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Turkish conglomerate Eczacıbaşı Group’s leading brand, VitrA, and British designer Tom Dixon have unveiled an installation at INTERNI CROSS VISION 70, which is set to define the trend for future sustainable design.

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of Interni Magazine and titled “Re-Ceramic”, the installation explores the critical theme of waste reuse and recycling. Tom Dixon explains, This installation is a narrative journey through the recycling process. Utilizing the casting technique, we immerse the viewer in the transformative journey of ceramics from ‘primordial mud’ to durable, functional art.”

The world’s first washbasin crafted from almost 100% recycled materials

The ‘Liquid’ line of sanitaryware is a centrepiece of the exhibition; this revolutionary product line was developed to almost entirely utilise recycled ceramic waste, representing a significant leap in sustainable design. VitrA says this approach not only showcases its commitment to environmental stewardship but also sets a new standard for the industry.

Tom Dixon was awarded an OBE for his services to British design, and VitrA’s shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design excellence is evident in this collaboration. The Liquid line reflects respect for natural resources.

Design community invited to Interni Cross Vision 70 to experience the best in design

INTERNI CROSS VISION 70 offers a platform to explore the symbiotic relationship between industrial innovation and artisanal tradition, themes that are deeply embedded in the Italian design ethos.

The exhibition celebrates the power of design to address complex global challenges, such as the climate crisis, through creative and technological innovation.

As the design community gathers in Milan to explore the future of architecture, design, and art, VitrA and Tom Dixon’s installation blurs the boundaries between art and industrial manufacturing to showcase the transformative power of design. By challenging conventional practices and embracing circular economy principles, Re-ceramic not only represents a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable design but also ignites a conversation about the role of design in addressing some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

For more information about the recycled washbasin, please visit Recycled Washbasin (vitraglobal.com)

*The entire basin is produced from nearly 100% recycled waste materials generated and disposed of during the ceramic sanitaryware manufacturing process.

Producers and society as a whole share a responsibility to achieve a sustainable future in terms of the manufacture and consumption of products for our homes. Vasco has committed to this goal with their collection of aluminium radiators and recycling processes, enabling customers to feel assured they are purchasing responsibly.

The majority of Vasco radiators are made entirely of lightweight, highly resistant, recycled aluminium. Stable, flexible and with a solid profile, aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity for optimal heat dissipation. All the aluminium radiators are manufactured with a patented press connection. After this, they receive a cataphoretic primer, which protects against any form of corrosion; finally, they are electrostatically coated with a high-quality epoxy-polyester powder coating.

If you are looking for the perfect fusion between heating and design, aluminium comes close. An aluminium radiator saves a lot of energy, conducting heat up to four times more efficiently than any other radiator, quickly bringing any room up to temperature, and using up to five times less water content. It works excellently on low temperature systems including solar and condensing boilers. It scores highly in terms of sustainability because aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly while retaining its specific properties. It is rust-free, making it ideal for a humid environment such as the bathroom, and particularly practical, being three times lighter than steel. Vasco aluminium radiators can be easily attached to any wall, require a minimum amount of space and are easy to install.

The aluminium collection of radiators delivers unique technical advantages, including excellent heat conduction, high output in low-temperature systems, light material and eye-catching designs – as well as being sustainable.

Vasco’s innovative portfolio has been honoured with internationally renowned design awards, such as the iF award, which combines energy-efficient heating and functionality into state-of-the-art design suitable for all rooms within the home or commercial environment. Comfortable, stylish design combined with sustainable manufacturing to deliver an innovative 360 degrees approach.

Vasco Electric Radiators

The 100% recycled aluminium radiator collection includes Alu-Zen, Oni, Beams, Bryce, Mono and Zaros. These radiators save energy in 3 ways:

Fast reaction time – The core of an aluminium radiator contains only two litres of water, whereas a classic radiator will easily contain ten litres. As a direct result, an aluminium radiator will react almost instantly to the heating temperature set on the thermostat, yielding a much higher efficiency.

Maximum heat output – The optimal conductivity characteristics of aluminium radiators ensure maximum heat output, even in low temperature systems. A low water temperature setting automatically reduces energy consumption.

Excellent radiation heat – The optimum combination of convection and radiant heat in aluminium radiators creates a comfortable feeling of warmth in the room.

Stylish and beautiful to look at, Vasco designer radiators are available in 56 contemporary colours, including the Noble colours: Pink, Silver, Pearl Beige, Gold Curry and Bronze. Finding the perfect accent or statement colour designer radiators has never been easier and with optional complementing towel rails available in a variety of colours and styles, demonstrating the perfect blend of design and functionality.

Vasco process, melt and extrude aluminium waste to create unique new designer radiators, such as the aluminium Oni and Beams Mono collections, which are also available as electronic versions -EL. These provide an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution to traditional hydronic heating solutions and save money as they operate on a Plug & Plays-system which is not linked to a central heating installation. Both meet strict European Ecodesign standards for electrical appliances.

Bathroom manufacturer VitrA made its return to Kbb Birmingham 2024 this week and used the event to showcase its sanitaryware, brassware and bathroom furniture designs.

Vitra’s diverse portfolio includes popular lines like Sento, Valarte, and Root ranges, along with VitrA tiles and a host of new launches. A contemporary new addition is the M-Line range of furniture and washbasins. Drawing inspiration from urban aesthetics, the simple designs integrate various forms, colours, and sizes to create versatile bathroom spaces.

M-Line Collection

The M-Line Collection offers two styles: M-Line Edge and M-Line Pure. M-Line Edge features distinctive detailing and includes washbasin, tall, and mirror cabinets in walnut, black oak, and light oak finishes. Its mirrored cabinets include built-in sensor lights and storage options.

M-Line Pure is available in gloss white, matt light grey, and matt graphic. Embodying a relaxed design approach, the range comprises washbasin cabinets and tall cabinets and is available in white ceramic high gloss. A choice of sizes and configurations means there is something for everyone, whether traditional, natural or contemporary.

VitrA 100% Recycled Washbasin kbb 2024

Recycled washbasin

VitrA also revealed the world’s first 100% recycled ceramic washbasin. Manufactured from 100% recycled materials, the basins deliver a timely solution for briefs where sustainability is a key driver. Available in five different shapes, each has soft, curved edges in a matt clay beige finish to suit both commercial and residential spaces.

Suit Tap Collection

VitrA’s Suit Tap Collection offers bathroom fixtures in an exquisite colour palette designed to harmonize with any aesthetic. Taps and thermostatic showers are available with a side or top handle in chrome, glossy black, soft gold, and soft copper.

ViBox & frames

Designed with the installer in mind, VitrA’s V-Box and a new range of frames are easy-to-install behind-the-wall solutions. Simpler, smarter and flexible, V-Box is the ultimate concealed solution for built-in shower mixers. VitrA’s versatile frames and concealed cisterns make installing wall-hung and back-to-wall WCs simpler.

VitrA Tiles

VitrA Tiles showcased its latest products, colors, and trends in a dedicated space, offering a comprehensive ‘total-solution’ response.

Prior to the event, Steve Breen, managing director at VitrA, said: “We can’t wait for this year’s show, as we’ve got an amazing story to tell in terms of our new products and how we are working closer than ever with our independent retailers. Our stand has something for everyone. In addition to discovering our latest product launches, visitors can explore a wide number of roomsets, with a huge range of products expertly curated to meet a wide range of design choices. We also have an area dedicated to the more specific needs of the installer and housebuilder.”

For further information visit www.vitra.co.uk

Kaldewei is a brand known for its sustainability; all its products are 100% recyclable, and it is now manufacturing products from BlueMint steel, which reduces carbon emissions by 70%.  With shower trays providing such green credentials, the next logical step was to save energy and CO2 when showering, so during ISH, Kaldewei launched the Kaldewei shower channel with heat recovery system, the “FlowLine Heatrecovery” shower channel.

Up to 80 per cent of the hot water a home creates is used for showering, not heating.  Recently, the focus has been on developing ways to heat more efficiently and use less energy.   A massive quantity of hot water is wasted as it flows unused down the drain; the new Kaldewei “FlowLine Heatrecovery” shower channel uses heat from the shower water to preheat the cold fresh water on its way to the shower fitting.  A heat exchanger integrated into the waste ensures efficient heat recovery, so significantly less hot water needs to be added to guarantee a pleasantly warm shower temperature. In the spirit of sustainability, this saves energy, noticeably reduces costs and reduces the carbon footprint.

Bathroom Review Kaldewei water-saving shower technology


Manufacturing toilet paper consumes vast quantities of water and wood. Today, Duravit outlines the sustainable benefits of a shower toilet.

As people seek to live more mindfully, using fewer resources, the sustainable bathroom focuses on products that directly reduce water and energy consumption. In particular, the potential savings in the reduced use of toilet paper, which has a poor environmental footprint overall. In this case, going without doesn’t mean doing without. The shower-toilet cleans more gently, thoroughly, and sustainably than toilet paper. Additionally, it improves physical hygiene, is soothing on the skin, and leaves a feeling of pure freshness.

Poor environmental footprint of toilet paper

According to the WWF, some 26,000 trees around the world are destroyed every day to make toilet paper. Producers rely on fresh pulp to give consumers the high levels of comfort they demand. Made from spruce, birch, and eucalyptus trees it involves the clearance of large forested areas of Brazil, Chile, Canada, Russia, and Uruguay.

Chemicals are added during the water-intensive manufacturing process (approx. 50 liters of fresh water per kg of toilet paper) to make the paper especially soft and fragrant, or for patterns to be printed on the surface. After disposal, these substances pollute the water and the additives make them less recyclable. Moist toilet paper is even worse as it doesn’t dissolve well and causes significant problems for sewage works.

Some moist wipes contain micro-plastics, preservatives containing formaldehyde, and other chemical additives that both affect the environment, and can cause skin irritation. It is all compounded by issues from plastic waste from packaging, pollutants, and CO2 from transportation.

The shower-toilet as a sustainable alternative to toilet paper

The shower-toilet as a sustainable alternative to toilet paper The shower-toilet is a contemporary and sustainable
alternative to toilet paper. More practical than bidets, it combines the toilet and cleaning function in one – and models with a dryer enable drying afterwards. Saving a huge quantity of toilet paper in the long term, which benefits both the environment, your skin, and your wallet.

Cleaning with water is a more thorough and hygienic option than using paper. Conversely, the water consumption of one cleansing with a shower-toilet is just 0.35–0.6 liters per minute (depending on which intensity has been set). The system Duravit uses to warm the water is particularly energy efficient as warm water is only provided as demand requires.

SensoWash® Starck f offers hygienic comfort.

Simultaneously iconic and minimalistic, the SensoWash® Starck f shower-toilet is a synonym for contemporary, gentle, and flawless toilet hygiene.

It can be individually configured and optionally controlled using a remote control with the associated SensoWash® app. Individual user profiles can be loaded at any time.

The temperature of the water and the intensity of the shower flow can be fine-tuned to users’ specific requirements.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed thanks to technical finishing touches such as the motion sensor for automatic cover opening, user recognition in the seat, a range of configuration options for the seat heating, and the controllable warm-air dryer plus integrated nightlight. In addition, the SensoWash® Starck offers added-value for people with restricted mobility.

Pictured top – SensoWash®_Starck

Pictured bottom SensoWash®-D-Neo

WATERTRAIN® is a new flexible kit that speeds up the design process for tap manufacturers, providing all the required pipework for various tap shapes and sizes.

WATERTRAIN® is also pre-approved by IAPM and KIWA, saving manufacturers the time and cost of gaining individual product approvals and offering reassurance on quality.

Watertrain® is a standard polymer waterway that can be installed into taps of any shape or material, and it uses established technology that separates the tap body from water contact, preventing any migration of toxic metals from the faucet body into the drinking water. It provides the tap manufacturer with a safe, hygienic, flexible, and cost-efficient waterway from angle valve to aerator.

The polymer tubes can be cut to length to fit various sized tap bodies giving great flexibility and it enables the manufacturer to keep less stock by standardising components. There is no need for the additional cost of plastic moulding tools, due to the flexibility of the cut-to-length polymer tubes. They are also simple and fast to assemble using snap and push fit connections. This new Watertrain® will work on washbasin, kitchen or touchless taps and with a selection of Neoperl aerators offering optimised performance for stream pattern and flow rate.

Martin Doll, systems category manager at Neoperl said of this innovation “Watertrain® is a self-contained standalone waterway for faucets/taps. It is pre-approved by institutes so our manufacturer customers can use it for any taps that they are producing. They no longer need to seek separate approvals for hygienic drinking water or for the mechanical tests. So, it offers a full-service package for our customers and that’s very attractive. When demonstrated at the ISH trade show the response was tremendous.” 

Check out more details at https://www.neoperl.com/global/en/home/products/innovations/watertrain/  Another product solution exclusively from the Neoperl Group.

Impey, best known as one of the UK’s market-leading wetroom manufacturers, has announced the introduction of four new colours of drain top to their portfolio. The shades Gold, Anthracite, Bronze and Black, have been chosen to complement the brand’s Aqua-Dec EasyFit and Aqua-Dec Linear range of wetroom floor formers. The Allure collection and new Paragon drain tops will be available from September 2022, throughout the brand’s nationwide retailer network.

Impey is renowned for its portfolio of wetroom solutions including its Aqua-Dec wetroom floor formers with inbuilt drainage gradient. In addition to the popular Aqua-Dec range, Impey has released an eye-catching new selection of coloured drain tops that offer enhanced personalisation options and will fit both the linear and square style of wetroom floors. 

The new linear Allure range is available in both 600mm and 800mm sizes for the Aqua-Dec Linear floor formers. While the new square Allure range has been designed to fit the Aqua-Dec EasyFit.

In addition to the new colours, Impey will simultaneously launch two high-quality stainless steel drain tops ‘Paragon’ which will also be available in a brushed or polished finish. The pioneering new drain tops offer a minimalist aesthetic and customisation within any bathroom space.

Both the Allure collection and Paragon drain tops boast high flow rates, exceptional quality and are manufactured with a low carbon footprint.

Said Jessica Davis, Impey’s product manager, shower floors: “We are excited to launch the stunning Allure Collection and Paragon drain tops as an addition to our Aqua-Dec wetroom floor former drainage solutions. Giving specifiers and homeowners an opportunity to customise their wetrooms and coordinate perfectly with bathroom accessories or screen profiles. The colourful drain tops will sit alongside our existing wetroom floor former options and can be purchased as an upgrade to a complete wetroom solution or as a stand-alone item.”

Both new additions to Allure and Paragon are manufactured in the UK using locally sourced products and suppliers. Targeting sustainability, 100% of the packaging is recyclable cardboard and the Allure collection is PVD coated; the most energy-efficient coating process.

For more information on Allure or Paragon visit https://www.impeyshowers.com/wetroom-inspiration/impey-allure-collection/

Wetroom Drain Top

With nearly one-third of Europeans living in areas experiencing water strain, new and innovative solutions are required to transform how we use water in the home. GROHE’s water-recycling shower concept presents a vision of how the home can actively and positively shape our personal impact on the planet and its resources.

Droughts and water scarcity are becoming everyday challenges for people across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Almost 1 in 3 Europeans are affected by water strain in an average year. 11 out of the 17 most water-stressed countries in the world3 are in the Middle East and Africa.

In addition, water is the second biggest source of energy use in the home. Improved water efficiency cuts fossil fuel use, energy bills, and carbon emissions.

Consume less, enjoy more

GROHE’s circular solution cleanses, reheats, and reuses water in order to use only a quarter of the water and a third of the energy typically required by traditional showers, resulting into a cost-saving of up to 65% a year for a four-person household and up to 70% less CO2 emissions. This new technology has been designed to create the shower experience desired, but by using as little fresh water as possible.

Jonas Brennwald, Leader, LIXIL EMENA comments: “The water stress challenge is one of the biggest issues of our time. And there’s no alternative but to address it boldly – especially if water is core to your business. For our GROHE brand, combining ‘Pure Freude an Wasser’ with sustainability has always been integral to its DNA. We think the best way to help people save water, is by making products that they enjoy using and don’t compromise on comfort.”

“Looking at our professional partners, we believe the construction industry will need to meet ever more stringent standards as regulators look to build water security and consumers demand sustainable solutions. We will continue to invest in innovation to help our partners stay ahead of these trends and create the sustainable homes of the future,” Brennwald concludes.

How it works
The water-recycling shower concept divides the shower process into three parts allowing users to enjoy the experience, safe in the knowledge they are minimising waste.

1) First, users start the shower with fresh water, as with any regular shower.
2) Once finished using the shampoo or soap, the user can switch mode: The water collected in the
drain after switching is pumped into a circuit, maintaining the desired temperature, and hygienically
treating the water.
3) After use, cleaning takes place to prepare the shower for the next user.

Making water efficiency attractive
“It is our mission to provide state-of-the-art technologies for using water resources sustainably while
also creating additional environmental value for water. We already supply a wide range of taps, showers,
and toilets that help people use far less water at home without noticing they are doing so. In taps for
example, GROHE’s EcoJoy technology uses a flow limiter and an aerator which enriches the water with
air to create a voluminous experience using up to 50% less water. The new circulating shower solution
goes one step further – showing the enhanced savings that can be made by products which help
consumers actively make a sustainable choice every day.

“We are very much looking forward to the responses by our customers to the water-recycling shower concept and are working hard to bring it to market maturity soon,” says David Mainka, Leader Electronics, and Innovation R&D Fittings, LIXIL International.

As part of LIXIL’s strong brand portfolio, GROHE’s sustainability activities as well as product developments are embedded in LIXIL’s Environmental Vision which calls for Zero Carbon and Circular Living. Water sustainability is one of the focus areas here. The goal is to help people enjoy water while ensuring sustainable water use on a global scale to have a positive impact on the planet

Sustano is Duravit’s first recyclable DuraSolid® Nature shower tray. The shower trays feature a flat, rimless design for installation flush with the floor in conjunction with the integrated, flush outlet cover, they also come in a wide range of dimensions.

Additionally, the range has an attractive entry-level price and is offered in six colours making it especially suited to renovation projects.

DuraSolid® Nature

Created from recyclable mineral material, DuraSolid® Nature is low weight, adaptable and easy to cut on the construction site. The UV-resistant tray also has anti-slip properties built in to the matt surface versions.

As it is easy to install it is ideal for renovation projects where every millimeter matters in the installation of shower trays. With their extremely low installation height of just 30 mm, the self-supporting Sustano shower trays enable flush-mounted installation even in renovation projects with a low floor height.

Alternatively, they can be installed in floor-mounted or semi-recessed applications. Sustano boasts flexibility since 100 mm can be removed from each side of each shower tray, even on the construction site, making it simple to modify when necessary. Their low weight makes the Sustano trays easy to handle on the construction site, allowing them to be installed by one person.

Sustano shower trays are made from DuraSolid® Nature and have high surface hardness and density, making them durable and comparatively impervious to damage or soiling. A soft cloth with warm water or standard cleaning agent is all that is needed for cleaning.

The porefree surface creates a pleasantly warm, appealing feeling on the skin. The versions in matt colours feature a velvety surface, with a somewhat smoother surface feel than the glossy colours. The flat, easy-to-clean outlet cover with a lattice structure in the same colour as the shower tray integrates into the trays unobtrusively, in both visual and tactile terms. The cover is also optionally available in stainless steel.

Maximum safety and accessibility

The material’s special surface texture means that Sustano shower trays with a matt surface attain anti-slip class C with no additional coating. This is the highest classification for wet (barefoot) areas, like shower rooms, and thus guarantees maximum safety.

The surface of the glossy White variant is comparable to Duravit’s acrylic shower trays. The 1200 x 1200 mm flush-mounted Sustano model is also suitable for accessible bathrooms, even for wheelchair uses.

Versatile design options

The Sustano can be installed flush with the floor, semi-recessed, or on the floor tiles depending on structural factors and personal preference. The flush-mounted application is particularly impressive, as it lends itself to a seamless spaciousness. The elegant, calm design language of the shower tray is perfectly attuned to the contemporary bathroom.

Featuring 21 sizes, the ideal solution can be found for almost any new-build or renovation project. With five attractive matt colours – White Matt, Matt Crème, Matt Light Gray, Matt Greige, and Matt Dark Gray as well as a glossy White, Sustano offers a range of options to match the colour scheme of any bathroom.

Sustainable, recyclable material Duravit is mindful of the responsibility it bears when it comes to the environment, its employees, and future generations. A complete bathroom solutions provider, Duravit is committed to treating resources with respect and supplying products that are especially long-lasting and sustainable. “We live and breathe sustainability along our value-creation chain, with a clear focus on the four dimensions of water, resources, climate, and social commitment.

“Our actions – in all strategic areas – are being reviewed and optimized from the perspective of sustainability,” said CEO Stephan Tahy.

Thanks to their low weight, Sustano shower trays are lighter to transport, thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Even more important is the material’s durability and recyclability following the usage phase.

After the end of their useful life, Sustano shower trays made from DuraSolid® Nature can be returned either to Duravit or to a local recycling center to keep within the life-cycle principle. The recycled materials can be reused to manufacture new shower trays or can be applied to industrial use, e.g. the manufacture of pivot bearings.

Sustano Shower Tray Duravit

There’s never been a more important time to reduce our use of both water and energy and the shower is a great place to start.  Couple Neoperl’s Chromalux® Supreme Shower Hose with a retrofittable Pressure Compensating Washer (PCW) to save water and control the flow.

The Chromalux Supreme Shower Hose collection offers a range of smooth, soft and flexible hoses incorporating chrome-plated connectivity with the options of a swivel connection, an integrated check valve and washer regulator. A revolving connection feature also prevents the hose from twisting during use. The overall look is where the ‘Supreme’ range truly differs to others in the Chromalux collection, offering a totally smooth finish in a choice of 4 colours: chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass and matt black.

Bathroom_Review_Neoperl_ Chromalux® Supreme

All Chromalux hoses fulfil EN113 standards in functional and durability testing and hold hygienic approvals too. These hoses come in 150, 175 or 200cm lengths, the cone length is 30mm with a G½” thread.

Couple a Chromalux shower hose with a PCW Flow Regulator, to save water. These flow regulators maintain a pleasant and consistent water stream at a chosen flow rate, regardless of external water pressure. They work using two dynamic control rings (O-rings) within the flow regulator, which at low pressure encourage a high flow rate due to a larger bypass section and at high pressure the o-rings are pressed into the gaps between the teeth of the core, thus reducing the size of the opening for the water, leading to pressure independent flow rates.


About Neoperl

Neoperl is a UK manufacturer and part of the German-Swiss Neoperl Group. They design and manufacture innovative solutions for the plumbing industry and their products shape the water stream, regulate the flow rate and protect drinking water. In the UK they largely manufacture flow regulators and are one of the world’s leading suppliers, from their Malvern, Worcestershire factory. Their flow regulators and aerators can be found in most showers, taps and boilers across the UK. Many of their products can also be retrofitted providing great water saving solutions for the home.

Check out how to install their products at www.neoperl.net/en/.html or call their technical team on 01684 564869.

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