Popular restaurants, clubs, and hotels have been blazing the trail: intense colours, furnishings in rich tones, and homely wallpapers all designed to transform bathrooms into places full of character and charm.  Creating a complete work of art within your own four walls takes courage and requires a “thread” for a harmonious colour scheme that runs throughout the room.

The guest bathroom as a calling card

Small room – big impact: the guest bathroom is the ideal place to start – you can express your own personality and experiment with colours. Bathroom objects in strong colours can be combined with expressive wall coverings that highlight an individual wall or smaller surface. Wallpapers with graphic designs or botanical patterns, selected tiles, or coloured paints are especially well-suited for such a project. Furnishing items, walls, floors, and decoration should have a consistent colour harmony, be that tone-in-tone or combined with complementary colours. The selection process of individual elements or materials lends itself to experimentation with collages of materials and colours until the optimum and harmonious result is achieved.

Wallpapers as a stage for bathroom objects

Modern wallpapers with graphic designs or botanical patterns are like works of art – they lend rooms a certain vibrancy. Graham & Brown have brought about a veritable renaissance of wallpaper over recent years with their extraordinary and colourful prints.

The renowned British manufacturer of high-quality paint products and wall coverings works with a range of motifs from nature, graphic design, various textures, and luxurious gold accents – and shapes trends as a result.

A wallpapered feature wall sets the stylistic scene for the whole bathroom, which, more often than not, is a small room. Combined with neutral or complementary colours on the other walls, this forms the perfect backdrop for Duravit’s Vitrium bathroom objects with their reserved designs and intense matt colours.

Furniture, washbasin, toilet, and bathtub in strong colours

The Vitrium colour concept was curated by Christian Werner, who was also responsible for the formal design of the furniture and washbasins. The total of six colours make their presence felt without dominating, and they harmonize perfectly with one another. The colour palette can be divided into three neutral shades Matt Light Gray, Matt Dark Gray, and Matt White as well as the three rich shades Matt Green-Blue, Matt Parlour Blue, and Matt Cinnamon. This broad range of choices ensures that the right tone can be found for any bathroom – from the minimalist designer bathroom through to the modern rustic style.

“Colour also determines how we perceive a product. It’s an emotion because everyone responds to it differently. Multiple colours create a kind of colour resonance, something that ideally creates a harmony. And colours for an interior can never be thought of in isolation, but always in the context of the room,” said Christian Werner.

Faucets and accessories define the look

It’s the small details that give the interior design the finishing touch. Duravit opens up additional design potential in the bathroom with faucets, showerheads, and accessories in five tasteful finishes. A classic chrome surface or thrilling Matt Black or PVD surfaces in Brushed Bronze, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Polished Gold can change the look of the entire bathroom.

Bathroom Review Small Bathroms Duravit

About Graham & Brown

Founded by two friends – Harold Graham and Henry Brown, the business has been family-run from its Headquarters in Lancashire, England, since 1946. For over seventy-five years, Graham & Brown has inspired people to think differently about their homes through continuous innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship.
Graham & Brown products are created by the in-house design studio and by drawing on an archive of over 50,000 pieces.

Graham & Brown has expanded its award-winning collections to include paint, murals, soft furnishings, bed linen and wall art to offer customers a perfectly partnered, full-room solution.

Kudos Shower Products has expanded its collection of Pinnacle8 level access shower enclosures and introduced new corner quadrant models.

There are now seven Quadrant models in the collection. Two are standard quadrants at 900x900mm and 1000x1000mm in size, and there are a further five offset quadrant enclosures from 900x800mm up to 1200x900mm in size. They have all been designed without the need for a bottom rail, providing a level access and making it easier to step in and out of the enclosure.

Eliminating the bottom rail on the door gives it a minimalist appearance and makes it much easier to clean too. These new additions are available in a choice of chrome, matt black or brushed brass profiles.  As with all other enclosures in the Kudos Pinnacle8 range these new options stand 2000mm in height and are produced with 8mm toughened safety glass throughout. All glass panels come with LifeShield protection for easy cleaning and all doors with their iconic Finger Pull handle (with optional retro fit handle if required).

Pinnacle8 level access is a frameless design with slimline wall profiles concealing a 20mm wall adjustment for ease of fitting. SmartSeal technology is used on the crystal clear seals and glass-to-glass corner join seals, to ensure a clean uninterupted finish and a water tight bond. Overall this collection includes both hinged and sliding door options, to suit both recessed and corner installations, in sizes ranging from 760mm to 1500mm offering a plethora of design options to suit any bathroom. Kevlar impregnated pins are used in the rise and fall brushed finished hinges for consistent smooth opening and closing of the glass doors. And aircraft grade stainless steel roller bearings are used in the sliding doors for smooth action and longevity. 

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbria facility since 1999.  Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over-bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Bathroom Review Kudos Pinnacle8 additions to range

Visit their website kudosshowers.co.uk, call them on 01539 564040 or email info@kudosshowers.co.uk.

Us Brits are often tasked with planning compact bathrooms, with the average UK bathroom measuring a modest 2M x 2M1. Fortunately, many innovations and designs allow homeowners to create an inviting yet functional space. Opting for wall-hung fittings within a compact space is an ideal solution to provide additional space while limiting clutter, helping to create a streamlined finish, and these fittings are continuing to grow in popularity as we get more familiar with their benefits.

Today, bathroom experts GROHE, provide a complete buyer’s guide and share all there is to know on wall-hung fittings, including how these design choices can elevate even the smallest of bathroom spaces with reduced outward projections and elevated placement.

Simple Installation

While its recommended wall-hung fittings are installed by professional installers, the fittings are often
not as invasive and complicated to install as often believed, especially when it comes to full bathroom
renovations. Many of GROHE’s models can be installed in front of a solid wall or within a stud wall in
next-to-no-time thanks to the GROHE QuickFix system with ToolFree feature, which requires no tools
to connect hose, inspection shaft, or water supply.

Functionality & Durability

Wall-mounted fittings offer the same functionality and durability as standard fittings and can even provide
improved function in some cases. The ‘built to last’ fittings firmly mounted to the wall allow room for improved cleanliness and hygiene. As the fittings are elevated from the floor space, with just the toilet or basin bowl visible and no exposed pipework or cistern, there’s less surface area and corners for dirt and grime to build up in, making easy cleaning.

A common misconception with wall-mounted toilets and sinks is that they do not offer adequate support, however a correctly installed flush-frame and basin can more than comfortably support the weight of almost any adult without any concerns. GROHE’s wall-mounted fittings carry the German TUV certification for load capacity with the toilets approved for weights up to 400KG and basins approved for up to 150KG.

Future-proof fittings

With modern flushing systems models such as the GROHE Rapid SLX, homeowners can have peace
of mind if future renovations are needed. While the Rapid SLX can work well with the regular WC
pans, it is exciting to note that it has been designed specially to cater to future-planning and features a
built-in electric socket and water connection ready for shower toilet installations, limiting the need for
invasion renovation work. The system is also equipped with various technologies, including GROHE
3 Whisper which prevents sound travelling through walls making it an ideal choice for households where
someone may be waking up numerous times throughout the night.

Wall-hung fittings can also provide enhanced accessibility to users, thanks to the fitting’s height being
adjustable and not limited to the fitting’s pedestal stands. GROHE’s concealed flush-frames have
adjustable feet, setting the height at the desired level and providing additional comfort.

Space saving does not mean you need to stint on style; in fact, some very stylish shower spaces are created as space-saving options. Maximising space in the bathroom is often a necessity and, as such leads to stunning innovative solutions in the right hands.

Utilising recess situations is an excellent case in point. A recess shower space can look stunning, and whilst it may maximise available space in different size alcoves, it can also deliver a head-turning focal point.

Recess configurations are perfect for bespoke options. The Shower Lab offer a special individualised, customised service to retailers, installers, and architects called M2M. If the client has a sloping ceiling, compact space or over-height ceilings – there are products and service which can work, The Shower Lab are proud to say, if it can be done, we can do it. From customised 10mm toughened safety glass in various colours to special component finishes and custom cuts M2M delivers.

Although space may be at a premium, style definitely is not. A recess shower space does not need to be hidden; Beautiful finishes, handles and hinges, as well as a choice of glass colour combine to create a recess shower space which takes pride of place.

Shower spaces can be created from just 70 cm, perfect for smaller bathrooms or ensuites, with no maximum width if the space is wide but perhaps not overly deep. This means that a home can have an additional dedicated shower facility.

Corner showers and quadrants work equally well for maximising bathroom performance. Space-saving doors such as sliders, pivots and infolds can really help if there isn’t much clearance beyond the shower door. 

Keeping the specification high means that even the smallest shower spaces can really punch above their weight!


The Shower Lab Soace-saving Design