Bette has outlined six advantages that make its shower trays a smart choice for residential and commercial bathrooms, including its latest invisible anti-slip option.

1 – Bette shower trays are available with an invisible, smooth and easy-to-clean anti-slip surface that provides the highest level of slip protection (Group C to DIN EN 16165) and is guaranteed for 30 years. BetteAnti-Slip Sense is a unique way to add safety without spoiling the look of the shower tray.

2 – Bette shower trays come in 70 sizes, so there is no need to compromise on the perfect size. They are strong and stable, even in the largest 2000 x 900mm and 1800 x 1000mm dimensions, and come in floor level and above floor options, with central or side wastes.

3 – Bette offers 30 matt and gloss colours.

4 – Bette shower trays are made from glazed titanium-steel, which is so strong and durable that they have a 30- year warranty. They stay looking great for years and are extremely easy to clean. Plus, for those who want a more sustainable choice, there’s no plastic, many products are made from carbon-neutral ‘green’ steel and all products are fully recyclable.

5 – Bette shower trays can be ordered with an upstand, which is part of the shower tray itself, and means there is no silicone where the shower tray meets the wall. BetteUpstand is formed exactly where the customer needs it – along only the relevant sides and to the length required.

6 – Bette shower trays are fast and easy to install. Many can be simply glued to the screed and, when the shower tray needs to be raised, the self-locking, telescopic feet of new BetteLevel make it easy and fast.

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