Following the success of the popular Bellus mirror range, HiB has expanded size options to include a new 100cm choice. The new size means that Bellus’ elaborately patterned illumination and striking design are enhanced further.

The integrated colour temperature-changing technology allows the user to switch from cool white to warm white to deliver either a relaxing atmosphere or a practical cool light option. Hidden beneath the mirror’s surface is a heated pad, which reduces condensation on the mirror’s surface. The chamfered diffuser on the back of the mirror creates a delicate, ambient glow across the wall, offering a sophisticated finishing touch.

Now available in three sizes, 60cm, 80cm, and 100cm, the Bellus mirror can be used as a beautiful feature across the home, and the touch-free operation ensures it remains smudge and fingerprint free.

Ash Chilver, HiB sales director, said: “Our customers have loved Bellus because it offers a unique style unlike anything else on the market. It is a real showstopper and the larger 100cm size makes even more of an impact in the space.

“Bellus has been developed with impactful style in mind, taking that timeless, ornate look and giving it a contemporary edge.”

For more information about the Bellus mirror, click here.

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