Bette manufactures baths, shower trays and basins in one of the most beautiful and durable materials: glazed titanium-steel. Its products are available in a huge range of designs, sizes and over 400 colours, including gloss and matt finishes.

If a specific size is required, Bette can create the shower tray or bath to the exact measurements. Shower trays and fitted baths can be ordered with BetteUpstand, for no silicone where the product meets the wall. Bette also offers an almost invisible anti-slip surface: BetteAnti-slip Pro.

Bette offers a wide choice of shower trays and shower floors in hundreds of sizes and colours. The award-winning BetteFloor is a flush-to-floor shower area that is like one large enamelled steel tile which is easy to clean and hygienic.  It can be ordered with a pre-attached system to make installation fast and easy.

Bette baths, shower trays and basins use only natural materials in their production and are so durable that they come with a 30 year warranty. When they do, eventually, reach the end of their life, they are 100% recyclable.

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