As shower-toilets become a standard feature within contemporary bathrooms, the Duravit SensoWash® range comprises a selection of models for varied requirements. As such, it has become a byword for modern, high-quality shower-toilet hygiene.

Senso-wash D Neo Shower-toilet Duravit

The shower-toilet models guarantee a pleasant level of comfort: from a range of configuration options for the three shower flow types through the user ID in the seat right up to the time windows for seat heating that can be individually configured. The functions are managed intuitively via a remote control.

A range of construction-related measures helps guarantee maximum safety on all SensoWash® models: these include the use of especially hygienic materials such as stainless steel for the spray arm, separate showerhead jets for Ladywash and Rearwash, the positioning of the shower arm above the ceramic basin as well as the automatic pre- and post-cleaning of the shower arm in its retracted position. Duravit Rimless® technology, optimized basin, and siphon geometry, and the highly effective antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze further ensure optimum hygiene. After just six hours, approx. 90% of bacteria (e.g. coli bacteria) are eliminated, with approx. 99.9% eliminated after 24 hours.

The latest addition is the SensoWash® D-Neo, a compact shower-toilet at an attractive price point.  The clear-cut, no-fuss design blends discreetly into any room and works with all the Duravit design series.  All the technology is discreetly integrated into the ceramic body, while the pared-down aesthetics are a perfect match to all Duravit design series and remain a unique selling point.  and is equally suited to project business or cost-conscious developers who do not require additional functions. 

Senso-wash D Neo Shower-toilet Duravit

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