Bathroom specialist Aqualisa has announced Lumi+™, a new series of premium electric showers in three power options (8.5kW, 9.5kW or 10.5kW).

The Lumi+ electric shower features a mirrored fascia that reflects light to brighten any bathroom environment and two easy-turn brushed-chrome dials to control power and temperature. An illuminated strip on the front panel displays the status of the shower.

Each Lumi+ model comes complete with a 1.5m long satin smooth hose to complement the mirrored finish. A generous 105mm Harmony handset with adjustable head delivers five different spray modes to suit all showering preferences, with rub-clean nozzles for an easy maintenance routine.

With an A rating for energy efficiency, the Lumi+ takes water from the cold mains supply to deliver an instant, invigorating shower with no demand on stored hot water tanks. As the Lumi+ provides control over both temperature and power, users can minimise their consumption of both electricity and water.

With safety in mind, each Lumi+ shower incorporates an over-temperature protection system, meaning that water will always remain at the desired temperature level. In addition, the low-pressure indicator function warns the user if the water pressure drops lower than required. Engineered for durability, the Lumi+ features Aqualisa’s innovative phased shut-down technology, ensuring limescale build-up remains minimal over time. Starting and stopping the shower is controlled with a simple press of a button.

Designed for flexibility and convenience, the Lumi+ shower is equipped with eight water and electric entry points, allowing straightforward installation in a new bathroom, or when replacing other brands of electric shower. All three models are supplied with a chrome rail, handset holder and handset kit, with shower gel hanger.

Stuart Clark, head of new product design at Aqualisa, commented, “With the new Lumi+, we have reimagined the electric shower, with a blend of innovative mirrored design and exceptional performance, combined with the eco-friendly benefits of water and energy conservation. Delivering full control over both power and temperature, these showers are both efficient and flexible in operation, while the beautifully modern styling will make a statement in any bathroom setting.”

The Aqualisa Lumi+ shower comes with a two-year parts and labour guarantee, and is BEAB, CE, WRAS and UWLA approved.

Availability and pricing

The new Aqualisa Lumi+ range is available from December 2023. For pricing and more information, trade partners can contact their Aqualisa representative or the Aqualisa Customer Support Team on 01959 560020 or 01 864 3363 (Republic of Ireland).

For more details, visit Aqualisa.

Mofre news from Aqualisa.

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According to new research released this week by Readly, one in ten Brits report using smart home technology every hour of their day. The latest stats indicate a wholesale shift towards a connected home lifestyle, with a third (37 per cent) of UK households owning at least one smart home device to manage tasks such as security, lighting and heating, and kitchen appliances.

Unsurprisingly, the home technology industry is moving apace when it comes to new, innovative smart design. Consumers are keen to save water and energy whilst personalising interior spaces by integrating music and lighting into every room. This opens up opportunities for bathroom manufacturers.

Lee Robinson, product manager for residential fittings at Ideal Standard agrees, “Bathroom trends are continuously evolving and when it comes to today’s ‘smart bathrooms’, that’s no different. End-users are increasingly looking to technology to help make their bathroom space work harder for them.”

Statement lighting

Bathroom Review Liprotec Schluter Systems Lighting

Lighting is no longer simply a practicality, and the trend for customisable mood lighting is emerging as a key consideration when designing a bathroom. In 2024, we expect to see an increase in innovative lighting displays that interact with the bathroom design to deliver on-trend accent lighting.

Encompassing the latest LED technology, Schlüter’s LIPROTEC-LED creates restful lighting for relaxing spaces or bright, colourful lighting for busy family bathrooms. Enabled with Bluetooth/wireless receivers, light colours are selected via remote control or Bluetooth-compatible smartphones and tablets. Specifically designed for the bathroom, Schlüter-LIPROTEC-EASY is the company’s simple plug-and-play version, which comes with matching power supply units up to 100W.

Comfort & cleanliness

SensoWash D Neo

Shower toilets are increasing in popularity in the UK. A recent report by the European Bidet Seats & Shower Toilets Market study predicts sales of shower toilets will grow by 8% and indicates a cultural change in hygiene habits.

Martin Carroll, managing director for Duravit, agrees and comments, “Shower-toilets in combination with rimless technology are the next big idea for bathrooms. The open design of the WC rim enables an innovative and effective flush even at low water volumes (4.5 litres) and makes for transparent, easy cleaning. Despite not being a traditional market for bidets, shower toilets are growing in popularity in the UK for reasons of age, culture and general enhanced comfort.”

Duravit’s SensoWash® D-Neo lets users configure options via remote control for three shower flow types through a user ID in the seat. Timings for seat heating can also be individually configured. Its attractive price point means it is ideally suited to the requirements of the project sector and price-conscious developers.

Spa-light, spa-bright

Bringing light and colour into the bathroom, Ideal Standard’s Solos shower range features an integrated colour-changing ambient light in the overhead shower, which creates a relaxing atmosphere for the ultimate spa-like shower experience. Users can customise the colour and brightness of the LED to match their mood, thanks to built-in smart technology that integrates with any smart home app, such as Philips Hue or Amazon Echo. 

Lee Robinson, product manager for residential fittings at Ideal Standard comments, “Smart technology is key to home evolution, giving people the ability to personalise their environment – from showerheads with integrated ambient LED lighting like our Solos range to wireless speakers and shower settings that can be controlled with the touch of a smartphone button.”

Bathroom brand Laufen is also embracing smart technology and has launched a new version of the Val bath (pictured left) that harnesses the power of light and colour to promote well-being and bring chromotherapy – traditionally offered by hotel spas – into the guest bathroom to enhance the user’s experience.

The redesigned model was recently on display at HIX and has a translucent structure through which an LED panel projects different light settings according to mood.

LAUFEN also presented its new shower system prototype. Designed in collaboration with Andreas Dimitriadis of Platinum Design, the shower system offers the ultimate spa experience to hotel guests thanks to a 12-inch touchscreen display integrated into the shower for the first time.

Taking remote control

Dialling in your requirements is one of the most celebrated aspects of the smart home and brings luxury and convenience to daily life. Aqualisa’s Quartz Smart Showers combines personalised showering with a range of advantages that enhance the user’s experience. For example, users can start their shower remotely using Alexa or Google Assistant or the remote control via Wi-Fi. A clear LED display indicates when the shower is ready – there’s no need to lean in and test the water. A bath fill option allows remote selection of the water temperature and level.

Jessica Clarke, head of channel marketing at Aqualisa, reasons, “With more than 30 million smart meters installed in the UK and nearly half of all adults under 65 owning a smart speaker (Alexa or Google Assistant), the understanding of smart technology and the benefits it brings to our lives is increasing rapidly. There is now an opportunity for bathroom manufacturers and installers to deliver the next generation of connected bathroom solutions to enhance not only showering functionality and performance, but also wellbeing and sustainability.”


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Today, we hear from Tom Reynolds, chief executive at the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, who outlines the measures that would end the damage from rogue plumbers and installers.

To achieve innovative bathroom design, the expertise and professionalism of plumbers and installers play a pivotal role. Designers understand that the seamless integration of terminal fittings into a broader system is essential, and the overall performance hinges on the configuration by a skilled professional. Regrettably, instances abound where dissatisfaction with products can be traced back to subpar installation.

In identifying the root cause, a glaring issue comes to light. Over the years, the industry has witnessed a steady trickle of individuals, regardless of skill level or standards, transforming overnight into self-proclaimed plumbers or installers. These rogue operators compromise not only the safety and quality of installations but also cast a shadow on the reputation of our specialised sector.

At the forefront of our challenges lies the absence of mandatory licensing for plumbing and bathroom installation professionals. Unlike other countries, the UK lacks the requirements for training, qualifications, or experience to establish a plumbing business or assume the title of a bathroom installer. This regulatory gap erodes the industry’s credibility and poses substantial risks to public confidence and safety.

To address this, the government should take seriously the introduction of statutory licensing, reserving the title of ‘plumber’ exclusively for fully qualified professionals. For instance, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) maintains lists of qualified installers. The British Institute for KBB Installation (BiKBBI) plays a pivotal role by recognising and distinguishing qualified ‘bathroom installers’ registered with them. By adopting such measures through government statutory licensing, we can be assured that legitimate and proficient tradespeople deliver for designers and consumers.

Furthermore, we should aim for evidence-based, continuous professional development within the plumbing and heating industry, extending to registered bathroom installers. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that professionals stay abreast of the latest industry standards and technologies, resulting in safer installations and enhanced product performance.

In essence, stringent regulations and continuous training are indispensable to champion safety and professionalism in bathroom design and installation. These measures not only shield consumers but also elevate the standing of the entire industry. Moreover, they encourage professionals to aspire to excellence, knowing their skills and qualifications are officially acknowledged.

The commitment of the BMA on these matters aligns with collaborative efforts involving government bodies, BiKBBI, and other stakeholders. Together, we aim to transform these proposals into concrete reforms, safeguarding the integrity of bathroom design and installation.

Duravit’s comprehensive urinal portfolio comprises more than 30 different models, from designer urinals to sleek, classic forms, with or without a lid. Urinals made from robust, easy-to-clean sanitary ceramic can help save money and valuable resources, especially in (semi-)public buildings such as airports, libraries, or stadiums.

Duravit’s Christof Breithaupt, who heads up ceramic product development management, outlines the many benefits and offers information on Duravit’s latest ranges.

An ecological and economical alternative

Urinals are impressive due to their pared-down design and cost-effectiveness – they save time, water, and space! Flushing a urinal uses much less water than a toilet – as little as just 0.5 litres, depending on the model. They can reduce waiting times in facilities where many users are expected. Cleaning, installation, and maintenance also take less time. The available space in (semi-)public sanitary rooms can be used effectively because urinals are much more space-efficient than toilet cubicles – the narrow model of the Starck 3 series is especially suitable here, measuring just 245mm in width. Privacy is ensured with simple dividing walls made from sanitary ceramic, which are a seamless match and especially easy to clean. Arranged in a row, they create a sense of uniformity within the room.

Bathroom Review Duravit Urinals Me by Starck
Duravit ME by Starck

Water-saving or even waterless!

Urinals do particularly well when saving water: a urinal’s efficient water flow guarantees excellent flushing results with low water consumption. “Depending on the model and selected flushing program, Duravit urinals use between just 0.5 to 2.1 litres of water per flush,” explained Christof Breithaupt.

Waterless urinals use a hose diaphragm integrated into the outlet instead of a conventional flush. This diaphragm only opens automatically and invisibly during urination and before closing to prevent odours. Although waterless urinals are often overshadowed by their water-flushing counterparts, they offer reliable hygiene and protection from odours.  Taking water for flushing out of the equation removes the need for energy-intensive wastewater cleaning and treatment.

Hygiene despite high user frequency

Despite the high visitor frequency of sanitary facilities in public buildings such as airports, railway stations, or sports stadiums, Duravit urinals are particularly hygienic in use. Their interior surface is fully glazed to avoid unhygienic deposits of dirt.

The WonderGliss coating that is baked into ceramic ensures quick and easy cleaning. Another alternative is the antibacterial glaze HygieneGlaze, which inhibits bacterial growth without human intervention.

The contactless control unit, installed inconspicuously on the underside of the DuraStyle and Utronic urinals to prevent vandalism, also augments the hygiene factor.

The Duravit ME by Starck urinal (pictured above) is fitted with the patented Duravit Rimless® flushing technology. Without a flushing rim, it offers perfect flushing, is extremely easy to clean, and also reduces water use: only 0.5 liters of water are used for each flush. The urinal is also available with the special WonderGliss Duravit ME by Starck surface, which not only saves time and water, but also stays clean for a long time. Another alternative is the HygieneGlaze antibacterial coating, which provides effective protection against bacteria and germs.

Duravit D-Code urinals (pictured above right) with Duravit Rimless® flushing technology are especially easy to clean thanks to their open flushing rim. Their jet nozzle guarantees a hygienic surface flush with minimal water use. The Duravit D-Code urinal is also available with a water inlet from above and behind. (Image source: Duravit AG)

Bathroom Review Duravit Starck 3

Pictured above left – Duravit Utronic, features electronic control units developed especially by Duravit to ensure optimum hygiene for the Utronic urinals. As soon as the user moves away from the urinal the flushing action is triggered by an infra-red sensor. To prevent vandalism, the control units on the electronic urinals are installed inconspicuously on the underside.

Rows of urinals are the most suitable solution in facilities where many users are to be expected. Very narrow models, such as the Starck 3 – pictured left – are only 245 mm wide, making optimum use of the available space. _

Pictured at the top of the page is the outdoor NOA Outdoor Living Experience Center in Kruisem, Belgium. The products from Duravit – including urinals from the series ME by Starck and Starck 3, along with matching urinal partitions for privacy – guarantee a pleasant sense of well-being – even with high visitor frequencies.

Well-established in the event sector, QDOS Event Hire provides high-quality temporary accommodation, welfare and toilet facilities for some of the UK’s most prestigious events, films and TV shows, including Chelsea Flower Show, Goodwood and Wimbledon. The company also provides solutions for smaller events and activities, working with event organisers, production companies and sporting bodies to supply high-quality cabins, restrooms, modular buildings and washrooms.

When it comes to the discharge of black and grey waste, QDOS has opted to use Saniflo pumps and lifting stations to ensure that the bathroom experience is a pleasant one for event attendees. For single WCs and accessible toilets, the Sanibest Pro is used and provides a durable unit for heavy use, and commercial applications. It takes waste from both the WC and a basin and is simple to install, maintain and uninstall at the end of the event.  For larger applications, such as toilet blocks and showers, a Sanicubic lifting station takes waste from varied appliances thanks to its multiple connection points and large capacity. In the run up to the festive season, QDOS has installed 12 Sanicubics to take the waste away from the WC blocks at Glasgow’s Winterfest. The Sanicubics are installed inside waterproof boxes with plenty of insulation to prevent frost regression. 

Bathroom Review Qdos Saniflo

QDOS has been using Saniflo products for many years and sources them from Richmond’s; a local plumbing merchant. Jonathan Reid is a Regional Manager for QDOS and oversees the installation of event facilities on site;

“Using Saniflo products at events is a no-brainer. Our staff are extremely experienced in installing them, so it’s a no hassle solution for us and ensures customers have better facilities at an event. Our latest product is a ‘Changing Places’ accessible toilet block. Saniflo macerators are perfect for these units because we keep the whole modular unit low to the ground for the ramp, but we still have to pump waste away up and into a holding tank.” 

For some events, the QDOS team is able to connect the Saniflo products to an on-site sewer, but in the majority of cases, a storage tank is used, which is regularly emptied by a specialist waste removal business. 

“Alternative solutions, such as composting toilets are useful in low volume applications, but QDOS tends to supply for large scale events, so we need solutions for bigger units and therefore more waste. The Sanicubic is a standout product for such events – it is powerful enough to cope with frequent use.  We always choose the Saniflo brand because the products are exceptional quality, extremely robust and very powerful. They just don’t let us down.”

For more information on Saniflo waste discharge solutions please visit or call the in-house technical team on 020 8842 0033 who can advise on rates, flows and volumes. 

TV and radio presenter Helen Skelton has teamed up with the design experts at online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum to reveal how to create an artistic and whimsical bathroom for young adults.

As a former youth TV presenter, Helen knows a thing or two about inspiring young people to achieve their ambitions and has used this knowledge to help create a bathroom space that will offer a relaxing retreat from the everyday pressures of modern life.

From an on-trend style to choosing the right shower, follow Helen’s top tips below and create the perfect bathroom space for young adults.

Danish Pastels for a Scandi-infused space

One of the big bathroom trends this year has seen Danish Pastels – Scandi-influenced light, candy-coloured pinks, mint greens and sky blue shade – become really popular.

Introducing these tones through your bathroom will create a bright and optimistic space with a contemporary, feminine theme.

Complement these shades with brushed brass, in the form of taps and accessories to further elevate your décor.

A contemporary bathroom suite

Establishing a clean, contemporary look, your choice of bathroom suite is crucial to the overall feel of your bathroom.

Instead of the traditional pedestal-type bathroom sink, opt for a wall hung vanity unit and countertop basin. A pink-coloured basin adds a bright, colourful touch which complements the tiles and upper walls, and, when contrasting against the white of the vanity unit, it really pops. This set-up is highly contemporary, bringing that home spa feel to your bathroom.

To complete your countertop basin installation, opt for a brushed brass high rise basin mixer tap. New metallics like this are very much on-trend, lifting the overall look of your décor and allowing you to continue the theme with accessories and other brassware.

Luxurious walk-in showers

For those young adults constantly on the go, a walk in shower is the perfect solution. With a simple glass screen, as opposed to doors, frames and moving parts, it’s easy to maintain with just an occasional wipe down. However, it’s not all about upkeep…

From a stylistic point of view, the fluted glass gives you that extra touch of privacy whilst providing an intriguing tactile surface. If chrome seems a bit boring, brushed brass offers a quite stunning alternative for your bathroom – this is the perfect material choice for your shower mixer system.

While a wet room style design, which allows the striking patterned floor tiles to flow right to the wall, you could save money by choosing a conventional shower tray instead. Shower wall panels also offer a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to tiles.

Spacious storage

Whether its talking skincare, haircare, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, they all need somewhere to live in your bathroom, which is why clever storage spaces are key.

A vanity unit kills two birds with one stone, providing a countertop for your basin but also giving you ample storage with two spacious drawers. The style is sleek and contemporary with handle-less drawers and an easy-clean gloss white finish.

To keep things in order, why not invest in some small, clear plastic containers (so you can see exactly what each one contains) and compartmentalise your drawers.

No bathroom should be without two essential items: clean towels and spare toilet rolls. This where a tall storage cabinet comes into its own, making great use of wall space and providing you with a place to hide away potentially messy, clutter-inducing things.

Floating shelves can be purchased for relatively little and provide a quick and easy place to store those items you don’t mind showing off. Finally, for every fresh towel, there’s a used towel – a simple laundry basket will give you somewhere nice and neat to dump these.

Walls and floors

One of the key aspects of this bathroom is the careful choice of floor and wall coverings. This space is all about expressing yourself creatively, which is why we’ve taken a maximalist approach to colours and patterns.

“Pattern Drenching”, which involves using several different patterns in the one space, is a growing interior design trend that’ll really add some drama to your bathroom.

Finishing touches

Now comes the really fun part: accessorising! First off, let’s start off with mirrors. Whilst they perform a vital function, reflecting light and making your space feel bigger, they also need to suit your needs.

It’s always wise to place a mirror above your sink area. Opt for a large, illuminated mirror with demister. And, what bathroom routine would be complete without some tunes? Thanks to a built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your latest playlist as you get ready.

An additional “leaner” mirror will not only make a style statement, but also allow you to check your outfit is just right before you head out the door.

Consider too smaller accessories, including the robe hook and towel holders. If you’ve opted for brushed brass with your shower fittings, use the same choice with these fixtures for a consistent look.

To view Helen’s full ‘Get the Look’ style guide, visit:

Bathroom solutions manufacturer Ideal Standard International has been awarded a ‘Silver Medal’ by EcoVadis in recognition of its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The provider of business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis, put the company in the top 25% of more than 85,000 to be evaluated globally using its independent assessment platform, which covers the four holistic areas of environment, ethics, sustainable procurement, and labour and human rights.

The report highlights a particular strength in the environment and sustainable procurement areas. It positions Ideal Standard in the top 15% of its industry in what is only its first assessment by EcoVadis.

The silver medal follows on from the business publishing its first sustainability report, Together for a Better Future [], in March, outlining a series of targets in areas like decarbonisation, recycling, health and safety at work and equality of opportunity. The document set out Ideal Standard’s belief in transparency in its sustainability practices and made a commitment to quantified targets in areas like carbon footprint, plastic packaging reduction and use of timber from sustainable sources.

Jan Peter Tewes, CEO of Ideal Standard International, said: “This is the latest in a series of achievements by Ideal Standard as we fulfil our commitment to sustainable operations and responsible business practices as outlined in our comprehensive ESG Strategy.

“We have said for many years now that the way we do business is every bit as important as the business we do, and our participation in the EcoVadis assessment is another example of our desire to do the right thing and to be transparent about it too. We are particularly pleased that our environmental performance was deemed ‘advanced’, validating our dedication to integrate sustainability principles in our entire business.”

Bathroom Review Ecovadis Ideal Standard

The EcoVadis rating recognises Ideal Standard’s ambitious sustainability commitments, practices and achievements, including the removal of all single use plastic from its packaging, the publication of independently verified Environmental Product Declarations for more than 4500 individual products and the implementation of sustainability criteria in its product development stages using the company’s new EcoLogic approach.

The assessment report also provides specific recommendations for maintaining and improving the score for the following year.

Fatima Mimoumi, the group ESG Director at Ideal Standard, said: “This achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and efforts of the entire Ideal Standard team, whose collaboration and commitment to their daily work helped us achieve this important goal.

“We also thank our customers and business partners for their support and trust. It is a collective achievement that spurs us on to continue improving good sustainability practices.

“Our EcoVadis assessment has provided us with many recommendations that we will be prioritising and implementing over the coming years as we aim to better our outcomes in future assessments.”

For more information about our sustainability programme, visit the website:  A detailed summary of this year’s achievements and upcoming plans will be available in the new 2023 sustainability report, due to be published in the first quarter of 2024.

The countdown is on to find the next rising star when it comes to female installers as there’s just a few days left to enter the 2024 HIP Female Skills Competition, an event that celebrates and supports the next generation of female talent in the plumbing and heating industry.

For the second year in a row, bathroom brand, GROHE, will be the headline sponsor of the GIVE (GROHE Installer Vocational Training and Education) Program. Alongside providing valuable skills and encouraging young professionals to the industry, the GIVE Program wishes to excite and encourage more women into profession to help bridge the gender gap within the field. It’s been found through recent studies, that less than 3%[1] of the 150,000+[2] UK plumbers are female, showcasing a startling reality.

Level 2 and 3 plumbing & heating learners have until midnight, Thursday 30th November, to secure their spot at this industry-leading event, which is expanding its reach from two to three regions across the UK. The competition offers female learners the opportunity to compete in a live practical installation, showcasing their skills and competing for impressive prizes, including GROHE best-sellers.

Having nominated Macmillan Cancer Support as its Charity of the Year, PJH, the bathroom, appliance, sink & tap distributor, has successfully passed the halfway point of its ambitious £10,000 fundraising goal, with an amazing £6,136 raised!

Thanks to incredible staff support and motivation, PJH has doubled the amount raised since the summer (£3,000 was the total in September), by way of a Three Peaks Challenge, Macmillan Coffee Mornings and a Funday held at the PJH Cannock Distribution Centre.

Bathroom Review PJH Macmillan 3 Peaks

PJH pledges to match the £10,000 goal once this target has been achieved, and staff throughout PJH’s UK network are demonstrating extraordinary dedication in their fundraising efforts, determined to exceed the target and make an impact in its support of this worthy charity.

Taking on the challenge of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, six PJH colleagues successfully covered an impressive 24 miles including 5,200ft of ascent. Conquering the Yorkshire Dales peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, the team finished in high spirits, delighted in raising vital funds for Macmillan.

Meanwhile, numerous Macmillan Coffee Mornings took place across a number of PJH sites where staff got baking plenty of Bakewell tarts, chocolate brownies and Victoria sponges, washed down with a good cuppa! PJH’s Head of Retail Customer Experience, Brett Jenkinson even dug out his pinny for the special occasion to serve refreshments to the whole office at Cannock!

Colleagues at Cannock also took the fundraising one step further by enhancing their coffee morning with the addition of a full range of fun-filled activities throughout the day to raise yet more funds. From sponsored leg waxes to a Tombola, and Medieval Stocks to raffles, staff went all out to get the donations rolling in.      

Katy Burns, PJH’s HR Business Partner, said: “We chose Macmillan as the 2023/24 PJH charity of the year, as it is such an amazing organisation that makes a huge difference to the lives of millions of people affected by cancer. All PJH fundraising events present the opportunity to raise awareness of the Macmillan Cancer Support charity and communicate the incredibly important work it does in supporting people affected by cancer. PJH colleagues have really got behind so many fundraising activities so I’m sure we’ll smash our target!”

For further information on Macmillan Cancer Care, visit, and for PJH, visit , or call, T: 0800 8 77 88 99.

Hotel design is all about creating memorable experiences, and this is exactly what LAUFEN showcased at HIX 2023 at London’s Business Design Centre in November.  

Show visitors had the rare opportunity to view a product in development as LAUFEN presented its new shower system prototype. Designed in collaboration with Andreas Dimitriadis of Platinum Design, the shower system offers the ultimate spa experience to hotel guests thanks to a 12-inch touchscreen display integrated into the shower for the first time. Guests can use the touchscreen to easily select their preferred temperature, pressure and water flow, and shower head choice. The screen sits within a horizontal wall panel containing a display of tile lights and an illuminated storage niche. What’s more, developers are planning an option for hotel operators that would allow them to display information on the screen.

Enhanced wellness with the new Val bath

LAUFEN has a long and successful partnership with German designer Konstantin Grcic, who created the iconic circular Val bath, among other designs. Now, they have joined forces again to design a new version of the Val bath that harnesses the power of light and colour to promote well-being and bring chromotherapy – traditionally offered by hotel spas – into the guest bathroom to enhance the user’s experience.

The redesigned model has a translucent structure through which an LED panel projects different light settings according to mood. By using the remote control, the bather can easily select from nine different pre-set moods, such as desert, ocean and forest, or adjust the intensity and colour of the light according to their preference.

For the first time in the UK, LAUFEN presented elements of its new MEDA collection (pictured top), part of a series of solutions for hotel bathrooms. Created by Swiss designer Peter Wirz for LAUFEN, MEDA perfectly embodies the functionality and attention to detail reminiscent of Swiss design. The washbasins, for example, have right angles and straight lines on the outside, but inside feature softly rounded corners. This makes them both pleasing to the eye and easy to clean.

Another highlight of MEDA is that its wall-mounted WC is the first model to incorporate LAUFEN’s new Silent Flush technology. This technology utilises vortex flushing to create a powerful whirlpool action that effectively removes waste from the bowl. Silent Flush consumes less water than traditional flushing systems, and, as the name implies, it operates virtually silently. This is a perfect solution for hotel bedrooms, as guests are less likely to disturb their partner if using the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

MEDA’s complete ceramics, baths, brassware and furniture collection will be launched in the UK and Ireland in Q1 2024.