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The new Kudos Ultimate slimline shower tray collection stands at just 27mm in height and comes in two standard slate effect finishes, four bespoke-coloured options and 19 standard sizes. They are lightweight, slip and stain-resistant, trimmable to fit on site, and the slate effect finishes contain an antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of microbes.

The composite material used to produce these new trays is up to 60% lighter than a traditional stone-filled shower tray. The composite construction, which has a CNC machined waterproof core, features a slip-resistant acrylic surface and is virtually unbreakable. This new tray innovation has also been tested with selected retailers over the past few months to establish the best colour options and features to launch. As a result, Kudos is offering a standard collection from stock in two colour finishes, in white and grey slate effect, and 19 sizes up to 2000 x 900mm, all with an end-positioned waste.

The trays can also be manufactured to order as a bespoke option, which expands the range to 6 coloured options and four different waste positions. These special orders can be made to any size up to 2000 x 1000mm and offer an option of choosing a contrasting-coloured edge to the tray, too.

The Ultimate Shower trays have been designed to suit the range of Ultimate shower panels from Kudos and offer additional flexibility for the bathroom designer.

Kudos is a brand of showering products that is trading as RONAL Bathrooms UK. The Kudos brand is designed and manufactured in the UK, where they have been producing shower products at their Cumbria facility since 1999. The Kudos portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over-bath screens, and wet-room solutions that are sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Visit their website kudosshowers.co.uk, call them on 01539 564040 or email info@kudosshowers.co.uk

Whatever your age, standing safely in the bathtub or shower is important; Invisible Grip is the new super anti-slip surface finish from Kaldewei. It works on the glossiest of their steel enamel surfaces, and the feeling when your skin meets the shining, plastic-free Kaldewei surface is pleasant. The grip does not diminish when using soap, shower gel, shampoo or simply when there is contact with water as the invisible micro-structuring of the enamel continues to provide a particularly strong grip underfoot.

Glamour and safety in the bathroom

LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165. This is particularly relevant for the planning of barrier-free bathrooms.

Even when dry, the Invisible Grip finish does not alter the brilliant gleam of the Kaldewei steel enamel surface and is available in Alpine White for shower areas and bathtubs. This means it provides safety and introduces a touch of modern glamour to the bathroom. The micro structure can be cleaned just as easily as a normal enamel surface. An explanatory video can be seen at https://www.kaldewei.de/produkte/invisible-grip/, which demonstrates how the new surface treatment works.

“With Invisible Grip, Kaldewei offers an innovative solution for the modern bathroom that increases the feeling of safety without compromising on the visual appearance, feeling underfoot and hygiene. Carefree showering and bathing with aesthetic aspirations become everyday normality”, says Yvonne Piu, head of global marketing at Kaldewei.

Like all the products in the Luxstainability®World from Kaldewei, Invisible Grip stands for uncompromising safety and trust combined with a highly aesthetic surface finish. Invisible Grip demonstrates Kaldewei’s special innovative competence, for which the premium manufacturer has been awarded the seal of the Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) (Certification body for research grants).

Even when using soap, shower gel and shampoo or simply when there is contact with water, the invisible microstructuring of the enamel provides a particularly strong grip.

Tested standing safety: LGA Bautechnik confirms the anti-slip properties according to quality class C for wet barefoot areas according to DIN EN 16165

Kaldewei Invisible Grip anti slip Shower Surface

Bathroom design company Acquabella is embracing the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, by introducing new customization options for its bathroom solutions. The adoption of this colour reflects Acquabella’s commitment to staying at the forefront of new design trends.

This soft peach tone is designed to express closeness and connection, transforming spaces into warm and relaxed environments. Peach Fuzz has the ability to create inviting spaces, paying tribute to the natural while maintaining elegance. Whether in shower trays, countertops, basins, or wall coverings, Peach Fuzz is the perfect choice for adding a touch of colour to your bathroom.

Pantone’s Color of the Year has a significant influence across industries, and the integration of Peach Fuzz into Acquabella’s products will resonate with design professionals and enthusiasts.

Customers can explore new customization options and immerse themselves in a truly unique bathroom experience. The application of this trendy tone in Acquabella’s products provide consumers with the opportunity to integrate the beauty of nature and current trends into their bathroom spaces.

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Kaldewei is a brand known for its sustainability; all its products are 100% recyclable, and it is now manufacturing products from BlueMint steel, which reduces carbon emissions by 70%.  With shower trays providing such green credentials, the next logical step was to save energy and CO2 when showering, so during ISH, Kaldewei launched the Kaldewei shower channel with heat recovery system, the “FlowLine Heatrecovery” shower channel.

Up to 80 per cent of the hot water a home creates is used for showering, not heating.  Recently, the focus has been on developing ways to heat more efficiently and use less energy.   A massive quantity of hot water is wasted as it flows unused down the drain; the new Kaldewei “FlowLine Heatrecovery” shower channel uses heat from the shower water to preheat the cold fresh water on its way to the shower fitting.  A heat exchanger integrated into the waste ensures efficient heat recovery, so significantly less hot water needs to be added to guarantee a pleasantly warm shower temperature. In the spirit of sustainability, this saves energy, noticeably reduces costs and reduces the carbon footprint.

Bathroom Review Kaldewei water-saving shower technology


Leading bathroom manufacturer, Ideal Standard, has announced the latest addition to its i.life B range – a Glossy Grey finish is available on a selection of i.life B’s vanities, toilets, and bidets.

Designed in collaboration with the Italian studio Palomba Serafini Associati (PS+A). The entire collection is built to be flexible, offering various models for both large family bathrooms and smaller ensuites.

Ideal Standard’s Singular™ approach ensures compatibility since any of Ideal Standard’s portfolios can be brought together to create tailored solutions without compromising.

The manufacturer offers matching furniture options and shower trays in grey, with various models to suit any space. Partnering perfectly with the glossy grey finish, Ideal Standard’s range of Silk Black fittings, accessories, and shower enclosures enable customers to create a fully coordinated look. Equally, the new grey ceramics can be combined with Ideal Standard’s wide range of brassware collections in chrome or durable PVD colours for fully tailored solutions and truly cohesive space.

i.life B also boasts powerful flushing technology, while the lack of an overhanging rim means these WCs are easier to clean for a more hygienic space.

Making the installation process more accessible, the innovative EasyFix+ installation system means wall-hung toilets can be installed faster and by just one person – saving time and resources.

Ideal Standard’s UK marketing director, Leanne Martin said: “The i.life bathroom collection provides a smart, adaptable collection where design, comfort, and hygiene all come together. No matter the size or shape of your bathroom, i.life  can bring style to any space, and the addition of Glossy Grey to this range offers a contemporary and sophisticated look.”

Bathroom Review Ideal Standard i.life B Gloss

Find out more about the i.life collection here: www.idealstandard.co.uk/products/highlights/ideal-standard-i-life

For 2023 Kaldewei has given the classic Superplan a makeover; it now has a refreshed design that provides floor-level access from two sides. The Kaldewei Superplan also has an up-to-the-minute look with sharper edges, tight angles, and clean lines.

The installation depth has been optimised to max. 25 millimetres – which is almost half that of its predecessor. Narrow margins create an elegant look and guarantee a lavish standing area for a unique showering experience.

The angles of the outer corners and edges have been reduced so that the Superplan can be easily integrated into an existing tile grid, and tiling up to the edge of the shower surface is much simpler.

Kaldewei’s Superplan is a classic among floor-level showers and has sold over a million in the last 30 years. Trusted by technicians and users alike, whether it’s an exclusive private bathroom in a hotel or a barrier-free bathroom, this seamless shower made of recyclable steel enamel integrates perfectly, guaranteeing a
comfortable, safe floor space.

Sustainable, modern, and flexible

The Kaldewei Superplan is manufactured from recyclable steel enamel, and its non-porous glass surface makes it easy to clean. Combining long-lasting design with natural materials, it adds another excellent product to the world of Kaldewei’s Luxstainability® portfolio.

The shower is available in standard bathroom colours and the exclusive shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, creating a huge design scope. The new Superplan is 100 per cent compatible with all the smart Kaldewei accessories – from assembly and waste systems to the familiar easy-care and anti-slip finishes.

This new Superplan shower tray will be available in all 41 sizes by autumn 2023.

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PJH’s Bathrooms to Love Collection has added a new and improved ‘RefleXion’ Slate Grey Shower Tray to its showering category.

Perfect for contemporary wetrooms and walk-in enclosures, the ultra-slim 25mm high rectangular shower tray with a slate grey effect is made from 100% natural stone resin.

Complete with coordinating steel grate and waste, finished in the same slate grey effect, the tray boasts a highly efficient, tested waste flow rate of 33 litres per minute. This 90mm, flush-fitting, fast flow waste offers top surface access and presents an excellent USP to the retailer.

Handmade in the UK, a slip-resistant slate-effect surface finish offers all-round peace of mind for the consumer. The ultra-slim rectangular tray is available in nine different sizes, ranging from the smallest, 1000mm x 800mm, to the largest, 1700mm x 900mm, so is suitable for all bathroom or ensuite shower room sizes.

The tray pairs especially well with the range of matt black shower enclosures and wetroom screens available in the RefleXion Shower Enclosure collection and also from Bathrooms to Love, helping create a clean sleek look, accentuated by the bold dark grey slate tray and matt black screen profiles.

Held in stock and available for next-day delivery from PJH via the company’s e-commerce platform, the PJH Partners Portal™, the new RefleXion low-profile Slate Grey Tray comes with a two year Guarantee.

For further information, contact PJH to find out more about Bathrooms to Love display deals, point-of-sale material, and all marketing collateral – Tel: 0800 8 77 88 99  / www.partners.pjh.uk  / www.bathroomstolove.uk

Unveiled by Acquabella as part of a brand-new product lineup, the minimalist Halo Slate is a framed shower tray with an elegant slate stone texture.


The Acquabella shower tray collection is enriched with the new Halo Slate. Like an ‘aura’ — from which it takes its name — a micro-textured cornice runs across the frame, creating a slight contrast with the Slate texture of the structure. Its use allows high-water evacuation via a slim grid.

Halo Slate is customisable in size thanks to its Akron® composition. On the one hand, it can be easily cut to adapt to specific space requirements. Moreover, like the entire Acquabella shower tray collection, Akron® products are customisable in colour thanks to the wide range of finishes available in the Standard, Naturally Made or RAL/NCS colours.

Akron® is Acquabella’s innovative patented material composed of polyurethane and mineral fillers, which is characterised by excellent hygienic and antibacterial properties. Its special structure allows for extremely defined textures for an extremely realistic tactile sensation.

Akron® is also easy to clean and is resistant to scratches or bumps that may occur during daily use of the shower tray.


The BetteAir flush-to-floor shower tile set a milestone in shower tray design, because of how well and easily it can be integrated into the floor. Now Bette has launched five extra-large sizes in its innovative glazed titanium-steel shower floor.

The five new sizes: 1100×1000, 1500×900, 1500×1000, 1600×900 and 1600x1000mm, give bathroom designers the opportunity to create large-format shower areas with a generous sense of space. The additions bring the total number of size options to 14 and all are available in a choice of 31 matt and gloss colours, including matt white, ebony, greige and stone and gloss white, beige, and black.

Made of strong glazed titanium-steel, the BetteAir shower tile is extremely stable, even in the largest sizes and is hygienic, easy to clean and durable.

BetteAir can also be ordered with one of Bette’s virtually invisible slip-resistant surfaces, including the innovative BetteAnti-Slip Sense for glossy white surfaces, which provides the highest level of slip protection*.

All BetteAir shower tiles are easy to install, as they can simply be glued to the screed like a conventional tile.


Acquabella is introducing Unic Slate; this latest innovation from the leading Spanish brand is a brand-new addition to its shower tray portfolio.

The soft curve of the tray’s interior allows water to flow smoothly into a choice of three design-led decorative wastes; the Deco, the Dune and the Drop. Images below.

The Unic Slate has an on-trend “chalkboard effect” texture, realistically created from Acquabella’s extremely versatile, stylish, anti-bacterial, anti-slip and durable patented material, Akron®.

The Unic Slate is showcased top with the Chrea bath tub and stunning new Delia Zero washbasin. The Unic Slate tray and Delia Zero washbasin are in the gorgeous Warm Navy colour, beautifully paired with the colour popping Light Mustard of the wall panels.

The Unic Slate and Delia Zero can also be ordered in any colour from the Standard, Naturally Made or over 2000 RAL/NCS colours.

Products in top image details: Unic Slate shower tray, with sizes from 70 cm x 100 cm to 100 cm x 200 cm with prices from £550.02. Delia Zero washbasin, 50 cm x 37.5 cm x 40 cm from £531. Artic cabinet, from 40 cm x 45.6 x 28 cm £596. Hera, Wall Panels, 250×120 cm from £901,25. Chrea bathtub, 168.6 cm x 74.1 cm x 61 cm from £3,700.