Neoperl introduced FSG valve on/off flow controls to tap and shower manufacturers in 2018, they are valves that allow for a simple open/closed water flow operation at the press of a button. Their latest development, the FSG D8 Volume Control (VC), now offers an intuitive push on/off control plus variable adjustment by the rotation of the knob to control the flow rate.

Tap and shower manufacturers across the globe can now choose to insert Neoperl’s high grade FSG controls into their products.  They can be fitted into a tap or shower or behind the wall plates that control them, and the activation is smooth whatever the line pressure.

The valves function on a purely mechanical and hydraulic basis so they require neither a power connection nor battery for operation. The components are made of stainless steel and engineering plastics that can withstand high thermal and mechanical loads and as such meet international hygiene standards as well as important mechanical requirements for their use in taps. All models are marked with Neoperl’s manufacturer code 7880 and a series number.

This latest additional feature in the VC model, allowing for a variable flow rate, enables the manufacturer to utilise the function across a wider variety of applications.  It assists manufacturers in offering a much simpler, minimalistic control to the user and it’s forecast to facilitate a revolution in tap and shower controls.

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