BAGNODESIGN showcased its Bristol range at HIX Event. Drawing inspiration from the mid-20th Century to bring classical elegance to the modern bathroom, Bristol is an exciting new range focused on bridging the old and the new.

Combining a soft, industrial style with bold statement pieces, Bristol is the perfect choice for emulating the rejuvenating ambience of an urban spa, in the comfort of the home bathroom environment.

Featuring a distinctive vogue style, Bristol gives a choice of two handle options – linear and cross – and no fewer than five on-trend luxe finishes.

The brassware range is made up of a comprehensive selection of basin mixers, shower mixers, and bath mixers, available in Soft Bronze, PVD Santiago, Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matt Black. Combine these with concrete or trendy terrazzo to give a balanced appearance and create a finished layout that is aesthetically pleasing and suggestive of urban spa-like luxury.

With smooth edges running throughout and the series modelling refined finishes, the design also resonates with consumers looking for minimalistic chic incorporating a nuance of sophistication in a successful attempt to create the endlessly popular ‘ess is more feel.

Create a running theme with BAGNODESIGN signature basins, baths, and shower heads to match. BAGNODESIGN by SANIPEXGROUP is a trend-leading expert in crafting unique bathroom aesthetics with inspiring collections of luxury products.

Every range encompasses a standout look, combining elegance with high quality and durability, with Bristol being no exception.

BAGNODESIGN also showcased its new OROLOGY range.

For more details, contact Sanipex Group on 01924 233977 or visit www.bagnodesign.it


Is it personal or is it something else?

What makes an individual prefer one shape over another?  Round, square, oval or rectangle, is it a personal choice or does it come from somewhere deep in your psyche?

The Human Library

The human mind instinctively categorises images from the world around us, assigning each a ‘shape’ and creating our own mental library of visual forms.  We then link each shape o a range of emotions, thoughts, and perceptions.


Shape clearly plays an important role n how consumers respond, but why? In 2010, neuroscientists at Johns Hopkins conducted an experiment to find out if any shapes were more pleasing than others.

A curvy surface is characteristic of living organisms so the brain may have evolved to process information about rounded shapes to guide behaviour like eating and attracting partners, evoking a friendly feeling.

Whilst more angular objects, relating to rough, jagged forms, tend to be inorganic and offering shelter and structure, hence the feeling of safety.


Rounded shapes have a friendly, gentle warmer, softer association than more ridged images.  There are a multitude of shapes, such as the sun and the moon, that symbolise a circle, representing inclusiveness, unity, and protection; their presence in the overall design makes a room feel youthful, happy, and carefree.


With their even proportions and strong ridged edges squares suggest stability and order, these more formal shapes are calming, evoking a sense of conformity, honesty, and rationality.  You can’t imagine a square shape being easily toppled, designs with squares as the dominant shape, feel exceptionally reassuring.


Brushed brass and black trims are now available as part of the long anticipated expansion of the Vanquish range from HiB.

The popular recessed cabinet has long been a firm favourite for customers, thanks to its neat and stylish approach to storage within the bathroom wall.

The recent launch of two new trims now means that those designing their bathroom can choose from the standard brushed aluminium finish or the new brushed brass and black options.

Available in four sizes, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm and 120cm, Vanquish neatly fits within the recess of the wall and provides integrated 2-pin charging points for razors and toothbrushes. Because of the colour changing LED illumination and heated pads to reduce condensation, users can enjoy clean, and clear reflections while in the bathroom.

Ash Chilver, sales director at HiB said: “Our customers have always loved Vanquish because it offers all the storage of a cabinet but with the aesthetic of a mirror. It’s fantastic that we are now able to enhance the range and offer more finishes, which can be matched with brushed brass or black brassware and accessories, improving the overall design of the bathroom.”

For more information about the new Vanquish brushed brass and black trims, visit https://www.hib.co.uk/product/vanquish-trim/

Kudos Showers is introducing some superbly stylish frameless, low level access, additions to its Pinnacle8 Shower enclosure collection. These stunning frameless models maximise both space and light and are to be introduced with hinged and quadrant functionality in both matt black and chrome profiles.

As with the complete selection of popular Pinnacle8 enclosures, these new additions come 2000mm in height and with 8mm toughened safety glass throughout. They are available in the same sizes as the current range with quadrants ranging in size from 900x900mm up to 1200x900mm and the hinged models from 800-1200mm door sizes and 700-1200mm side panels. One of the key new functionalities of the quadrant models is that they will feature hinged doors instead of the sliding doors on the current Pinnacle8 quadrants, offering an alternative design feature.

These new frameless options feature the same subtle finger pull door opener with the option of changing to a retrofit handle and the complete collection come finished an easy clean, LifeShieldÔ protection.

Pinnacle8 frameless will start being phased into Kudos independent showroom customer displays from December.

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbrian facility since 1999. Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Please call on 01539 564040, email to marketing@kudosshowers.co.uk or visit their website at kudosshowers.co.uk.

Kudos P8 Frameless Quad

Whatever the size of your bathroom who can say no to additional storage space? The Niva Bath from Vasco, is a steel designer radiator that only uses 4 litres of water enabling it to provide a rapid and powerful heating source plus additional storage space, discretely hidden behind the radiator.

The radiator is set 325 mm further away from the wall, than a traditional radiator. This distance allows more than enough space for fitted shelves, perfect for towels and other accessories plus a rail where shirts and robes can be hung to be aired or warmed before use.

The radiator is available in 55 colours, whilst the shelves are available in standard in black (RAL 9005), or white (S600) so this practical radiator ticks every box in terms of interior design, sustainability, style and of course storage.

The Niva Bath is just one of the extensive ranges of steel designer radiators and accessories from
Vasco each providing the perfect ambient temperature for any room.