Producers and society as a whole share a responsibility to achieve a sustainable future in terms of the manufacture and consumption of products for our homes. Vasco has committed to this goal with their collection of aluminium radiators and recycling processes, enabling customers to feel assured they are purchasing responsibly.

The majority of Vasco radiators are made entirely of lightweight, highly resistant, recycled aluminium. Stable, flexible and with a solid profile, aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity for optimal heat dissipation. All the aluminium radiators are manufactured with a patented press connection. After this, they receive a cataphoretic primer, which protects against any form of corrosion; finally, they are electrostatically coated with a high-quality epoxy-polyester powder coating.

If you are looking for the perfect fusion between heating and design, aluminium comes close. An aluminium radiator saves a lot of energy, conducting heat up to four times more efficiently than any other radiator, quickly bringing any room up to temperature, and using up to five times less water content. It works excellently on low temperature systems including solar and condensing boilers. It scores highly in terms of sustainability because aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly while retaining its specific properties. It is rust-free, making it ideal for a humid environment such as the bathroom, and particularly practical, being three times lighter than steel. Vasco aluminium radiators can be easily attached to any wall, require a minimum amount of space and are easy to install.

The aluminium collection of radiators delivers unique technical advantages, including excellent heat conduction, high output in low-temperature systems, light material and eye-catching designs – as well as being sustainable.

Vasco’s innovative portfolio has been honoured with internationally renowned design awards, such as the iF award, which combines energy-efficient heating and functionality into state-of-the-art design suitable for all rooms within the home or commercial environment. Comfortable, stylish design combined with sustainable manufacturing to deliver an innovative 360 degrees approach.

Vasco Electric Radiators

The 100% recycled aluminium radiator collection includes Alu-Zen, Oni, Beams, Bryce, Mono and Zaros. These radiators save energy in 3 ways:

Fast reaction time – The core of an aluminium radiator contains only two litres of water, whereas a classic radiator will easily contain ten litres. As a direct result, an aluminium radiator will react almost instantly to the heating temperature set on the thermostat, yielding a much higher efficiency.

Maximum heat output – The optimal conductivity characteristics of aluminium radiators ensure maximum heat output, even in low temperature systems. A low water temperature setting automatically reduces energy consumption.

Excellent radiation heat – The optimum combination of convection and radiant heat in aluminium radiators creates a comfortable feeling of warmth in the room.

Stylish and beautiful to look at, Vasco designer radiators are available in 56 contemporary colours, including the Noble colours: Pink, Silver, Pearl Beige, Gold Curry and Bronze. Finding the perfect accent or statement colour designer radiators has never been easier and with optional complementing towel rails available in a variety of colours and styles, demonstrating the perfect blend of design and functionality.

Vasco process, melt and extrude aluminium waste to create unique new designer radiators, such as the aluminium Oni and Beams Mono collections, which are also available as electronic versions -EL. These provide an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution to traditional hydronic heating solutions and save money as they operate on a Plug & Plays-system which is not linked to a central heating installation. Both meet strict European Ecodesign standards for electrical appliances.

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