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For many DIY enthusiasts, upgrading their own home is an enjoyable pastime, taking time to create their perfect space. When it comes to designing our homes, the stakes are often high, especially when it comes to our functional rooms such as the bathroom.

Planning a new bathroom is not just about creating your very own oasis of well-being, it’s also about ensuring that the products match, fit and function perfectly. Making a conscious product selection is key for ultimate comfort, design harmony and long-lasting quality. That’s why many tend to hesitate when it comes to the more complex changes – such as installing a new toilet.

New bundle concept

The brand-new, bundle concept GROHE SOLIDO ALL IN ONE is a user-friendly alternative that means consumers no longer have to spend time on choosing individual products, but instead can buy smartly and have peace of mind. Once a GROHE WC design has been chosen, the ideal combination of high-quality products and installation components is pulled together by GROHE in just one box, ready for installation.

Making the ideal look possible

GROHE SOLIDO ALL IN ONE makes it easy for consumers to choose the right WC model to suit all
preferences. No matter if it’s a classic or modern look, basic level or luxurious comfort – the ready-to-install packages are available in different design variants to meet the highest of standards.

Consumers can choose from four designs that include best sellers and beloved classics such as Bau, Euro, Start Edge and Essence. Consumers also have freedom of choice with regard to preferred features, for example, a quiet flush and hygienic functions. Multiple product options, including all the important parts of a WC set, will ensure the consumer’s choice is a perfect match for all their style and functional requirements.

The perfect WC is more than just a look…

…it is a big component of people’s everyday lives. Nowadays, aspects such as hygiene and sustainability matter when it comes to choosing the right product for the home. The value of hygiene in the bathroom in particular has never been more important, and wall-hung WCs enhance this further. Thanks to their space-saving positioning they allow easy cleaning, with limited fixtures and streamlined fittings.

On top of this, features such as the strong GROHE Triple Vortex flush supports hygiene by cleansing every corner of the bowl, limiting the chances for bacteria to thrive. As people’s conscious decisions are reflected in their interior design choices, the search for sustainable products does not end with the WC itself. The GROHE dual flush system in GROHE’s air flush plates reduces water consumption by up to 50%, helping to support sustainable lifestyle choices.

GROHE Solido All in One

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Ideal Standard, best known as a manufacturer of bathroom and commercial washroom solutions, has launched ProSys®, a complete on-stop, three-step installation system for wall-hung toilets, basins, urinals and accessories.

Designed to make life easier for specifiers and installer the ProSys includes frames, cisterns and flush plates. The new range is the perfect match for Ideal Standard’s collections of toilets, washbasins and urinals and works across all of Ideal Standard International’s brands – including Armitage Shanks products.

The ProSys collection of WC frames comes in a variety of depths and heights. Full frames are available in 1150mm and 820mm heights. The 820mm frames are perfect for use in furniture applications or under windows and have the choice of either front or top flush plate installation. Half-wall frames, which exclude the cistern, are also available and are ideal to use when replacing a floor-standing WC with a wall-hung toilet, but wish to use an existing concealed cistern.

Prosys basin

Ideal Standard offers specifiers a collection of 50 flush plates in a wide range of shapes, colours, functions. They are available with either mechanical, pneumatic, or electronic actuation and are compatible with most WC ranges from Ideal Standard International.

ProSys was developed to be easy to install, with a straightforward three-step fitting process.

Maintenance typically proves more difficult with in-wall frame systems. This range has been made simpler and easier with tool-free access to the ProSys cisterns.

All cisterns come with an Ideal Standard SmartValve, a unique water-reducing innovation which can save up to 63 litres of water every week. This corresponds to a 12% reduction in water bills*, reducing costs for end-users and contributing to overall sustainability.

Leanne Martin, Head of Product for Ideal Standard UK, said: “The system has been developed specifically to meet the needs of installers, building owners and end-users. The in-wall frame technology represents the ultimate in flexibility and versatility, with sophisticated features that work seamlessly with fixtures in front of the wall, guaranteeing superb levels of performance.

“The ProSys® system supports Ideal Standard customers in creating better bathrooms and washrooms, with easy installation, low maintenance and running costs as well as an enhanced user experience. ProSys is a great example of how we can all work together to shape the future of modern bathrooms.”

All products in Ideal Standard’s range have been built to last, with corrosion resistant frames tested to the highest noise, stability and build standards. All come with a 10-year warranty and 25 years of spare parts availability.

For more information, visit www.idealspec.co.uk or visit the product page.  You can also view Ideal Standard’s interactive guide for specifiers using ProSys, here.

*: Estimated 12% of total water bill in metered homes based on 4 person household.