Scudo recently introduced an exquisite collection of high-quality Sanctuary marble basins to their latest Scudo collection and have further additions planned for the rest of the year.

Marble has remained a mainstay in our homes for many years as a water-resistant, versatile, and luxurious metamorphic rock. Marble basins have become a top trend in bathroom design. Nothing says luxury and glamour like marble; it is a fantastic material to use in a bathroom, as it is versatile and hard-wearing.

Homeowners are now considering basins as the bathroom focal point, and marble can instantly elevate and provide luxury and sophistication to any space.

The Sanctuary range of marble pieces boasts extraordinary organic attributes like crystallisation and an array of hues and colours that meander through the slab to create delicate flowing hairline patterns and captivating instances of pitted deviations and fissures amidst the marbling.