Ideal Standard has upgraded its entire range of thermostatic exposed shower valves with a slimmer, more compact body than ever before. Providing the perfect balance between style and functionality, the Ceratherm T range has been designed to complement any modern bathroom, while guaranteeing the perfect shower experience, day after day.

Developed by Ideal Standard’s in-house engineers, the Ceratherm T range features the hidden brilliance of a new, smaller thermostatic cartridge, the FirmaFlow® Therm, allowing for a streamlined appearance with no compromise on performance. The result is a slim, elegant and modern shower mixer that performs beautifully, while offering unrivalled levels of durability, safety and sustainability.

With buttons and controls that blend seamlessly into the Ceratherm T’s body, the water flow and temperature can be adjusted easily. Users can also pre-set their desired levels for optimum comfort and if pressure is lost, the cartridge rapidly shuts down the flow of hot or cold water, preventing burns and unwanted shocks. 

To ensure the highest level of safety for all users, all models also feature Cool Body technology as standard. Cool Body works like a protective shield: inside the thermostat, the hot water flow is surrounded by cold running water to ensure the controls and body remain cool to the touch at all times, providing extra peace of mind.

Ceratherm T’s integrated controls also reduce water and energy wastage, with the FirmaFlow® Therm ensuring target temperatures are reached far quicker, while an eco-setting limits flow by half, without affecting performance. Thanks to the temperature being pre-set and the thermostatic mechanism keeping flow constant throughout, not even one drop of water is wasted.

Having first invented the ceramic disc cartridge more than 50 years ago, revolutionising the bathroom experience, Ideal Standard has now built on this expertise and its R&D capabilities with the introduction of the thermostatic cartridge, FirmaFlow® Therm. The integral cartridge provides unrivalled efficiency, even in high-traffic areas.

The range includes a variety of models, all offering a choice of mixer options and accessories – including Ideal Standard’s Idealrain, Evo and Evo Jet handsprays, which come with three spray modes for an invigorating, comforting or relaxing shower experience.  Evo has an aerated spray mode, ensuring a softer shower experience without compromising on power, while Evo Jet features Ideal Standard’s unique Drop Jet function, creating larger, softer droplets for added luxury. And with the Navigo push button located on the handspray, switching between modes couldn’t be easier.

Ceratherm T can also form part of increasingly popular diverter mixer showers, featuring a head shower and hand shower with a moveable wall bracket for added versatility. The adjustable bracket means existing holes can be covered during installation, while the sleek form conceals fixtures for a seamless finish, making the collection perfect for renovation projects.

Ashley Smith, Brassware Product Manager at Ideal Standard, said: “With the new Ceratherm T range, we’ve been able to completely redesign the external look and feel of our showers in keeping with current bathroom trends, while applying our longstanding fittings expertise to the interior in the form of our clever FirmaFlow® Therm cartridge. Having refined our technology over decades, we’re now offering the most advanced collection yet, which not only delivers in terms of aesthetics and user experience, but is guaranteed to stand the test of time, too.”

For more information, visit www.idealspec.co.uk

It’s hard to believe that the great and the good of the KBB world was attending the KBB Show at the NEC just a couple of short months ago. Now, of course, the world is a different place and we’re looking forward to the time when we can meet our sector colleagues again. 

The show, despite what was around the corner, proved to be a great showcase for the kitchens and bathroom sectors including Kinedo, the shower brand of Saniflo. One new product that was displayed – which is now in stock and available for delivery – was the Kinemoon shower tray. The stone effect, textured tray taps into the trend for natural stone style shower trays and doubles up as an effective anti-slip surface rated to PN24. Available in 5 colours – white, anthracite, grey, black and sable it also has 3 different patterned waste covers which are self-coloured to blend in perfectly with the tray. 

The super flat tray – just 26mm in height – is designed for easy access, but can be supplied with an optional riser kit if extra height is required and can also be used in a wetroom style application. Manufactured from durable Biolex material, that is resistant to damage, the tray can be cut on site for awkward installation situations. 

This flexible and versatile tray can be bought as part of a number showroom offers that are available until the end of June. So, for showrooms that are busy updating their spaces in anticipation of a rush of home improvements, this is a tray that will hit the spot for all designs of shower area. 

For more information, including details of the comprehensive range of sizes, please visit www.kinedo.co.uk/shower-trays/kinemoon  for more details of our current showroom offers. 

Kaldewei shower solutions – the perfect choice for sustainable steel enamel shower surfaces

Kaldewei shower solutions deliver added sizes, ultra-flat waste fittings and even more solutions for easy installation, there are now over 100,000 options to choose from when designing a floor-level shower area. From coloured enamelled shower surfaces in XXL sizes to the pre-assembled Kaldewei Nexsys 4-in-1 system that consists of a waste channel, sloping support, sealing and an enamelled shower surface for simple and fast installation (pictured top).

Kaldewei caronaplan
Kaldewei Cayonoplan in Lava Black matt with Kaldewei Secure Plus anti-slip finish and Puro inset countertop washbasins

Flexible shower solutions

The Kaldewei Cayonoplan shower surface (pictured above) adapts to many different structural requirements. For instance, if adequate height is available it can be installed at floor level or can be easily installed directly on top of the floor tiles. Thanks to 22 different dimensions, its laterally-positioned waste outlet and ultra-flat tray support for the easiest possible assembly, the Cayonoplan is the ideal solution available in a generous range of sizes, 100% recyclable and comes with a 30-year guarantee. Also available in the exclusive matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection, shown here in Lava Black matt with Kaldewei Secure Plus, a virtually invisible anti-slip finish, for safe footing in the shower.

Sustainable bathroom design

All Kaldewei steel enamel bathroom solutions are supplied with a 30-year guarantee, which is an important aspect of sustainability as well as being 100% recyclable, made from natural raw materials: steel and glass. Kaldewei steel enamel is extremely strong and durable, as well as being scratch, impact, heat and chemical resistant.

Steel enamel is a highly sustainable material, which makes a noticeable contribution to conserving resources and is ideal for sustainably designed buildings, which is why Kaldewei has been awarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which complies with IS0 14025 and EN15804.

Kaldewei Conoflat in Alpine White matt from the Coordinated Colours Collection

For more information please call Kaldewei on 01480 498053 or visit www.kaldewei.co.uk

The rooms of a hotel should be as individual as the guests. HEWI offers the possibility of flexibly adapting the bathrooms to the needs of the guests. If a guest requires support, the mobile shower seats and support folding handles can be integrated quickly and easily into the respective room (see top image). The proven fastening technology is easy to use and does not require any tools.

Cleaning staff can quickly and easily add and remove the mobile folding support handles and shower seats.

If they are no longer required, a discreet cover cap conceals the permanently installed mounting plate. This allows hoteliers to increase their occupancy rate by allocating barrier-free rooms to all guests without them even noticing. The mobile solutions offer the same functionality as permanently installed support folding handles and shower seats (see bottom image).

Of course, the mobile solutions also offer maximum flexibility in the field of professional care and in the home. Mobile shower seats and folding support handles are available in various designs and versions and thus enable optimal solutions for all requirements.

Discover System 900 from Hewi

Kocoon is a new self-contained shower cubicle from the Kinedo range by Saniflo. 

It combines luxury shower walls with a chrome frame, low level shower tray and overhead rain shower, handset and valve in one package to provide a stunning centrepiece in the bathroom. Whether for domestic customers, accommodation providers or manufacturers of modular buildings the Kocoon is a contemporary, designer shower solution that stands out from the rest.

This new cubicle offers a choice of three coloured shower wall options, including a tile pattern that makes for a stunning feature wall using on-trend natural colours in grey, grey with tile pattern and beige with tile pattern. The low level shower trays are textured for safe showering and available in two modern colours; white and taupe to complement the walls. 

An exceptional quality, ultra-thin rainshower head is supplied part of the whole package. A modern square shape it is manufactured from stainless steel and combines with an exposed thermostatic valve with mixer handles and an integrated handset and hose. An anti-twist hose features on the handset for ease of use, whilst the valve doubles up as a handy shelf for easy storage of – and access to – bottles of bathroom products. 

The versatile Kocoon is available in multiple sizes and configurations from 1000mm to 1700mm for corner and recess installations and either right or left hand fitting. Sizes include bath replacement models which can be fitted in the exact place of a standard UK sized bath. As with all Kinedo cubicles installation is simple and straightforward and requires no silicone. Thanks to clever and intuitive assembly it is completely watertight.  All glass panels and doors are 8mm thick and feature Cristal Plus to minimise water marks and for ease of maintenance. Options include a central frosted panel on the glass and feet for raised settings, supplied with a cut-able plinth. There is a choice of sliding or saloon doors to suit all bathroom settings. 

For a product that is durable, low maintenance and stands out from the crowd then the Kocoon is worth a look. 

To see more please see the Kinedo website on www.kinedo.co.uk

The new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection delivers intuitive control, stunning good looks and an unsurpassed level of personalisation and convenience. The established Quartz name has been retained to launch a new generation of showers with an exceptional level of connectivity, including breakthrough voice activation, wifi connectivity and app control.

App technology allows the homeowner to control the smart digital shower via WIFI, connecting through residential WIFI networks to the Aqualisa Smart Valve (ASV) using safe and secure best practice for IoT/Connected devices. It utilises the simplest on-boarding techniques possible to establish secure and robust connection with the ASV via WIFI.  It is voice activation and personalisation that will make it stand out against the competition since it integrates with established smart home eco-systems via voice control – using Alexa.  

The range consists of Quartz Blue, the introduction to the smart showering revolution for the new Collection, and Quartz Classic, now with added smart technology,  and top of the range Quartz Touch, every member of the family can activate their own personal shower requirement – created and saved on the App for the perfect, consistently repeated showering experience.

For installers, the new Smart Quartz Collection is a great proposition for new build, self-build or renovation projects, principally because the unique Aqualisa Smart Valve – the brains of the new smart collection – can be located up to 10 metres away from the shower itself, providing unbelievable flexibility in installation.  Installers will find this new product range easy to sell, impressing their customers with the benefits of connectivity – voice activation being a major unique selling point.

“’Alexa turn my shower on’ will quickly become a familiar command in homes with a new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection shower”, says Aqualisa CEO, Colin Sykes. “The Quartz excellence established from the early two thousands has now reached new heights and will offer homeowners the most sophisticated showering experience available. Despite the advent of the smart home and the arrival of a myriad of smart products, the suggestion, even five years ago, that showers would take this huge step into the world of smart technology would have been difficult to imagine.  Thanks to Aqualisa, this is now a reality. It seems the most natural development for them to take, but we’re delighted it’s us introducing this technology to the UK and Ireland”, he adds.

For more exciting news on these exceptional new showers, head for www.aqualisa.co.uk or to the Aqualisa You Tube channel where you can find all the information you could possibly need, including access to multiple application videos that explain the complete smart showering experience. It’s time to develop a closer relationship with your shower – courtesy of Aqualisa.

There’s no easier and quicker way to install an enamelled shower surface: thanks to the low-profile support, it takes just a few steps to install the Kaldewei Conoflat, Cayonoplan, Superplan, Superplan Plus and Scona showers directly onto a suitably prepared floor. Shower surface, tray support and central support are already preassembled, perfectly coordinated and easy to handle. This benefits installers as they save time on the installation and therefore increase their efficiency. 

Preassembled system in one package Using the low-profile support, Kaldewei showers can be installed very quickly and easily onto the floor or, if necessary, directly onto the tiles. The enamelled shower surface, tray support and central support are delivered in one package as a preassembled system solution. This provides the optimum solution for time-saving fitting in almost every installation situation, whether with a tiled, concrete or wooden floor.  

 Simple and standard-compliant installation A floor recess is only required for the waste fitting. Thanks to the low built height, Kaldewei showers can be virtually installed at floor level. It takes just a few steps to install the enamelled shower surfaces onto the floor. For standard-compliant sealing, Kaldewei recommends the Flex sealing kit that can be integrated with the greatest of ease into the surrounding bathroom sealing.   

 Persuasive material properties Not only can Kaldewei’s enamelled shower surfaces be installed quickly and easily with the low-profile support, but they also possess highly persuasive material properties. With superior Kaldewei steel enamel, these include longevity, anti-slip properties, ease of maintenance and recyclability. All Kaldewei bathroom solutions are supplied with a 30-year guarantee. 


Kaldewei low profile trays

About Kaldewei

For exclusive and innovative bathrooms products see the Kaldewei range. With over 100 years’ experience, Kaldewei has become a global partner for iconic bathroom solutions made of superior steel enamel. With a portfolio of over 600 shower surfaces, washbasins and baths, the premium manufacturer provides perfectly coordinated solutions for project business and private clients – featuring a uniform material throughout and harmonious design. The company collaborates with renowned international design firms and has received over 150 awards. For its unique brand management, Kaldewei has been recognised with a gold German Brand Award. In 2018, a long-term partnership was launched with WWF, the nature and environmental conservation organisation. Kaldewei is supporting the WWF marine conservation programme that is devoted to reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

Beautiful and extremely hard-wearing – all Kaldewei steel enamel bathroom solutions are sustainable, 100% recyclable and are supplied with a 30-year guarantee.

This year’s Sleep + Eat theme of Social FlexAbility perfectly aligns with Flair’s continually expanding product ranges.  At this year’s event, Flair presented several solutions that offer a host of meaningful design innovations for the hospitality industry. These included the newly launched ETO collection and the multi award-winning ORO shower door range.  

A warm welcome to ETO…

ETO (pictured below) is the latest shower door concept launched by Flair in Summer 2019. Designed with purpose, the robust construction of the ETO collection is coupled with clever functional features that ensures long lasting high performance. The uniquely crafted handle is beautifully precise and features a cleverly integrated towel hook. The sleek chrome profiles and countersunk interior hinges complement the ETO handle design, creating an elegantly contemporary aesthetic. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ETO.jpg

ORO Collection – Carefully Considered Design Details

With its minimalist aesthetic, the frameless ORO collection (pictured Top) is a union of design innovation and functional perfection. Its elegant hand-crafted handle is formed to feel seductive in hand and is truly one of a kind and distinctly individual. 

Each ORO enclosure is created from 8mm toughened glass with hydrophobic coating, which resists against the build-up of lime scale and grime. The two metre glass panels are secured with minimal yet robust chrome wall extrusions that are designed to recede and accentuate the gracefully tall glass structure.

The flush mounted door hinges on the inside of the shower allow users to easily wipe clean the glass without obstruction. All mechanical detailing is cleverly concealed to reduce visual clutter and add to the minimalist aesthetic. 

ORO Ultra Frameless Hinge and Inline door 

Setting the standard in frameless design, the ORO Ultra Frameless series is the newest addition to the ORO range and radiates style and contemporary elegance. A generously proportioned shower enclosure, this modular design is ideal for larger showering spaces. With durability in mind, the frameless corner side panel is supported by a minimalist chrome stabilising bar.

If you wish to learn more about Flair offerings, please do get in contact with us at sales@flairshowers.com   / 00353 42 966 8000. 

British manufacturer, Kudos, has incorporated their five coloured profile finishes, across its broad range of Ultimate shower panels, into their new priced brochure. The colours, which are designed to co-ordinate with the most popular shower controls and brassware finishes, include Matt Black, Polished Gold, Brushed Gold, Bright Nickel and Brushed Nickel.

There has been a huge rise in the sales of coloured taps and showering controls over the past few years and there’s an obvious link between this brassware and any shower enclosure wall profile. These options from Kudos allow the designer to match or contrast finishes, adding further customisation to their room design, a trend that is forecast to grow during 2020. 

A reassuring feature of these profiles is that it’s possible to replace them easily as they have the same drilling configurations, so that a different coloured profile can be installed should the colourway require changing after a few years. All coloured profiles from Kudos are manufactured within the group and quality tested to a high-performance shower standard. They are also covered with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect.

Kudos Shower Products Ltd has been designing and manufacturing shower products at their Cumbrian facility since 1999.  Their portfolio includes shower enclosures, shower trays, over-bath screens and wet-room solutions sold via KBB showrooms and merchants across the UK.

Visit their website kudosshowers.co.uk, call them on 01539 564040 or email info@kudosshowers.co.uk.

More news from Kudos

Kudos Ultimate Gold
Kudos Ultimate Gold