Roca’s latest bathroom collection, Tura, was created in collaboration with designer Andreu Carulla, reflecting a fusion of design and sustainability. Inspired by Barcelona’s architectural heritage, Carulla’s Tura has soft finishes and natural textures reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The collection is complemented by durable ceramic, recycled cork, felt, and outdoor fabrics, showcasing Carulla’s mindful approach to environmental impact.

Tura seamlessly fits into various settings, whether a modern city apartment or a countryside dwelling. Its versatility allows it to harmonise with any interior design concept. Below, we highlight its notable features.


Tura’s washbasins are characterised by bold, modern design elements. An impressive feature of the basins is the concealed drain, ingeniously integrated into the design to ensure a seamless, uninterrupted bowl. The collection boasts diverse shapes and sizes, including asymmetric countertop models that offer extra surface area on one side, perfect for storing essential toiletries.


Tura furniture is available in several options, such as a version with a drawer and an open bottom shelf, another with two drawers, and an option with two drawers and open-slatted shelves inspired by Mediterranean shutters, Available in Matt White, Light Noble Grey, and Light Terracotta, the colour palette evokes the essence of the Mediterranean. A standout feature of these vanity units is the innovative integrated siphon, designed to maximise storage space without sacrificing functionality in the top drawer.

Small-space solutions

Good things come in small packages, and Tura’s stylish designs are available in a full range of sizes, including for compact bathrooms. For example, basins start from wall-hung models of 550 x 275mm and 450 x 360mm – and there are corresponding vanity units too.


The shape of the Tura bath is inspired by an architectural cantilever system, creating the illusion that it is floating in space. This effect is amplified by the option of an LED light around the base. The bath’s success lies in its being made from Roca’s composite Stonex®. This robust material allows for a spacious and light bath, with elegantly thin walls and a slim ridge around the edge which accommodates a useful wooden bath tray. From a practical point of view, Stonex® is also warm to the touch, anti-slip and easy to keep clean.

WCs & bidets

The Tura WCs and bidets come in wall-hung, floor-standing and close-coupled options, designed to blend into any bathroom space. The floor-standing models are 42cm high as standard for added comfort for older people. Furthermore, all ceramics are available with Roca’s antimicrobial Supraglaze® finish, which makes it difficult for dirt and limescale to stick to the surface, meaning it is easier to clean.


The Tura collection stands out due to its added extras. For instance, the bath tray, essential for all long soaks, is made of FSC®-certified wood and designed to sit flush on the tub’s edge. For added comfort, the Tura bath also comes with a height-adjustable headrest, made of recycled outdoor fabric, which is quick-dry and mildew resistant. The headrest features a wooden counterweight for easy height adjustment. Finally, the collection includes recycled felt storage boxes specially designed for the open shelves. Available in two different sizes, these lightweight boxes come with a recycled cork lid that not only keeps contents dust-free but doubles as a shelf over the washbasins (below, left).

The Tura bath is made of Stonex®, a smooth composite; the basins, WCs and bidets are made of ceramic and come in Gloss White, Supraglaze® White and Matt White finishes; and the furniture is available in Off-White, Light Noble Grey and Light Terracotta.

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