Producers and society as a whole share a responsibility to achieve a sustainable future in terms of the manufacture and consumption of products for our homes. Vasco has committed to this goal with their collection of aluminium radiators and recycling processes, enabling customers to feel assured they are purchasing responsibly.

The majority of Vasco radiators are made entirely of lightweight, highly resistant, recycled aluminium. Stable, flexible and with a solid profile, aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity for optimal heat dissipation. All the aluminium radiators are manufactured with a patented press connection. After this, they receive a cataphoretic primer, which protects against any form of corrosion; finally, they are electrostatically coated with a high-quality epoxy-polyester powder coating.

If you are looking for the perfect fusion between heating and design, aluminium comes close. An aluminium radiator saves a lot of energy, conducting heat up to four times more efficiently than any other radiator, quickly bringing any room up to temperature, and using up to five times less water content. It works excellently on low temperature systems including solar and condensing boilers. It scores highly in terms of sustainability because aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly while retaining its specific properties. It is rust-free, making it ideal for a humid environment such as the bathroom, and particularly practical, being three times lighter than steel. Vasco aluminium radiators can be easily attached to any wall, require a minimum amount of space and are easy to install.

The aluminium collection of radiators delivers unique technical advantages, including excellent heat conduction, high output in low-temperature systems, light material and eye-catching designs – as well as being sustainable.

Vasco’s innovative portfolio has been honoured with internationally renowned design awards, such as the iF award, which combines energy-efficient heating and functionality into state-of-the-art design suitable for all rooms within the home or commercial environment. Comfortable, stylish design combined with sustainable manufacturing to deliver an innovative 360 degrees approach.

Vasco Electric Radiators

The 100% recycled aluminium radiator collection includes Alu-Zen, Oni, Beams, Bryce, Mono and Zaros. These radiators save energy in 3 ways:

Fast reaction time – The core of an aluminium radiator contains only two litres of water, whereas a classic radiator will easily contain ten litres. As a direct result, an aluminium radiator will react almost instantly to the heating temperature set on the thermostat, yielding a much higher efficiency.

Maximum heat output – The optimal conductivity characteristics of aluminium radiators ensure maximum heat output, even in low temperature systems. A low water temperature setting automatically reduces energy consumption.

Excellent radiation heat – The optimum combination of convection and radiant heat in aluminium radiators creates a comfortable feeling of warmth in the room.

Stylish and beautiful to look at, Vasco designer radiators are available in 56 contemporary colours, including the Noble colours: Pink, Silver, Pearl Beige, Gold Curry and Bronze. Finding the perfect accent or statement colour designer radiators has never been easier and with optional complementing towel rails available in a variety of colours and styles, demonstrating the perfect blend of design and functionality.

Vasco process, melt and extrude aluminium waste to create unique new designer radiators, such as the aluminium Oni and Beams Mono collections, which are also available as electronic versions -EL. These provide an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution to traditional hydronic heating solutions and save money as they operate on a Plug & Plays-system which is not linked to a central heating installation. Both meet strict European Ecodesign standards for electrical appliances.

Schlüter-Systems, a leading manufacturer of tile installation products, also offers both conventional underfloor heating (UFH) and an electrical undertile heating alternative suitable for diverse applications: the manufacturer’s two CAD-enabled options for the 21st century – BEKOTEC-THERM and DITRA-HEAT E

The first is a hydronic system that can be installed in the traditional way beneath different floor finishes throughout the home or in commercial buildings. But unlike many rival UFH systems, BEKOTEC-THERM is based on studded modular panels, which are quick and easy to install and offer a low build height with rapid warm-up times.  A screed is laid across the pipe runs, and rather than waiting weeks for it to cure, tiling operations can commence as soon as the surface is hard enough to walk on by using Schlüter-Systems’ DITRA uncoupling mat, which means BEKOTEC-THERM is ideal for time-critical refurbishment contracts such as in shops and offices. 

Then, as an electric powered undertile solution, applications for DITRA-HEAT E are only limited by the imagination: they encompass demisting mirrors, warming walls or seats in spas and showers, and vanity areas or countertops.  DITRA-HEAT further finds applications for flooring and plant shelving in conservatories. At the same time, the system has been specified widely in prestigious locations such as The Lanesborough Hotel and Langham’s in London.

Schlüter-Systems’ technical specifications consultant, Tony Taylor-Sheriff, commented: “UFH technology has progressed enormously since the Roman Hypocaust, but there is still much that is not understood across the wider construction industry regarding relevant efficiencies and potential problems such as the importance of uncoupling layers, load distribution and vapour management. Our solutions have been developed to help professionals achieve quick and energy-efficient installations, with BEKOTEC-THERM, for example, offering the benefit of low-temperature flow which makes it ideal for use with heat pumps or other renewable heat sources. DITRA-HEAT E likewise offers rapid response and is very flexible in use.”

For specifiers and architects, as well as installers of flooring finishes wishing to increase their knowledge of underfloor heating technology, Schlüter-Systems also offers a CPD seminar entitled Specifying Integrated Underfloor Heating Systems, which can be delivered online or in person.

With more than 2,300 employees and seven offices across Europe and North America, Schlüter-Systems is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of system solutions for the function, protection and decoration of tiles and natural stone flooring. Schluter-Systems in the UK offers an extensive product portfolio, including the Schluter-KERDI range waterproofing membranes, the versatile tilebacker KERDI-BOARD and its underfloor heating solutions.

For further information, call 01530 813396 or visit https://www.schluter.co.uk/

PJH has added to its Bathrooms to Love brand with a new family of ‘GRADA’ heated towel rails finished in Brushed Brass.

A straight ladder radiator, the new Grada Brushed Brass range comes in three sizes measuring 500mm in width and heights of 800mm, 1200mm and 1600mm to suit different-sized rooms. Joining the growing choice of brushed brass products in the Bathrooms to Love Collection – from brassware and showers to enclosures and accessories – this new brushed brass heating option satisfies the increasing demand for the luxurious golden tones of this popular finish.

Brushed Bath Bathrooms to Love

The Grada Brushed Brass ladder rails boast substantial heat outputs, offering BTU levels of 1062, 1765 and 2153, depending on the size. Colour-matching radiator valves complete the range with three pairs; angled, straight or corner.

The Grada heated towel rail is suitable for three heating systems – central gas heating and electric or dual fuel, using the element kit also available from Bathrooms to Love.  

The perfect finishing touch to any bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom, the Grada ladder radiator is also currently available in chrome, anthracite and matt black finishes and has a five-year quality guarantee.

Available from stock and supported with PJH’s Next Day Delivery service to 91% of UK postcodes, this new Grada Brushed Brass radiator is now available to order via PJH’s Partners Portal™ e-commerce website. For further information, contact PJH on T: 0800 8 77 88 99  / www.partners.pjh.uk  / www.bathroomstolove.uk

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Whatever the size of your bathroom who can say no to additional storage space? The Niva Bath from Vasco, is a steel designer radiator that only uses 4 litres of water enabling it to provide a rapid and powerful heating source plus additional storage space, discretely hidden behind the radiator.

The radiator is set 325 mm further away from the wall, than a traditional radiator. This distance allows more than enough space for fitted shelves, perfect for towels and other accessories plus a rail where shirts and robes can be hung to be aired or warmed before use.

The radiator is available in 55 colours, whilst the shelves are available in standard in black (RAL 9005), or white (S600) so this practical radiator ticks every box in terms of interior design, sustainability, style and of course storage.

The Niva Bath is just one of the extensive ranges of steel designer radiators and accessories from
Vasco each providing the perfect ambient temperature for any room.

A new brand to the market, the House of Piccadilly, has made its catalogue available on Virtual Worlds software.

House of Piccadilly offers a diverse range of colours, sizes and styles across its range of products, from radiators to mixer taps. The range is said to cover everything needed to create stunning bathroom designs, from composite stone baths and wash basins, to antique radiator valves. Al its products are imagined and made by plumbing and interior experts, combining an eye for artistry with years of experience in what works best.

“House of Piccadilly is all about celebrating originality, with a vision to develop a brand that is constantly evolving ahead of interiors trends,” explains managing director Harry Pashby. “As a new brand to the market we want to shake things up and provide customers with added value. Joining Virtual Worlds is an important part of this, enabling retailers to include our extra-special piece in their designs with ease, so their customer can enjoy homes that are extraordinary.

“Not only are the products out of the ordinary, but the price point is a key differentiator too. Working with its manufacturing partners, House of Piccadilly can provide the unique styles, varied colours and superior standard that consumers are seeing, at a more widely affordable price.”

Find out more about House of Piccadilly here and for more information visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk or call 01908 663848.

About Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds is a UK leader in innovation-led CAD technology for the KBB market.  Since launching in 1998 it is said to be the first company to develop 3D design software for KBB retailers and, most recently, it has launched its new 4D Showroom Technology. Virtual Worlds is a division of Logicom Computer Services (UK) Ltd

VASCO is expanding its range of electric heating solutions, to include an updated Wi-Fi-controlled electric radiator, the Niva, together with a hybrid version of the designer radiator the Niva Mix.

Electric radiators are the perfect partner for new ‘green’ builds and renovations; especially when
combined with the installation of ground source heat pumps or solar panels.

The newly upgraded Niva range of electric radiators are easily controlled you can choose from a radio frequency version, which is not connected to your home internet and comes with a compliant thermostat as standard.

The electric radiator also has a VASCO Climate Control app (you will need the E-Volve Wi-Fi control version), this and the control unit can be ordered separately. The compact Wi-Fi module uses Bluetooth to communicate with a small temperature sensor located in the same room as the radiator. A third version, which allows you to control the radiator with your home automation system, is also available.

The Niva is a dry thermal panel electric radiator and does not contain any water; it heats up very quickly as it uses VASCO’s new infrared technology to generate a comfortable, radiant heat.

The upgraded electric Niva allows you to control and limit the radiator’s surface temperature, which is an extremely practical feature in rooms where safety is paramount, such as nurseries, it is far lighter than a water-filled radiator making it much easier to install based on a plug-and-play principle.

Niva Mix: hybrid radiator available in 2 sizes
The VASCO Niva Mix is an exciting new hybrid radiator. It is an ideal solution as it offers two options: it can be connected to a hydronic central heating system or run on electricity. This makes the Niva Mix hybrid radiator perfect for areas that need to heat up quickly when the central heating system is switched off, such as bathrooms.

The minimalist, sleek and stylish electric Niva and Niva Mix radiators are available in an extensive range of colours that will work with any interior.

Wide range of accessories
All VASCO accessories that are suitable for the hydronic Niva radiators are also available for the upgraded electric Niva and the Niva Mix.

Smart Bathrooms

About Vasco – www.vasco.eu
Vasco offers a wide range of innovative and sustainable total solutions in the field of heating, ventilation and cooling for an optimal indoor climate. For example, Vasco delivers high-quality and internationally acclaimed design radiators that are characterized by a combination of top design and functionality. The quality brands for panel radiators are Superia in Belgium and Brugman in Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands. In addition to radiators, Vasco is also an important player in the field of ventilation and underfloor heating. Vasco radiators are guaranteed with a quality guarantee for a period of 10 years on waterproofness and lacquer. The production companies are located in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. Vasco, headquartered in Dilsen (BE), has approx. 500 employees and is part of the Swiss Arbonia Group.