The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to take a new look at the way we live and will have a direct impact on how we design our homes in the future. For the bathroom, this will mean a greater emphasis on adaptable bathroom spaces that can cater for periods of increased use in busy or multi-generational households.

The shower room has always been an ideal way to create a spacious, luxurious yet durable bathroom space. Whether you are working to transform a small bathroom or refresh an existing shower space, we have some ideas to help you on your way.

Flush to floor shower areas

Flush to floor shower areas help to create a level shower area, making them perfect for all generations and abilities, they are also easier to clean.

Bette’s Head of Marketing, Sven Rensinghoff tells us “Flush-to-floor shower trays are growing in popularity because they look so stylish and contemporary, while also increasing accessibility in the bathroom. There is a trend towards larger shower areas, with the largest 1800 x 1000mm being selected more often, as they are great to use and help to create an extremely luxurious look. We are also seeing more shower trays chosen in colours to coordinate with various forms of flooring. In particular, with matt finishes in colours inspired by nature. There is also more interest in anti-slip, now that almost invisible options are available, and in other finishing touches that provide a benefit for the customer, such as upturns, so silicone is not required where the shower tray meets the wall.”

The BetteFloor shower area, pictured here, can be fitted flush with the floor and is strong, easy to clean, sustainable and 100% recyclable. Like all Bette shower trays, it comes with a 30-year warranty. Bette easy-to-fit shower trays are available in 400 colours. Keep Reading…

The BetteFloor glazed titanium steel shower floor

Shower enclosures & slip-resistant shower floors

UK manufacturer Kudos tell us they have benefited from increased sales in showering enclosure products and from a reinvigorated interest in British Made products.

Nick Graville, Sales & Marketing Director Kudos Shower Products explains “In terms of style trends there are two key themes we are seeing. The first is possibly the result of an ageing population and they are certainly the ones with the disposable income at present, that’s slip-resistant features on designer products.

“The second trend is in coloured fixtures. Those old enough to remember the coloured bathroom suites of the past will understand that the market has been white and chrome fittings for many years since. However, as different metallic and matt finishes grow in popularity in brassware, this is now making its way into shower panel profiles to coordinate, whether that be matt black, brushed gold or brushed nickel stainless steel effect.”

The most recent launch from Kudos is a new 300mm glass Deflector to suit all Kudos Ultimate Showering Panel, this new fold-away glass ‘Deflector Panel’ is a stylish and practical solution designed to suit the Ultimate collection of showering panels from Kudos. Keep Reading…

Multi-generational spaces

The rise in multi-generational living has not only created a need to re-configure our living space to cater for all ages, we also need a space to relax and unwind. If you are not a fan of the bathtub, it makes sense to install a shower room, without compromising on aesthetics.

Lakes Sales & Marketing Director Mike Tattam agrees “Showering is an essential part of everyday life – it can set us up for the day or help us to wind down at night. A rise in multi-generational living, busier households and shrinking bathrooms means showers suit modern living. However, the importance of a daily shower as a slice of ‘me time’ means homeowners are looking for a spa-like experience where relaxation is almost as important as getting clean.

“Bathrooms need to be beautiful to look at, but also suit the space and lifestyles of the people using them – with of course the reassurance of durability and low maintenance too.”

Lakes premium Island Collection now includes Antigua and Aruba. The new ‘showroom exclusive’ products are designed with Lakes Definitions for an exclusive finishing touch.

Lakes Showwering spaces: fresh design ideas
          Lakes Antigua showering space with a chrome handle and profile caps as standard

Finishing touches

For a coordinated design, shower components and bathroom accessories are key to creating the right aesthetic, at the same same time, they must deliver functionality and durability. Planning in accessories early helps designers establish a bathroom theme at the outset, many manufacturers offer complete collections to help simplify the process.

Margaret Talbot, Marketing Manager at VitrA tells us “A shower that looks fantastic and feels fantastic is both a luxury and for many an absolute necessity.  Safe thermostatic water temperature control is critical for all bathrooms, and water efficiency is increasingly important for consumers who are keen to save resources and money on utility bills.   Colour and texture allow for a stylish statement in modern bathrooms – blacks and copper look impressive against whites and muted tones.  But it is the high-quality, brass components, behind the scenes that  will provide the user with the ultimate showering experience for many years to come.”

VitrA’s Origin and brassware accessories range has over 150 pieces in the collection, including monobloc taps in four heights, wall and deck mounted mixers and both concealed and exposed thermostatic and manual showers with a choice of handheld or fixed overhead showers. A comprehensive range of accessories complements taps and showers. All pieces are available in chrome, brushed nickel, copper and matt black finishes.

“This is a beautiful, comprehensive collection,” continues Marketing Manager Margaret Talbot. “The design-for-all ethos can be seen throughout with the choice of finishes, sizes and product types.  Top-quality materials have been used with cartridges that allow light fingertip control and deliver an efficient flow rate.  There are products to satisfy the most demanding specification with basin mixers, baths, showers, wet rooms, WCs and complementary accessories.”

Acquabella has launched three new products for 2021. Delivering the perfect mix of tradition, innovation and design, the new products promise a sanctuary of wellbeing.

Arabba Texture (pictured top) is Acquabella’s new textile-finish textured shower tray, with this tray Acquabella pay homage to traditional craftsmanship.

Tradition and design


Arabba is a new high definition texture that simulates the look and feel of a handcrafted fabric made with natural fibres that blend with the stone finish.

The Arabba texture perfectly embodies the bespoke irregularities we might see in a work of true craftsmanship. The tactile, non-conformist finish has a ‘textile-look’ texture that is perfectly suited to the Tempo design.

Unlike other shower trays, the Tempo Arabba encourages water to flow to the sides of the tray, gently running around its perimeter until it reaches a delicate and subtle grate that receives the flow with great elegance.

The Arabba texture complements other Acquabella products, such as panels and countertops, helping designers by delivering a complete collection that is both traditional and sophisticated.

Tomorrow’s innovation

Aquabella has also launched the Flow Zero high-flow shower tray and the Mini countertop, both designed to deliver minimalist and contemporary styling,

The Flow Zero shower tray is silhouetted by soft lines that direct the water towards an almost invisible grate under which the water slides, creating a minimalist flow that immerses users in a universe of calm and relaxation. Flow Zero lives up to its name, as its subtle grate easily collects the large amount of water flowing over its surface.

The Flow Zero shower tray was created with a countertop that represents the pinnacle of practicality. Acquabella’s new Mini bathroom countertop is compact yet features a deep, wide soft-touch basin. The exterior is coated with the Slate texture, an elegant finish that faithfully reproduces the appearance of slate, while a modern and subtle towel rail completes the design of the Mini countertop, making it the ideal addition to any bathroom.

Aquabella has been internationally recognised in a variety of design awards.


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The Covid-19 pandemic has refocussed the public’s approach to hygiene and cleanliness. This key criteria for bathroom and washroom design has become the single most important consideration when designing for commercial spaces. Furthermore, Covid-19 or a series of new infectious diseases may well be here to stay, as outlined in a  paper published on 15 August, with the prominent US immunologist Anthony Fauci and his colleague David Morens arguing that “we have entered a pandemic era”. With this in mind, we can expect to see an ever-increasing focus on hygiene enabling washroom materials and surfaces, touchless taps and sanitisers in the years to come.

As VitrA explains “The consumer is embracing the need for safeguards while travelling, staying in hotels, and eating in restaurants.  On the list of things that will make them feel pandemic-safe, are contactless check-ins and check-outs, smart-phone ordering at tables, masks, and visors and critically, robust hygiene protocols.  After the kitchens or food delivery areas, it is in bathrooms, washrooms and WC’s that consumers will judge whether an establishment has taken hygienic safety seriously.  Businesses that can highlight both stringent procedures and the best in hygienic bathroom design will be in the best position to get back to pre-pandemic trading.”

Hygienic and Covid-safe washrooms

In the washroom

To aid the cleaning process, and to ensure hoteliers and restauranteurs can adhere to cleaning protocols, VitrA has built-in VitrA Cleancoating on several ceramic basins, vanity basin tops and WC products. The coating increases the surface tension, ensuring the water flows smoothly from the surface. All that is required to keep the basin clean is a wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

The rim around a conventional toilet pan is the place where water enters and is usually open, creating the perfect place for bacteria and limescale to accumulate.  VitrA’s Rim-Ex technology offers the latest in WC bowl design.  With a rimless, smooth internal pan, there is no hiding place for bacteria to multiply and limescale to build-up. Rim-Ex ensures the best in hygiene and offers the added benefit of speeding up cleaning time.  Tests undertaken by Akdeniz University, in Turkey, prove that Rim-Ex is 95% more hygienic than a standard WC pan.   Read more…

In community spaces

RAK-Sanit is the ideal solution for domestic dwellings, modern and safer schools, public and private offices, restaurants, hotels, laboratories and, indeed, all those premises in which hygiene is of primary importance. All those places generally described as “community spaces”, in which numerous people of different ages, genders and cultures make random encounters. Inside, toilet facilities destined for use by all and sundry are increasingly in need of strong, antibacterial elements with a long product life.   

The RAK-Sanit bactericide action is permanent, guaranteeing built-in protection throughout the entire expected product lifetime, thanks to its constant action against microbial colonisation; this technology, which has proved its capacity to reduce or eliminate the quantity of bacteria up to 99.99%, including MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and Legionella, actively prevents the growth of microorganisms 24 hours a day.   Read more…

RAK-Sanit Ceramic

In the bathroom

Bette tell us “The material chosen plays a huge part in determining how quickly and effectively debris from tooth-brushing and washing in basins, and from washing in baths and showers, can be removed. Materials that can become scratched can harbour dirt and bacteria, as can tiled shower areas, so there is likely to be more demand for scratch-proof, non-porous and easy to clean materials, such as glazed titanium-steel.

Bette BetteCraft Covid-safe bathrooms
BetteCraft Basin

“Bette uses glazed titanium-steel for all its baths, shower trays and basins. It is harder than marble, acrylic, stone resin or steel alone and its unique smoothness means that dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to the glass-hard, non-porous surface. Dirt is easy to rinse off, and the material’s superior durability also means it can withstand heightened cleaning regimes, such as the use of bleach, as it is unaffected by chemicals.” Read More…

Touchless taps

Inta has advised people responsible for washrooms across the UK to strongly consider touchless taps as businesses prepare for an attempt at returning to normality.

Stuart Gizzi, Managing Director at Inta, based in Hixon, Staffordshire, believes that any investment in touchless tap technology will pay off long term as it gives users peace of mind in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst allowing greater control over water flow and limiting waste.

Stuart said: “This year we have all become more aware than ever of germ hotspots that we may have interacted with without a second thought previously. Read more…

Reduce water flow to save water

As the government promotes the importance of regularly washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds to slow the spread of Covid-19, fitting a flow regulator to household taps could make huge savings to water usage.

Kevin Gates, UK Managing Director at the world’s largest flow regulator manufacturer Neoperl (based in Malvern) said “As an industry we have the technology to easily reduce the flow of water in taps without compromising the experience. We all have taps in the home, whether in the bathroom or cloakroom, where water is largely used for just washing hands or cleaning teeth. Most of the time these taps have a higher flow rate than required and we are simply throwing clean water down the drain.

It’s a really affordable solution to retrofit a flow regulator, most consumers could do it themselves with a little advice. They simply need to be aware that flow regulators exist, obtain the right advice as to which regulator to fit to retain adequate performance and finally they need to purchase a simple tool to fit it.” Read more…

Pictured top – RAK Sanit – public bathroom

Almond Satin Matt has been created specifically for Duravit by Danish designer Cecilie Manz, her minimalist design language invokes the Scandinavian concept of living with a sense of wellbeing. Carefully conceived materials appeal to the sense of touch emphasise the gentle forms and strict geometry of the Luv range. Perfectly harmonized colour combinations help complete the overall picture.  

This is reflected in the new furniture colour Almond Satin Matt; its warm yet restrained effect opens up a wide range of design options.  The washing area can be tuned to individual tastes with one of the four different console surfaces, made from quartz or solid wood. 

The oval DuraCeram® wash bowls are now available in a five sizes (420, 500, 600, 700 and 800 mm) with four different outer surfaces for greater individualization.   Extra furniture widths have been added: a fourth new width of 938 mm, with an optional pull-out compartment or an additional drawer for storage, now joins the three existing vanity units. 

Luv’s authentic design continues with the matching mirrors, these are now larger and have new additional features. In addition to the three existing widths (500, 1200, 1600 mm), a further width of 800 mm has been added to accommodate the new vanity unit size. In future all Luv mirrors will be available in heights of 800 or 1200 mm. The heated mirror and new switching function for coloured light can be controlled via a contactless operating panel, enabling the continuous adjustment of the light colour for the upper illuminated area and ambient light.  

Bathtubs in the Luv series are an eyecatching choice for any bathroom, whether as a freestanding model for positioning anywhere in the room or a back-towall or corner version with an optional discreetly integrated air whirl system. Mirroring the shape of the wash bowls, their sophisticated aesthetic is a perfect accompaniment to the overall look of the series.


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With a portfolio of over 600 award-winning sustainable steel enamel bathroom solutions, Kaldewei is the perfect choice for modern bathroom design.

Kaldewei washbasins are made from superior steel enamel, a fusion of steel and glass, which combine to create a strong, durable non-porous surface. These are further enhanced with Kaldewei’s easy-clean finish, which comes as standard with all Kaldewei washbasins, meaning that dirt and germs are rinsed away.

Kaldewei washbasin
Kaldewei washbasin & Meisterstueck Emerso bathtub

Kaldewei steel enamel washbasins can be cleaned with ease and speed, leaving no residue – an obvious advantage when hygiene is paramount.

Kaldewei provide many different installation options, sizes, colours and styles of washbasin washbasins to suit every bathroom design. From the delicate filigree Miena washbasin bowls, which can sit freely on a console or vanity unit, to the luxurious freestanding Meisterstueck Emerso washstand, which creates the ‘Perfect Match’ when paired with the Meisterstueck Emerso bath.

Add colour in your bathroom with the Coordinated Colours Collection 

The gently flowing interior shape of the round Classic undercounter washbasin gives it an elegant and timeless design. Made from Kaldewei’s superior steel enamel, in two different sizes, the Classic undercounter washbasin comes with overflow fitting, easy-clean finish and sound insulation. 

It comes in a wide range of colours including Alpine White, bathroom colours and in a selection of exclusive matt shades from the Coordinated Colours Collection, shown here in Catania Grey matt.

All Kaldewei bathroom solutions are 100% recyclable and are supplied with a 30-year guarantee.  

Kaldewei Classic CataniaGrey in matt

For more information please contact Kaldewei on 01480 498053 or visit www.kaldewei.co.uk

More news from Kaldewei

About Kaldewei

With over 100 years’ experience, Kaldewei has become a global partner for iconic bathroom solutions made of superior steel enamel. With a portfolio of over 600 shower surfaces, washbasins and baths, the premium manufacturer provides perfectly coordinated solutions for project business and private clients – featuring a uniform material throughout and harmonious design. The company collaborates with renowned international design firms and has received over 150 awards. For its unique brand management.

Hewi’s new washbasin concept features a concealed handle edge and a slimmer profile that enables integration.of an adaptive retaining handle, which also serves as a towel rail, and a modular storage system situated directly on the washbasin. The washbasins provide safety and ensure that all bathroom utensils such as soap dispensers, beakers and the like are always within easy reach. Depending on the necessity, the washbasin adapts to the altered individual needs. It can be quickly and easily expanded or dismantled with practical shelves and utensils.  


Soap dispenser, beaker and basket

HEWI has launched a new matching dispenser system for the System 900 range. The robust dispensers are available in a choice of finishes such as powder-coated in black, shades of grey and white, as well as stainless steel models.

Designed to be hardy and durable they are perfect for highly frequented sanitary spaces. A lock with a key offers protection against misuse. The majority of the dispensers is not only available in a manual but also in a Sensoric version. From soap and disinfectant to paper towel dispensers and waste bins (as well as hygiene combinations in various sizes) HEWI delivers a  complementary functional range that also meets the most discerning design standards. 

Profiles, storage, hooks & grab bar

Profile, hooks and shelves made of stainless steel with powder coating are also available in deep mat black (RAL 9005), deep mat white (RAL 9003), deep mat light grey pearl mica and deep mat dark grey pearl mica.

The storage system contains six versions in two sizes, which can be hooked into the profile according to individual requirements. The hooks can be attached to the side of the profiles under the washbasin for easy access to hand towels or items of clothing. The powder-coated stainless steel adaptive grab bar enables symmetrical gripping thanks to its round tube design. 

For further information, visit the website.

The BetteCraft washbasin combines the sculptural aesthetics of the finest porcelain with the perfect material for the bathroom: glazed titanium steel. 

The German design offices of Tesseraux + Partner created the design which turned Bette’s glazed titanium steel into a rounded shape that tapers towards the top and bottom. This kind of shape is unusual in the extremely strong and hard glazed titanium-steel and is usually associated with soft clay at the potter’s wheel. To achieve the design every BetteCraft basin is individually made by hand, then glazed on both the inside and outside. 

The beautifully-shaped BetteCraft washbasin received the Design Plus Award 2019 at ISH.

BetteCraft is available in a choice of two sizes; 350 or 450 mm diameter. In addition to elegant white, Bette also offers the basin in a range of colours, including exclusive matt shades and in the new Effect colours, such as sparkling Midnight, velvety Blue Satin and iridescent Forest. 

For more information see www.bette.co.uk or telephone 0844 800 0547. 

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About Bette

BETTE is a German family-run company. BETTE has been producing premium architectural bathroom components from steel-titanium alloy enamelled with purely natural materials since 1952.

BETTE’s thermoforming process allows the manufacturer to create flowing shapes with extraordinary craftsmanship and precision to offer a broad range of colours and dimensions for your bathroom design.

Sottini showcased new ranges at this year’s kbb event, including Rienza washbasins, Caffaro WCs and Ceno fittings for the first time, as well as exciting furniture additions to the successful Fusaro range. The striking collections have been designed to inspire, and build on Sottini’s existing collections which are perfected for premium, aspirational bathrooms. 

The Rienza and Caffaro collections share the same design vocabulary so the basins and toilets work perfectly together.  Both ranges add a sense of quiet sophistication to any bathroom, and are styled with a stunning simplicity. Ceno mixers feature sharp, flat surfaces and strong horizontal lines. The fittings are designed to be as versatile perfectly complementing other Sottini products.

 Also taking centre stage at kbb, are additions to the Fusaro range, which has already proven to be a popular choice. Sottini will introduce elegant new furniture at the show, including wall-mounted vanity and basin units, all design-matched for the subtle, slim edges  of the Fusaro washbasins. 

As well as showcasing new ranges, Sottini is offering a space to escape the hustle and bustle of kbb, in the form of its new installation – Serenity 2020. This relaxing area is designed not only to give visitors a moment of relaxation and tranquillity, but to celebrate Sottini’s passion for balance between beauty, craft, elegance and innovation. To elevate the functional and inspire wellbeing, and to celebrate the Sottini way of life.  

Olivia Maycock, Retail Marketing Manager at Sottini said: “We’re incredibly excited about kbb 2020, as we get to share a wide variety of new additions to our growing premium range. All of our products are specifically designed to be aspirational, and to work in harmony with each other to ensure the bathroom remains a serene and stylish place to be. 

“The introduction of the Rienza, Caffaro and Ceno ranges, as well as the new additions to our already popular Fusaro collection all culminate to bring a premium and stylish simplicity to any bathroom. For this year we’re also holding our very own Serenity 2020 installation on our stand, which is an experience designed to offer visitors the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of kbb. We can’t wait to welcome visitors to the stand.”

For more information about Sottini products, visit: www.sottini.co.uk

Duravit is previewing its new patent-pending cshaped technology, the launch was planned for Salone earlier this year, however, has now been postponed due to COVID-19.

cshaped has been created as an extension of the Happy D.2 Plus series by sieger design. This evolution of the patented c-bonded process guarantees that the ceramic washbasin and furniture run in perfectly parallel lines with no overhang or recess and a precise gap of 4 mm. Made entirely of DuraCeram® and specially finished, c-shaped has all the benefits of a ceramic glaze, it’s robust and easy to, whilst at the same time offering new scope for bathroom design within the wet environment. 

Happy D.2 Plus is available in two new versions and is a continuation of the elegant, expressive style of the collection which offers a lighter or darker mood. 

c-shaped is available with a ceramic, glossy white outer edge in combination with a vanity unit or metal console in chrome.  c-bonded now comes with a new, rounded outer edge in the same colour as the vanity unit or to match the metal console in Black Matt. In each case they are based on basins with a narrow, typically flat edge and harmoniously integrated tap platform. The basins are available in three widths (575, 775 and 975 mm). A white acrylic cover conceals the fittings beneath the basin, guaranteeing perfect aesthetics from any angle. 

The floor-standing, height-adjustable metal consoles with integrated towel rail can be delivered with an optional shelf or built-in drawer.  A further option is a seat (width 625 mm) featuring an integrated drawer that can be added as a practical extension of the console on the left or right. Duravit also offers a cushion in matching greige made from a woven fabric suitable for wet rooms. 


If creating a modern or contemporary design is key to your bathroom project, selecting the perfect bath or basin will help you hit the right note

Geometric styling delivers a clean, sculptured aesthetic and couples perfectly with slim-profile baths or basins. Pairing this style with a countertop basin will create an understated, elegant look. For example, see Bette’s washbasins (pictured here), made of durable, easy to clean stainless steel, they are also scratch-proof and resistant to cosmetics, so even nail polish will not leave a mark.  

Hewi’s new washbasin concept features a concealed handle edge and a slimmer profile. Making life easy for all users, Hewi has added an innovative modular storage system situated beside the washbasin. For additional hygiene, Hewi now includes an easy-to-reach hand sanitiser.

Hewi’s washbasin concept with sanitiser

Adding a striking or bold colour palette to your design creates vibrancy and personality. Novellini’s new Infinitive bath is available in customisable colours such as orange, yellow, lime and blue. At the base of the bath, ambient LED white lights create a gentle, soothing glow. In addition, Infinitive adopts Novellini’s signature NaturalAir technology which will transform your bathtime into a silent sanctuary where your body and mind are immersed in a state of total relaxation. 

Novellini Infinitive bath

With a portfolio of over 600 award-winning sustainable steel enamel bathroom solutions, Kaldewei is the perfect choice for modern bathroom design. Kaldewei provide many different installation options, sizes, colours and styles of washbasin washbasins to suit every bathroom design. From the delicate filigree Miena washbasin bowls, which can sit freely on a console or vanity unit, to the luxurious freestanding Meisterstueck Emerso washstand, which creates the ‘Perfect Match’ when paired with the Meisterstueck Emerso bath.