Tylö has launched Vista, a slimline shower enclosure and Stella, a steam column, both products are ideal for homeowners. A steam enclosure or column can be placed in a bathroom instead of an ordinary shower to deliver a steam bath and a shower in one.

Vista is a slimline steam shower enclosure with true Scandinavian design. It has matt black, minimalistic profiles to deliver a modern and luxurious look. The glass walls are smoky grey for an extra graphic effect. In the ceiling there is a rain shower and an RGB (colour) light can be added for colour options on the back wall.

Stella, the steam column is embedded on this back wall. Its black front matches the enclosure and can be used on its own to design a personalised steam space. The hand shower, thermostat and mixer are of European high-quality material. The steam outlet is silent and has a fragrance compartment for that luxurious feeling. 

Gustav Vassegård, Technical Designer for Tylö explains “We have looked for details that make the steam shower take its place in the room. We have minimized the profiles, to enhance the view ‘the Vista’ through the sober smoke-coloured glass. The black profiles, and the thin insulated roof, distinctly frame the mysterious cube of steam. Enjoying a cooling rain shower at the same time as the tropical humid heat envelops you is an awesome experience which we want as many as possible to experience”

The steam bath off a 40-45 degree heat and takes only 2 minutes to produce. A steam bath also uses less water than a shower, so it is good for us and the environment. 

Research shows that steam can provide many health benefits. Steam expels toxins from the body, aiding better sleep. It also cleanses and softens the skin. Additionally, it relieves stress and anxiety, helps blood circulation and improves the immune system.

Global Group TylöHelo has several strong sauna brands in the portfolio and can be found on all continents for both residential and commercial sauna projects. We are the complete partner by providing a high-quality sauna experience, with a traditional sauna, steam bath and infrared warmth. Tylö was founded in 1949 and has since successfully evolved into a global wellness company. With a huge passion for sauna and wellness, solid traditions in craftsmanship and profound knowledge Tylö is redefining the sauna scene by always continuing to create top quality sauna products made to be a vital part of healthy living.

Novellini’s Divina Outdoor SPA Collection includes top-of-the-range, Made in Italy, outdoor spas equipped with hydro massage. The collection, designed for head-to-toe wellness, includes 4 models of different sizes – M, L, XL and XXL – with fittings designed to accommodate from two up to six people.

The first Novellini spa collection was created as the ultimate expression of well-being where body, mind and environment co-exist in perfect synergy. The Divina Outdoor design, with its clean, simple elegant lines, encounters a careful examination of ergonomics and concealed silent avant-garde technology.

The Divina Outdoor is ideal for those moments of sheer relaxation, both day or night, owing to its RGB Chromolight LED lighting system, and in summer or winter, to its water heating system. All functions can also be controlled via an app that uses an integrated Wi-Fi Remote Control system. After a busy day at work, a sports session or even in those garden party moments with friends,

Divina Outdoor provides the benefits of a true outdoor spa at home. When soaking up the warm rays of the sun or lingering beneath a starry sky canopy, peace of mind is guaranteed with a variety of Whirlpool hydro massage units, a NaturalAir system and a Bluetooth sound system with concealed speakers, both inside and outside the tub.

An integral part of Novellini’s philosophy, makes Divina Outdoor the perfect spa to adapt not only to domestic spaces but also to the high-end hotel sector. The Ozone and Ultraviolet Acqua Clean sanitisation system cleans the water rapidly and instantaneously, eliminating even the most chlorine-resistant viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms.

Textured and weather-resistant surfaces ensure high levels of hygiene and durability for the Home SPA. Divina Outdoor bathtub liners are created using the highest quality acrylic, available in marble, pearl and white finishes. The side panels covering the spa are available in three different finishes: Natural Touch, wood-effect Dogati and Fiber Cross coatings.

The thermal cover, indispensable for any spa, insulates the tub and keeps the water temperature at a constant level. Foldable and created from materials suitable for outdoor use, the cover becomes a distinguishing feature that makes the spa aesthetically pleasing to the eye, even when not in use.

The Divina Outdoor SPA collection includes a series of accessories designed by architect Marco Pellici – chaise longue, side tables, steps and a shower column. A linear design, ergonomic comfort and perfectly matching finishes of the accessories provide for the creation of a complete look for the Outdoor Home SPA.The chaise longue features a comfortable, padded non-slip support available in a variety of FIBER CROSS colour combinations to match the spa, whereas the side tables and steps, which are also available in various models, finishes and heights, complete the comfort range of the Home Spa and allow it to be used in total safety.

The shower column, made of stainless steel and equipped with overhead and hand shower units, can be positioned wherever required owing to its clean, linear design. A virtual reality configurator is also available on the dedicated website – outdoorspa.novellini.com – which allows the Divina Outdoor to be visualised inside home spaces and the product configured in all its aspects by customers.