Family-run, independent online tiles specialist Hyperion Tiles offers homeowners and designers expert cloakroom design advice to create the wow factor. This area can often be overlooked, however, a cloakroom can add value to your property if you decide to sell and is one of the key rooms a guest is likely to visit.

Director Richard Skeoch explains: “You don’t spend much time in your cloakroom, so this space can give you the chance to experiment with bold colours, patterns and textures, and if your guests are going to see it, you can certainly justify making this an enjoyable space to visit.”

Richard’s top tips on how to create a super-stylish cloakroom are:

* Tiles make a fantastic option as they are easy to clean and can be ultra-durable
* If you’re keen to make your space feel bigger, choose light, neutral tile shades, which will reflect light
* Experiment with a wall mural or create a feature area behind a basin or as a backdrop for a WC
* Consider mosaic tiles, because these can be easier to fit into awkward spaces, such as around pipes
* Pick a statement mirror, perhaps with illuminated or magnifying options, and use it help maximise the light
*Get your artificial lighting right and work through your needs – do you require task, ambient, accent or decorative or perhaps a combination?
* Add suitable cloakroom accessories – shelves, bins, towels, towel rails and plants

Click the link for more surface design ideas.

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