What better place to entertain friends and family than in the sunlit hills of Spain’s idyllic coastline? This holiday villa is a Mediterranean sanctuary with enviable views of the sea and surrounding landscape. Natural light streams through every space, with large windows framing the picturesque scenery and bringing the coastline indoors.

The spacious bathrooms are central to the villa’s luxurious atmosphere, featuring Drummonds fittings throughout. Each of the seven spectacular bedrooms enjoys its own private en suite, showcasing the timeless craftsmanship of classic bathroom design.

Whilst the other six bedrooms burst with colour and texture, the master suite creates a calming atmosphere with subtle neutral hues. The unique stone, which resembles bamboo, was sourced in Belgium and needed delicate handling and installation. The result, however, was well worth it. The owners couldn’t be happier with the space they have created, “At night, with subtle lighting and candlelight, it creates a very calming and romantic feel.”

After a four-year development programme, Schlüter-Systems has welcomed customers to the company’s impressive new 980 sq m extension at Coalville, Leicestershire, which includes a gallery with 24 displays, a training facility, and 682 sq m of warehouse space along with administrative support offices.

At the open evening, guests saw company directors Marc and Udo Schlüter, whose father Werner founded the company in 1966, cutting the traditional ribbon and listened to a speech from UK MD, Joachim Backes, where he explained, “This milestone aligns seamlessly with Schlüter’s vision to extend our reach to more installers. It underscores Schlüter’s unwavering commitment to training installers across our organisation. Our aim is, and has always been, to exceed expectations by providing the best possible solutions for tile and stone applications”.

After the presentations, guests were invited to explore the new facilities alongside rugby World Cup-winning rugby captain, Martin Johnson, who hosted a Q&A session. A band and magician provided the ongoing entertainment during the evening.

Bathroom-Review-Schluter-Systems-Coalville-HQ Opening

For further information, call 01530 813396 or visit

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) has announced that Jo Salter, motivational speaker and former Royal Air Force pilot, will deliver a keynote address on “The Growth Mindset” at the upcoming Annual Conference.

The BMA’s Annual Conference, scheduled for September 16th and 17th at the prestigious Queens Hotel in Leeds, will feature thought-provoking keynote talks, panel discussions, and networking opportunities centred around the theme of ‘building growth.’ Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and strategies for driving innovation and success in the bathroom manufacturing industry.

Jo Salter’s remarkable journey, from being the first female fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force to her illustrious career in business and advocacy, makes her the perfect speaker to discuss the theme of ‘building growth.’ Her inspirational story of overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities embodies the very essence of the growth mindset.

After joining the RAF at the age of 18, Jo Salter defied expectations by earning her wings to pilot jet aircraft in 1992. Throughout her military career, she shattered barriers and rose to the rank of Flight Lieutenant, earning the title of the first female fast jet pilot. Since then, Jo has transitioned into the business world, holding leadership positions in various organisations and making significant contributions to sectors such as technology and investments.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Jo Salter is a passionate advocate for social causes, serving as a Trustee of The Royal Air Force Club and an Ambassador of the Global Angels charity. Her commitment to empowering women and youth aligns perfectly with the values of the BMA and its members.

“We are thrilled to have Jo Salter join us as our expert motivational speaker for this year’s Annual Conference,” said Tom Reynolds, Chief Executive of the BMA. “Her remarkable journey and dedication to growth and empowerment will undoubtedly inspire our attendees and spark meaningful conversations about the future of our industry.

“Following the success of last year’s conference, we are confident to be delivering another valuable two days of informed sessions and discussions for our members in 2024.”

For more information about the BMA’s Annual Conference and to register, please visit the Industry Conference 2024 website.

KEUCO products offer excellent design, ease-of-use, and technical sophistication, with innovations that aid daily living – are visually appealing with technically superb features. The new dispenser is ideal for both liquid and foam soap as well as liquid sanitiser. The new sensor-activated dispenser was developed with aesthetic appeal and innovative technology.

The wall-mounted, electronic PLAN sensor dispenser combines sophisticated style with state-of-the-art hygiene convenience. The chosen hygiene fluid is added directly into the generous 1.1-litre container. This reduces the number of manual re-filling operations which is an important benefit, especially in buildings such as hotels or healthcare facilities.

The KEUCO touch-free sensor dispenser in chrome, aluminium, stainless steel finish or modern matt black, complements the extensive range of accessories in the PLAN series. This range offers a variety of different solutions for private and hotel bathrooms as well as public sanitary areas. With its sophisticated aesthetics, maximum functionality and outstanding quality, the PLAN range has become a sought-after modern classic among architects, planners and plumbers.

The sensor is user-friendly it triggers the dispensing of a preset amount when the hand is held underneath. The portion quantities of liquid or foam soap as well as liquid disinfectant are adjustable to prevent wastage and ensure economical consumption. The interval for dispensing is also adjustable, and when set in the cleaning mode, the unit and the surrounding area can be cleaned for at least 10 seconds without triggering.

There are two electronic operating options for the PLAN hygiene dispenser: via batteries or with a flush-mounted power supply unit. Both have an LED display for the fill level as well as the battery capacity. The LED fill level indicator lights up green when the device is ready for operation and it flashes red if the fluid needs refilling. The battery indicator works in the same way. A matching drip tray is available as an optional accessory for the dispenser.

Bathroom-Review-KEUCO_PLAN hygiene dispenser

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) has released its latest research findings, revealing previously unseen insights into the intimate area of UK adults’ bathroom habits.

Key findings from the study include:

Toilet Habits:

  • Men use toilet paper less frequently than women. On average, women use 6.1 sheets of toilet paper per use. However, when men do use toilet paper, they use more per visit, averaging 7.5 sheets.
  • 3 out of every 50 of us don’t wash our hands after a toilet visit at home.
  • 1 in 25 of our toilet visits need a little extra help to clear the pan, with men particularly fond of the double flush.  

Bath Utilisation:

  • Despite the prevalence of baths in 87% of households, nearly a third remain unused.
  • Reading a book and catching up with social media are our two favourite bathtime activities.

Water Wastage:

  • 3 out of 5 participants admitted to leaving the tap running while washing hands, with 42% doing so while brushing their teeth.
  • More than 2 in 5 leave the tap running while brushing their teeth.

Showering Preferences:

  • Women like their showers hot. While most people favour maintaining a consistent shower temperature, the study suggests that 19 out of 50 women opt to increase the temperature during their showers.

Technology in the Bathroom:

  • People are turning their back on tech in the bathroom. Despite the digitalisation of modern life, only 13% would desire more technology in their bathrooms. Instead, the majority sought a tranquil sanctuary without external distractions, focusing on water-saving innovations rather than intrusive gadgets.

The study, supported by Professor Ian Walker of the School of Psychology at Swansea University, embarked on a journey to unravel the mysteries behind the bathroom door. Focusing on daily routines and behaviours, the research aimed to uncover why we engage in certain practices and the underlying factors that drive our actions, particularly concerning water-saving habits.

Many bathroom habits are deeply rooted in childhood, forming subconscious routines that persist into adulthood. However, installing a new bathroom presents a unique opportunity for behaviour change, disrupting established patterns and paving the way for adopting more sustainable practices.

Reflecting on wasteful bathroom habits, participants cited deep-seated routines and prioritisation of personal well-being as primary drivers, indicating a reluctance to modify behaviours despite acknowledging their environmental impact.

As the study drew to a close, participants were tasked with envisioning “the perfect bathroom,” revealing emerging design trends such as black brassware, botanical accents, and thoughtful lighting arrangements.

Commenting on the findings, the BMA’s research manager, Jane Blakeborough, remarked, “Our research offers insights into the complexities of human behaviour within the private realm of the bathroom. By understanding the motivations behind our habits, we can create more sustainable and satisfying spaces that harmonise with our lifestyle needs.”

The comprehensive report, enriched by Professor Walker’s expertise and real-world observations, promises to inform future strategies for promoting water conservation and enhancing bathroom design.

An overview of the research findings is available here.

Behind the bathroom door

Where can brass be used in the bathroom, and what do you need to know?

Brass is one of the oldest materials used in bathrooms and can be used almost anywhere – with care and attention. If the finish is natural brass – an unlacquered finish – it will need polishing and buffing regularly if you want to keep its lustrous shine. Natural brass can be left to patina down over time. Without polishing or surface care the shiny surface will develop its own character depending upon the environment.

When buying brass products, or products described as brass, always check whether they are actual brass, or brass-plated and whether they have been lacquered or unlacquered (sometimes called live or living brass). Lacquered or plated brass finishes may cause problems over time as the lacquer or plating can be removed or damaged by cleaning. This can lead to spotting or an uneven surface and can be difficult to rectify. Natural brass, however, can always be returned to a beautifully polished finish with the use of a brass cleaner and a little elbow grease.

Do they come in different shades or different qualities? Will it be patina, etc?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and the different levels of each material may lead to slight differences in shading. The differences are mainly down to the use of the material, whether it will be cast or bent, and the different amount of elements that can affect its use.

Pictured is the Marlborough cloakroom basin with taps in polished brass. The taps retail at £405 inc. VAT, while the basin shown retails £465 inc. VAT.

For further information on Thomas Crapper and its range of brass products, please visit

About Thomas Crapper

Thomas Crapper & Co. is a renowned British manufacturer specializing in high-quality bathroom fixtures and fittings. Established in the late 19th century by Thomas Crapper himself, the company has since become synonymous with excellence in bathroom design and craftsmanship. With a commitment to both tradition and innovation, Thomas Crapper continues to produce a wide range of products, from classic toilets and basins to modern fixtures that blend timeless aesthetics with contemporary functionality. Their dedication to quality materials and meticulous attention to detail has earned them a reputation as a trusted provider of premium bathroom solutions, serving both residential and commercial clients worldwide. Today, Thomas Crapper remains a prestigious name in the industry, reflecting a legacy of excellence that spans over a century.

Leading global brand Grohe has revealed its strategic roadmap for the forthcoming fiscal year, which includes its anticipated return to ISH in March 2025. Additionally, Grohe has disclosed its membership in influential organisations such as VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association Germany). Grohe’s decision to withdraw from ISH in 2021 was due to health and safety concerns amidst the pandemic.

Bijoy Mohan, LIXIL International’s leader, affirms, “Our roadmap for the upcoming fiscal year reflects our unwavering commitment to our consumers and customers, product leadership, and organisational excellence. A first highlight was our recent presence at Milan Design Week where we showcased the pinnacle of our portfolio with GROHE SPA.

“Through product innovations and collaborations with key industry partners, we are confident in our ability to drive sustainable growth, delivering value to our customers and stakeholders alike, empowering them to thrive in a dynamic market environment. In the face of challenging global market conditions, our international business, especially in Europe, experienced a notable slowdown in demand throughout the year. To address these unprecedented challenges head-on, we have implemented strategic measures for the GROHE brand and the European market. We are confident that these proactive initiatives will not only mitigate the impact of adverse market conditions but also enhance our profitability throughout the fiscal year ending March 2025.”

During the fiscal year 2024 (April 1st, 2023 – March 31st, 2024), the LIXIL EMEA region witnessed a 17% decline in sales on a local currency basis. To enhance customer engagement and foster sales growth for its Grohe brand, LIXIL has implemented a new regional structure to address varied market demands and conditions effectively.

Since April 1st 2024, the EMENA region was split in two: Europe and IMEA, comprising India & Subcontinent, the Middle East, including Turkey, and the entire African continent. According to Grohe, this strategic reorganisation will enable better customer support across Europe, IMEA, and beyond. Plus, it opens up chances for growth in the IMEA region beyond the Grohe brand, showing how LIXIL aims to expand and reach more markets.

Duravit is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Starck Barrel with a re-interpretation using c-bonded technology to produce a more modern look without losing any of the key characteristics of the original.

The colour variants extend to the wash bowls, with matt and gloss black introduced and a wide range of furniture handle colour options that can be coordinated with the taps.

The Starck barrel is available as a vanity unit in barrel form, 560 mm diameter (c-bonded variant), and in ceramic colours – White, White Satin Matt, Black, and Matt Black.

All washbasins feature the dirt- and bacteria-resistant ceramic glaze HygieneGlaze® Plus. This is fired into the ceramic washbasin as standard and makes cleaning easier.

Furniture lacquers span from classic to contemporary with options like High Gloss White, Nordic White Satin Matt, and Night Blue Satin Matt. Each hue brings its own style, offering versatility to match any bathroom design. The handle finishes include Chrome, Polished Gold, and Brushed Bronze, bringing style and functionality to any space.

About Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck, a renowned French designer known for his iconic creations, has left an indelible mark on the world of design with his innovative approach and distinctive style. Among his notable contributions is the Duravit Starck Barrel, a revolutionary bathroom fixture that redefines luxury and functionality.

Made using broken and discarded ceramics, along with other waste materials from the manufacturing process that would typically end up in landfill, VitrA’s ceramic washbasin, which is fully recycled apart from the glaze, will be on display at VitrA London during Clerkenwell Design Week (21 – 23 May 2024).

The recycled washbasin comes in five models: the natural form of the Pebble, the geometric shapes of both the Square and Circle, the distinctive outline of the ‘TV’ and the fluid silhouette of the Oval. All basins are rendered in a textured, matt clay in taupe.

With sustainability at the forefront of people’s minds when choosing which products and brands to work with, the recycled ceramic washbasin embodies the principles of circular manufacturing, where waste becomes a valuable resource. A life cycle assessment found that the production of the recycled washbasin minimises VitrA’s environmental impact on fossil fuel usage and global warming by a significant 30% per product.**

VitrA says it is redefining what an environmentally conscious manufacturing process looks like, motivated by a genuine commitment to conserving natural resources and protecting ecosystems.

Bathroom Review VitrA 100% Recycled washbasin

Production savings per recycled washbasin stand at over 30% in terms of both raw material savings and savings in electricity usage. Every detail, down to the packaging – a 100% recycled box, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – demonstrates VitrA’s commitment to reducing waste where possible and conserving natural resources. Moreover, thanks to careful design, the product’s durability has not been compromised, with the recycled washbasin meeting FFC body and semi-vitrified body conditions, in terms of deformation, water absorption, and fired strength.

Gökçe Ersel Ötkün, head of sustainability at VitrA, comments: “The launch of the 100%* recycled ceramic washbasin marks a turning point for the brand and the industry at large. Being the first in the industry to devise such a product demonstrates VitrA’s wholehearted commitment to delivering on its promises to champion sustainable design. We’re so excited to be on this sustainability journey, and feel this product is a significant step forward.”

Eczacıbaşı Building Products’ CEO Özgen Özkan highlighted VitrA’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the ceramic sector, stating, “by integrating circular design principles and innovative business models, we’ve begun repurposing waste from our ceramic sanitary ware production. This approach allows us to conserve natural resources, reduce environmental impacts, and cut carbon dioxide emissions, all while managing costs and material constraints more effectively. Our 100%* recycled washbasin embodies our dedication to resource efficiency, waste reduction, and a stronger circular economy.”

For more information, please visit

  *The entire basin is produced from nearly 100% recycled waste materials that are generated and disposed of during the ceramic sanitaryware manufacturing process.  ** The life cycle assessment was conducted internally by VitrA

RAK Ceramics is opening its London Design Hub doors for three days of inspiration, networking and fun during Clerkenwell Design Week 2024.

RAK Ceramics is set to deliver a packed itinerary of events and activities throughout the three-day event from May 21st to 23rd, offering guests to 100 St John Street a unique blend of creativity, innovation. A cocktail hour on the first day will set the stage for a series of interactive experiences, including clay sculpture and dried flower arranging workshops for invited guests. These hands-on activities provide visitors with a chance to unleash their creativity and connect with fellow design enthusiasts.

The Design Hub will also host live cooking demonstrations, where visitors can witness the versatility of CookingRAK, recently awarded with the RedDot Award in the Best of the Best and in the Product innovation categories. Guests will have the opportunity to sample delicious dishes while learning about RAK Ceramics’ innovative kitchen solutions.

Throughout the event, RAK Ceramics will showcase a range of products, including its renowned Designer Collections for the bathroom and an extensive selection of surfaces for interiors and outdoor spaces. Product debuts at CDW will include new stainless steel RAK-Ingot washbasins, available in four shapes and three finishes, designed for seamless integration with RAK Ceramics accessories, mirrors, and taps.

RAK Ceramics’ involvement with Clerkenwell Design Week will culminate with an Arabian-themed party on the last evening, featuring cocktails, an indoor barbecue, and live music. This closing celebration will offer guests a chance to relax, network, and reflect on the week.

Join RAK Ceramics at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 – visit the Design Hub at 100 St John Street, EC1M 4EH and explore the latest trends in ceramics, surfaces, and kitchen innovation.

Contact: RAK Ceramics UK, 01730 237850,