanging rim means these WCs are easier to clean for a more hygienic space.

Making the installation process more accessible, the innovative EasyFix+ installation system means wall-hung toilets can be installed faster and by just one person – saving time and resources.

Ideal Standard’s UK marketing director, Leanne Martin said: “The i.life bathroom collection provides a smart, adaptable collection where design, comfort, and hygiene all come together. No matter the size or shape of your bathroom, i.life  can bring style to any space, and the addition of Glossy Grey to this range offers a contemporary and sophisticated look.”

Bathroom Review Ideal Standard i.life B Gloss

Find out more about the i.life collection here: www.idealstandard.co.uk/products/highlights/ideal-standard-i-life

Duravit has launched a timeless bathroom furniture range – Vitrium, by Christian Werner. The space-saving range includes washbasins and furniture, manufactured with the newly developed DuroCast UltraResist material.

Vitrium was presented at ISH 2023 as a series from the Duravit Artisan Lines and represents the first washbasin project for designer Christian Werner. To date, the designer has worked with Duravit on bathroom solutions for many years and has completed six furniture projects.

Two different, delicate washbasins are available: a round above-counter basin and a rectangular, seamlessly integrated c-bonded version with a refined outer edge.

The console vanity unit has a fine metal frame and a choice of fronts made from backlit glass, wood, or various décor finishes. The metal frame is available in White or Anthracite.

“The starting point for this design concept was a rigorous interrogation of the habits we take for granted. With Vitrium I sought to redefine the design of the bathroom and the associated routines. As well as the kitchen and living room, for me the bathroom, too, is a place of comfort and refuge,” said Christian Werner.

Space-saving design

The reduced furniture depth with the projecting above-counter basin makes the design ideal for compact

“The basic design idea for the framed fronts and transparency of the furniture has been realised exactly as I imagined. Timelessly modern and unadorned – that’s the look I wanted for my Vitrium concept,” said Christian Werner.

PEFC*-certified wood

The bathroom furniture made from PEFC*-certified wood is enhanced by rectangular and round mirrors and comes with a mirrored cabinet for built-in versions. All feature integrated LED illumination.

“Vitrium epitomizes the rituals that take place in the bathroom and sets the ambitious framework for sophisticated and contemporary bathroom cultures,” said the designer, describing his idea.

Bathroom Review Vitrium by Christian Werner


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Whilst a successful bathroom design relies on the synchronicity of all its necessary parts (from surfaces to lighting), sanitaryware undoubtedly leads the way in tone and style. Whether you intend to create impact or build a space to relax and rejuvenate, the choice of sanitaryware can make or break your design. Today we look at the latest products to reach the market and consider solutions, from bespoke designs to minimalist styles.

Bespoke beauties


Creating ‘bathrooms to order’ is simpler if products are selected from companies that build-in design flexibility for all aspects of the bathroom. When it comes to baths and basins, creating bespoke designs is not truly possible if limited in size and material.

Charlotte Hughes, retail manager at Cosentino UK, agrees: “When specifying bathrooms, design flexibility is key, especially when it comes to the basin given it is one of the key focal areas and most used products of the room.

“As such, designers need to be able to have maximum opportunities for customisation here as possible; whether that’s seamlessly integrating basins into worktops that match with wall claddings, offering adjustable basin widths and depths or being able to manufacture basins to exact colour and material specifications.”

The new C-Bath brand from Cosentino brings this freedom to bathroom design; the company uses surface applications to create bespoke applications such as cladding, flooring, countertops, shower trays, washbasins and furniture. As seen above, the concept allows designers to incorporate iconic and individual designs.

Personal places

Another way to create a unique bathroom experience is to source design-led products that stand out. Sanitaryware that offers something a touch more exotic in terms of colour and shape delivers a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, and is an easy win when injecting personality into your design.

Ashley Sinclair, specification and design manager of Sanipex Group, explains: “One of the biggest trends in bathroom design currently is the shift towards adding personality to the bathroom. This remains a tranquil, calm setting, of course, but as a very personal space, it also offers the perfect canvas for injecting an individual look unique to the homeowner.

“In terms of the sanitaryware chosen, this means more in the way of colour for washbasins and shapely design – don’t be frightened to experiment with curves to make a style statement!”

The Koy collection from the luxurious BAGNODESIGN brand (pictured above) is available in ten colourways ranging from daring Buttercup Yellow to the more dulcet tones of Matt Green and Thistle Blue. The basins are designed to team with Bagno Design’s wall-mounted WC (in four matching shades), and to complete the look, Koy brassware is also available in various finishes.

Material gains

Sourcing materials that deliver a happy, sustainable outcome is very much on the mind of today’s consumer. We can expect a robust analysis of green credentials to apply to an increasing array of purchasing decisions.

A recent report into eco-awakening states that many consumers believe ‘brands bear as much responsibility for positive change as governments’ and look to the commitment from businesses to protect nature and ecosystems. For the bathroom industry, products that offer longevity and durability and can be recycled at the end of life are an attractive option. Copper is one such product since it is one of the few materials that can be recycled repeatedly and does not lose performance.

Bathroom_Review_ Baths_basins_WCs_Asrton_matthews

James Lentaigne, creative director, Drummonds comments: “Interestingly, copper is also 100% recyclable without any loss of quality, and it is estimated that over 80% of the copper ever mined is still in use today.

“Polished and lacquered, copper retains its natural rich red colours, but there is also a trend for un-lacquered copper, making a very direct visual link to the authenticity of this material, which patinates so beautifully.” 

Pictured at the top, Drummond’s hammered copper tamar bath is a compact, double-ended bath with a perfectly proportioned contemporary skirt. The comfortable roll-top design is finished with a copper exterior wrapped around the tub, giving the look and beauty of copper but with the durability of cast iron.

Aston Matthews also produces stunning roll-top copper baths and uses recycled metals. Pictured left is the Astonian Copper freestanding roll-top bath in polished nickel interior, with an antique copper exterior.

Feeling flush


Bringing the outdoors in is very much part of the design landscape, whether due to a renewed enthusiasm for the great outdoors as reflected in the tourism industry or the popularity of home office spaces and garden rooms. WCs that still look stylish yet work well in projects with problematic water removal are ticking the right boxes for designers.

Saniflush from Saniflo is a complete ceramic toilet with an integrated macerator and an on-trend solution for installing a WC in spaces where gravity drainage isn’t an option. Whether it is a bathroom in a basement or loft or a cloakroom under the stairs, installing a Saniflush is possible with just a water supply and electrical connection. Thanks to its two outlets, a basin or a shower can also be connected. 

Maximum style

Minimalist bathroom designs have the benefit of retaining longevity and credibility in a rapidly changing market. And, whilst creating a de-cluttered and minimalist space is often advocated as a route to success in our personal lives, the simplicity of a minimalist design is also unfailingly easy on the eye.

With perfect timing, Ideal Standard’s new Solos range debuted at Clerkenwell Design this week. Due to launch in October 2023, the visually-striking Solos range is part of the design-led Atelier Collections. The range features a unique combination of basin and fitting and is characterised by its sleek lines and defined edges.

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Pictured very top Drummonds hammered copper Tamar, and pictured middle – Hammered Copper Usk Price: £11,940

The new Delia Zero basin by Acquabella has an eye-catching, versatile design that has been created to work with any furniture collection, as well as Acquabella’s own Delia furniture.

Delia Zero is a semi-totem product with a deep and spacious basin and integrated drain, which draws attention to its special pleated relief on the lower part of the basin.

This softly wavy base, an absolute trend in current design circles, provides movement without cluttering the shape so that it delivers a harmonious balance with the smooth, homogeneous top. The entire surface is smooth to the touch thanks to its Zero texture.


Winner of the latest Archiproducts Design Award, the basin can be installed wall-hung, on a countertop with a vanity unit or with the new Delia furniture. The new Delia furniture has been designed to fit perfectly with the Acquabella washbasin, thus completing the collection. Its slender legs and Akron® shelf characterise this configuration, which provides space for storing bottles or other accessories.

Both the Delia basin and the shelf can be customised from over 2,000 colours, making it the ideal choice for luxurious and contemporary bathroom environments.

Delia is manufactured with Akron®, a resin and mineral filler material that gives high definition thanks to its superior technical properties. The collection is also quality patented by Acquabella and comes with a material guarantee that ensures hygiene and resistance to impact and thermal shock.

More info: www.acquabella.com/en

PJH has extended its Washbowl Collection from its Bathrooms to Love brand with the addition of a number of new models including this beautiful circular design to its Luxey range, finished in an elegant Matt Deep Blue colour.

Joining the Luxey family of vessel basins from Bathrooms to Love, this on-trend deep blue version adds to the appeal of range, satisfying the growing demand for indigo blues in the bathroom. It also teams up perfectly with other matt deep blue ranges in the Bathrooms to Love portfolio, such as the Statement furniture range and the Belmont Freestanding bath.

“Sales of Bathrooms to Love washbowls have seen good growth over the last year, with a 12% increase in sales. This is a result of the equally impressive growth we have recorded in our modular bathroom furniture category where the combination of basin units, worktops and vessel basins has proved highly popular,” explained Julie Lockwood, Product Manager, Bathrooms to Love.

“Creating bespoke bathroom looks, through the use of contrasting colours, textures and materials presents a great sales opportunity for stockists, particularly within the basin unit zone where many elements can be mixed and matched. Our washbowl category continues to grow and we have more new designs to come throughout the year, extending the choices yet further.”

A round, ceramic washbowl, the Matt Deep Blue Luxey model measures W355 x H120 xD355mm and joins other matt finished models in the Luxey range – white, black, grey and marble-effect. It includes an unslotted waste and can be teamed with either a tall basin mixer or wall-mounted basin mixer taps, from the wide choice of brassware within the Bathrooms to Love collection.

Like all the washbowls in the collection – which includes many different shapes, sizes and styles, as well as polymarble options, the sophisticated new Luxey Deep Blue model boasts a high quality design that is easy to clean, durable and with long-lasting looks.

Available to order now from PJH’s online Partners Portal™ platform, this new Luxey Washbowl is available from stock and on a Next Day Delivery service if required. Contact PJH to find out more about display deals, point-of-sale material, and all marketing collateral. 

Further information:

Bathrooms to Love by PJH: T: 0800 8 77 88 99  / www.partners.pjh.uk  / www.bathroomstolove.uk

More news from PJH Group

As personalisation in the bathroom continues to thrive the Koy collection from Sanipex Group is a versatile addition to the luxurious BAGNODESIGN brand that encourages creativity.

Koy Bagno Design Sanipex

On-trend styling with an exotic feel is at the essence of Koy. With a sleek finish, clear lines, and effortless curves, the simplistic design of the range is clear, yet its versatile design allows a blend of options to personalise the bathroom.

At the heart of the range is the Koy Round Countertop Washbasin, available in 10 colourways, enabling consumers to introduce brightness and boldness into their home in the most stylish of ways.

With colours ranging from daring yet delightful Buttercup Yellow, to the more dulcet tones of Matt Green and Thistle Blue, the Koy Round Washbasin is a striking piece of sanitaryware for the bathroom and for the bathroom showroom. Team the basin with a wall-mounted WC in 4 matching shades and complete the look with stunning Koy brassware in finishes including Chrome, Matt Black and Brushed Nickel.

The Koy collection also features a rectangular countertop washbasin, two freestanding bathtubs and illuminated mirrors. Soft curves and rounded edges are present throughout the range, bringing a sense of calm and wellbeing to the modern bathroom.


For more details, contact Sanipex Group on 01924 233977 or visit www.bagnodesign.it