Bathroom product supplier and innovator HiB, has released its bathroom trends for 2024. In an ever-evolving world of design, HiB remains at the forefront by introducing four unique trends, each designed to elevate and bring fresh inspiration to the bathroom.

The first trend, ‘Exhale’, takes inspiration from nature-inspired interior design trends. Departing from last year’s ‘Petrichor,’ Exhale embraces minimalism, mid-century style, and neutral tones without overusing nature in the space. Characterised by stone finishes, rounded shapes and tactile textures, this trend draws inspiration from the laid-back ‘California Casual’ aesthetic, favouring refined simplicity over rustic elements.

Also new this year is the ‘Euphoria’ trend, which blends nostalgia with contemporary design. Arches and curves lead the space, offering a sense of fluidity and movement. Geometric and abstract patterns, along with fluted textures add a contemporary touch, while a muted yet colourful palette connects the design to the organic world, bringing a breath of fresh air to any bathroom.

For those who like edgier styles, the ‘Elements’ trend exhibits a stormy aesthetic, using darker neutrals and cool blues to create a moody yet inviting atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from Wabi Sabi, Minimalism and Brutalism, Elements seamlessly blends nature’s imperfections with refined engineering. The raw and textured feel is achieved through the use of iron and gunmetal brassware, highlighting the beauty in flaws of organic materials.

Last but certainly not least, the ‘Enamour’ trend embraces vintage glamour and art deco, offering an air of quiet, timeless elegance. By blending old and new elements through upcycling, Enamour creates a classic contemporary aesthetic. This trend embodies the philosophy of ‘less is more’, promoting a clutter-free environment and contributing to what

Jasmine Rowe, HiB product designer, said: “The 2024 bathroom trends from HiB showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design while maintaining a strong connection with nature and elegance. These trends are not just about aesthetics, they are about creating immersive, personalised and practical bathroom experiences. We’re confident that we will see these trends used strongly in designs and be a key steer in bathroom styles throughout 2024. “

HiB’s wide range of bathroom mirrors, cabinets, furniture and accessories are perfectly suited to bring these trends to life, offering a design that complements each theme. To explore the full Trends Guide and to gain even more bathroom interior design inspiration, visit https://bit.ly/3vtzk3f

Leading bathroom brand HiB has added a wide range of stunning new products to its existing lineup. A new Veles modular furniture range, stunning basins, the latest elegant mirrors and cabinets, and quality brassware have joined its portfolio.

The cornerstone of HiB’s latest launch is the Veles modular furniture range, which it says has been meticulously crafted to offer ample storage, useful sizing and beautiful finishes.

For small spaces, the Veles Compact range offers stunning quality and finish in a reduced depth, while the Veles Standard range offers more storage and larger dimensions ideal for family bathrooms. This new range pairs perfectly with the new Terra basins and countertops. Created from high-quality mineral marble in four finishes, this tactile, durable and stunning basin and countertop combination enhances the complete look, offering an exceptional level of finish.

Bathroom Review HiB latest launch

Along with the introduction of the Terra basin range, HiB has expanded its basin category offering to include a whole host of new options, including the Opia and Dexter vessel basins and Cerys corner wall-mounted basin, allowing customers to choose from a wider variety of designs to suit their desired look. Each basin seamlessly integrates with HiB Novum furniture ranges and other units to provide style and function, transforming daily routines into moments of indulgence.

HiB has also launched a selection of mirrors and cabinets, offering the latest bathroom technology, blending contemporary style with practical solutions. The new Rubin and Alba illuminated mirrors include the latest heat pad technology, covering more than 75% of the mirror’s surface. The feature reduces a greater area of condensation, further enhancing visibility.

HiB has been a pioneer in bathroom products for more than 30 years. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and design, HiB has consistently pushed the boundaries of bathroom aesthetics and functionality. This latest launch is HiB’s biggest yet, demonstrating the company’s desire to bring new and exciting products to the market for customers across the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.

To see all the new HiB and HiB Novum products, see the latest brochure at https://www.hib.co.uk/brochure

Following the success of the popular Bellus mirror range, HiB has expanded size options to include a new 100cm choice. The new size means that Bellus’ elaborately patterned illumination and striking design are enhanced further.

The integrated colour temperature-changing technology allows the user to switch from cool white to warm white to deliver either a relaxing atmosphere or a practical cool light option. Hidden beneath the mirror’s surface is a heated pad, which reduces condensation on the mirror’s surface. The chamfered diffuser on the back of the mirror creates a delicate, ambient glow across the wall, offering a sophisticated finishing touch.

Now available in three sizes, 60cm, 80cm, and 100cm, the Bellus mirror can be used as a beautiful feature across the home, and the touch-free operation ensures it remains smudge and fingerprint free.

Ash Chilver, HiB sales director, said: “Our customers have loved Bellus because it offers a unique style unlike anything else on the market. It is a real showstopper and the larger 100cm size makes even more of an impact in the space.

“Bellus has been developed with impactful style in mind, taking that timeless, ornate look and giving it a contemporary edge.”

For more information about the Bellus mirror, click here.

More news from HiB

Award-winning bathroom supplier HiB has released two new ranges to enhance its illuminated mirror offering.

Both designed in their own distinct style, with a range of practical features, the Arcane and Cassini mirrors are perfect for use above a bathroom vanity unit and across other areas of the home.

Cassini’s clean and modern design concept makes it a versatile mirror suitable for a variety of spaces. With no straight edges, a deep band of illumination around the mirror and a chamfered diffuser to create a gentle glow, the Cassini Curve and Round both offer soft styling that focuses on maximising illumination.

The Cassini mirrors are operated using a touchless sensor and feature integrated colour temperature-changing technology and a heated pad to reduce condensation on the mirror’s surface, greatly enhancing the user experience after a bath or shower.

The Arcane range also includes a heated pad and touchless operation to operate the mirror’s color temperature changing-enabled illumination. Available in two finishes, black and brushed brass, with Curve, Round and Pill shapes in a variety of sizes, there is plenty of choice to suit every style of bathroom and requirements.

Ash Chilver, HiB sales director, said: “Round and curved mirrors have a strong popularity among bathroom designers and these new ranges offer a plethora of options that maximise style, while also offering the features we know our customers love.

“Each mirror has been designed to be hung portrait or landscape, opening up wider options for installation within a bathroom design. It’s fantastic to see Arcane and Cassini launched as our latest products to the market and I am looking forward to watching them flourish.”

Also new for 2023 is the 100cm Bellus mirror, an expansion to the existing Bellus range in a larger dimension, perfect for offering extra drama and opulence to the space.

To see the latest products, visit hib.co.uk  

 Notes to editors:

About HiB

HiB is a major supplier to UK and Irish Bathroom Retailers and is a market leader in innovative bathroom products such as mirrors, cabinets, lighting and furniture. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the company is renowned for providing innovative, creative solutions which make bathrooms beautiful and substantially improves the lives of retailers, partners and the wider community.

Since HiB was established in the 1990s, the company has grown significantly. From humble roots as a fledgling business founded by Chairman Warren Ginsberg, to a 100 plus-strong operation with centres both in New Southgate, North London and a 85,000 Sq.ft national distribution site near Tamworth in the Midlands, the company has been responsible for many bathroom industry ‘firsts’.

Leading mirrors, storage and accessories specialist Origins Living has introduced two new mirrors to its contemporary Docklands collection. The Capsule Mirror 50 and Octagon Mirror 60 have been designed for the more adventurous who are looking for a statement piece for the home. 

Co-founder Sofia Charalambous explains: “Mirror shapes have evolved and some of the latest styles successfully double up as decorative wall art. Our Capsule and Octagon mirrors are no exception for those who want to create a striking display with all the practicalities you can expect from a high-quality mirror.”

The Docklands Capsule Mirror 50 features curves in all the right places with a choice of a striking brushed brass or black frame. It’s made from durable stainless steel and will instantly add a sculptural element to a design-led bathroom. This model is so versatile, you can position this piece vertically or horizontally.

The Docklands Octagon Mirror 60 is perfect as a great alternative if you love geometric styling. This bold design will instantly add artistic appeal to any room in your home. It’s a statement piece, with a stainless steel frame, which comes in a chic black or brushed brass finish.

Bathroom Origins

Designed for those seeking a chic and minimalist bathroom mirror, the new Trim range from HiB offers style and convenience.

Available in two distinct shapes, two finishes and two sizes, the Trim mirror offers excellent versatility in the bathroom or as a mirror in any room of the home.

Choose from brushed brass or matt black framing to match other bathroom accessories and create a complete look. The Curve and Round options offer different aesthetics, suiting several trends and designs. Each mirror can also feature an optional heated pad to reduce condensation on the surface, ensuring that visibility is maintained after a shower or bath.


HiB Sales Director Ash Chilver said: “Trim offers fantastic flexibility and beautiful styling that so many customers are looking for, for their homes. It was important to us that when designing the Trim mirror, it had a high level of finish but also offered simplicity and versatility. Because it is not illuminated, Trim is ideal for pairing with additional lighting such as wall or pendant lights, to create a dramatic focal point.

“The brushed brass and matt black finishes have both been popular with customers so to be able to offer a non-illuminated mirror that seamlessly matches our accessories ranges is brilliant.”

The Trim Curve and Trim Round ranges are available in 40cm and 50cm options.

For more information about Trim and HiB’s other illuminated and non-illuminated mirrors visit https://www.hib.co.uk/product/curved-frame-bathroom-mirror

Bathroom brand HiB has expanded its best-selling Exos range to include an impressive 120cm width option. The elegantly designed cabinet offers delicate, precision illumination around the edge of each door, that is operated using a touch-free sensor switch. This along with the ambient underlighting, helps to bring the bathroom to life, reflecting the surrounding décor to integrate the cabinet into the complete look.

A gentle giant in the bathroom, the 120cm Exos offers sleek, understated style that is well suited to a range of trends from structured, industrial designs to playful and bright aesthetics. The cabinet also contains an integrated heated pad beneath the mirrored doors, which ensures that condensation is reduced on the surface and visibility is maintained.

But it’s not just the outside which offers impressive technology. The Exos cabinet also features a range of solutions for charging, such as an integrated USB socket and 2 pin charging point. Shavers and electric toothbrushes can be kept on the handy removable ‘keep-clean’ mat kept inside the cabinet, which aids hygiene and cleaning.

HiB Sales Director Ash Chilver said: “The 120cm Exos cabinet offers all the key technology and style features our customers know and love, but in a grand size that can completely transform the space. It has been designed to complement a double vanity unit with dual basins and is ideal for storing all the bathroom essentials you could need.

“We’ve found that the larger mirrors and cabinets are popular with customers looking to enjoy the best of both worlds, ample storage and statement styling to suit their design. Often it has been paired with the HiB Novum Aeon and Blend ranges with our Eden basins to create a sleek, contemporary look.”

For more information about the Exos 120 range visit www.hib.co.uk, where you can also download the latest brochures.

Elaborately patterned illumination and striking design are at the heart of the new Bellus mirror, launched by award-winning bathroom brand HiB. The latest edition to HiB’s growing range of bathroom mirrors, Bellus has been developed with impactful style in mind, taking that timeless, ornate look and giving it a contemporary edge.

The integrated colour temperature changing technology allows the user to alter the light from a cool white to a warm white, ensuring that Bellus offers soft lighting for a relaxing atmosphere as well as cool light ideal for practical use. Hidden beneath the surface of the mirror is a heated pad, which reduces condensation on the mirror’s surface. The chamfered diffuser on the back of the mirror creates a delicate, ambient glow across the wall which offers a sophisticated finishing touch to the space.

Available in two sizes, 60cm and 80cm, the Bellus mirror can be used as a striking feature across the home and with touch free operation, can remain smudge and fingerprint free.

Ash Chilver, HiB Sales Director said: “Bellus is a real showstopper, the LED illumination is such a striking feature that will stand out in the bathroom. Because it is a contemporary approach to a timeless, ornate mirror, Bellus would look equally at home in any room of the house, including the bathroom.”

For more information about the Bellus mirror and other products that have recently been launched by HiB visit https://www.hib.co.uk/

Bathroom product supplier HiB has unveiled the Fold mirror, showcasing a new illumination feature that allows users to angle the mirror.

The new Fold mirror features distinctive illuminated edges that can be angled to a desired position, focusing the LED lighting on the subject or outwards to brighten the space.

The moveable feature offers users the flexibility of a more direct task light, ideal for everyday activities or an appealing ambient light for creating an atmosphere. As well as the unique illumination position, the mirror also features dimming capabilities and colour temperature changing technology, so the user can alter the light’s brightness and tone to suit their particular needs.

Operated using a handy touch switch, the mirror also benefits from a heated pad which reduces condensation on the surface of the mirror after a hot bath or shower.

Talking about the new Fold mirror, Sales Director Ash Chilver said: “Fold takes the flexibility and practical use of precise LED illumination to new heights, making it an adaptable and practical focal point in the bathroom. Its sleek, understated style with the adjustable lighting is perfect for a wide range of bathrooms and it really offers something different which customers can enjoy using.”

The Fold mirror is available in H80 x W50cm, H80 x W60cm and H60 x W80cm options.

For more information about the Fold mirror and other products that have recently been launched by HiB visit https://www.hib.co.uk/

The D-Neo series from Bertrand Lejoly helps articulate a contemporary lifestyle within the bathroom. The Pop world of style as envisioned by Duravit focuses on the lifestyle of both young and young at heart.

Bright colours, geometric shapes, and Instagrammable accessories serve as style elements. This is a colourful mix of different styles that come together to form a harmonious whole.

The D-Neo furniture washbasin (800 mm) impresses with its striking all-round rim and has a high recognition value. The D-Neo faucet sets a special accent, and the flat, vertically positioned handle is consistently referenced through the whole faucet line – from the washbasin mixers through the bidet mixer right up to shower and bath mixers.

D-Neo Pop Duravit

For those that like to be organised – the vanity unit with two drawers is available with an optional divider, providing a place for all bathroom utensils.

D-Neo Pop

Stylish and practical: The mirror (pictured top) with LED edging lighting creates a sense of space even in the smallest of rooms.

More news from Duravit.