Made using broken and discarded ceramics, along with other waste materials from the manufacturing process that would typically end up in landfill, VitrA’s ceramic washbasin, which is fully recycled apart from the glaze, will be on display at VitrA London during Clerkenwell Design Week (21 – 23 May 2024).

The recycled washbasin comes in five models: the natural form of the Pebble, the geometric shapes of both the Square and Circle, the distinctive outline of the ‘TV’ and the fluid silhouette of the Oval. All basins are rendered in a textured, matt clay in taupe.

With sustainability at the forefront of people’s minds when choosing which products and brands to work with, the recycled ceramic washbasin embodies the principles of circular manufacturing, where waste becomes a valuable resource. A life cycle assessment found that the production of the recycled washbasin minimises VitrA’s environmental impact on fossil fuel usage and global warming by a significant 30% per product.**

VitrA says it is redefining what an environmentally conscious manufacturing process looks like, motivated by a genuine commitment to conserving natural resources and protecting ecosystems.

Bathroom Review VitrA 100% Recycled washbasin

Production savings per recycled washbasin stand at over 30% in terms of both raw material savings and savings in electricity usage. Every detail, down to the packaging – a 100% recycled box, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – demonstrates VitrA’s commitment to reducing waste where possible and conserving natural resources. Moreover, thanks to careful design, the product’s durability has not been compromised, with the recycled washbasin meeting FFC body and semi-vitrified body conditions, in terms of deformation, water absorption, and fired strength.

Gökçe Ersel Ötkün, head of sustainability at VitrA, comments: “The launch of the 100%* recycled ceramic washbasin marks a turning point for the brand and the industry at large. Being the first in the industry to devise such a product demonstrates VitrA’s wholehearted commitment to delivering on its promises to champion sustainable design. We’re so excited to be on this sustainability journey, and feel this product is a significant step forward.”

Eczacıbaşı Building Products’ CEO Özgen Özkan highlighted VitrA’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the ceramic sector, stating, “by integrating circular design principles and innovative business models, we’ve begun repurposing waste from our ceramic sanitary ware production. This approach allows us to conserve natural resources, reduce environmental impacts, and cut carbon dioxide emissions, all while managing costs and material constraints more effectively. Our 100%* recycled washbasin embodies our dedication to resource efficiency, waste reduction, and a stronger circular economy.”

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  *The entire basin is produced from nearly 100% recycled waste materials that are generated and disposed of during the ceramic sanitaryware manufacturing process.  ** The life cycle assessment was conducted internally by VitrA

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