Ideal Standard has upgraded its entire range of thermostatic exposed shower valves with a slimmer, more compact body than ever before. Providing the perfect balance between style and functionality, the Ceratherm T range has been designed to complement any modern bathroom, while guaranteeing the perfect shower experience, day after day.

Developed by Ideal Standard’s in-house engineers, the Ceratherm T range features the hidden brilliance of a new, smaller thermostatic cartridge, the FirmaFlow® Therm, allowing for a streamlined appearance with no compromise on performance. The result is a slim, elegant and modern shower mixer that performs beautifully, while offering unrivalled levels of durability, safety and sustainability.

With buttons and controls that blend seamlessly into the Ceratherm T’s body, the water flow and temperature can be adjusted easily. Users can also pre-set their desired levels for optimum comfort and if pressure is lost, the cartridge rapidly shuts down the flow of hot or cold water, preventing burns and unwanted shocks. 

To ensure the highest level of safety for all users, all models also feature Cool Body technology as standard. Cool Body works like a protective shield: inside the thermostat, the hot water flow is surrounded by cold running water to ensure the controls and body remain cool to the touch at all times, providing extra peace of mind.

Ceratherm T’s integrated controls also reduce water and energy wastage, with the FirmaFlow® Therm ensuring target temperatures are reached far quicker, while an eco-setting limits flow by half, without affecting performance. Thanks to the temperature being pre-set and the thermostatic mechanism keeping flow constant throughout, not even one drop of water is wasted.

Having first invented the ceramic disc cartridge more than 50 years ago, revolutionising the bathroom experience, Ideal Standard has now built on this expertise and its R&D capabilities with the introduction of the thermostatic cartridge, FirmaFlow® Therm. The integral cartridge provides unrivalled efficiency, even in high-traffic areas.

The range includes a variety of models, all offering a choice of mixer options and accessories – including Ideal Standard’s Idealrain, Evo and Evo Jet handsprays, which come with three spray modes for an invigorating, comforting or relaxing shower experience.  Evo has an aerated spray mode, ensuring a softer shower experience without compromising on power, while Evo Jet features Ideal Standard’s unique Drop Jet function, creating larger, softer droplets for added luxury. And with the Navigo push button located on the handspray, switching between modes couldn’t be easier.

Ceratherm T can also form part of increasingly popular diverter mixer showers, featuring a head shower and hand shower with a moveable wall bracket for added versatility. The adjustable bracket means existing holes can be covered during installation, while the sleek form conceals fixtures for a seamless finish, making the collection perfect for renovation projects.

Ashley Smith, Brassware Product Manager at Ideal Standard, said: “With the new Ceratherm T range, we’ve been able to completely redesign the external look and feel of our showers in keeping with current bathroom trends, while applying our longstanding fittings expertise to the interior in the form of our clever FirmaFlow® Therm cartridge. Having refined our technology over decades, we’re now offering the most advanced collection yet, which not only delivers in terms of aesthetics and user experience, but is guaranteed to stand the test of time, too.”

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