Where can brass be used in the bathroom, and what do you need to know?

Brass is one of the oldest materials used in bathrooms and can be used almost anywhere – with care and attention. If the finish is natural brass – an unlacquered finish – it will need polishing and buffing regularly if you want to keep its lustrous shine. Natural brass can be left to patina down over time. Without polishing or surface care the shiny surface will develop its own character depending upon the environment.

When buying brass products, or products described as brass, always check whether they are actual brass, or brass-plated and whether they have been lacquered or unlacquered (sometimes called live or living brass). Lacquered or plated brass finishes may cause problems over time as the lacquer or plating can be removed or damaged by cleaning. This can lead to spotting or an uneven surface and can be difficult to rectify. Natural brass, however, can always be returned to a beautifully polished finish with the use of a brass cleaner and a little elbow grease.

Do they come in different shades or different qualities? Will it be patina, etc?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and the different levels of each material may lead to slight differences in shading. The differences are mainly down to the use of the material, whether it will be cast or bent, and the different amount of elements that can affect its use.

Pictured is the Marlborough cloakroom basin with taps in polished brass. The taps retail at £405 inc. VAT, while the basin shown retails £465 inc. VAT.

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