The PLAN blue series of fittings from KEUCO now incorporates an exposed thermostatic shower mixer.  The KEUCO PLAN blue fittings combine first-class design with a flawless finish and the highest functionality.  The result is a stylishly timeless and durable design that can bring balance to different interior styles and makes them an ideal choice when it comes to bathroom design.

There are two new on-wall shower fittings that have been created to complement the extensive PLAN blue range. Select from either a thermostat shower mixer or a combination with an integrated head and hand shower: the PLAN blue design is slim and has been crafted with extremely precise workmanship.  The shower mixer with head and hand shower is ideal for a wide variety of installations, both new builds and renovations and is perfect for both private and hotel bathrooms.

With colour becoming more important within bathroom design in addition to a classic brilliant chrome finish, PLAN blue thermostatic shower mixers are available with a striking black matte finish.   This enables strong accents to be added which play an essential part in the functionality of the bathroom as well as its design.

They have a special lacquer coating which makes them extremely durable and easy to clean, whilst the velvety matt surface is very pleasant to touch.    The products with a black finish have an impressive depth of colour that brings a distinct feeling of luxury to the bathroom this is further highlighted with the matching KEUCO shower shelve,  and creates a distinct aesthetic within the shower.

The flat head shower is perfect for multigenerational families due to its height-adjustable shower rail, and the large overhead shower with a diameter of 250mm can be swivelled to the desired position, the hand shower is also easily positioned at the right height with a shower slide.

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