Happy Birthday PJH, one of the UK’s largest KBB distributors is marking its 50th Golden Anniversary of when the company was established back in 1972, by its founder, Peter J Hopkinson, whose ‘PJH’ legacy lives on today.

To engage all its partners in the celebration, PJH has unveiled a new 50th Year Anniversary logo to remind customers, staff, suppliers and all of PJH’s partners, what a landmark achievement this is, and to highlight the importance of this historical company milestone.

Over the last fifty years, the industry has changed significantly and with it, PJH has grown, evolved and enjoyed enormous success in supplying and distributing products to the UK’s network of retailers, merchants and housebuilders.

It all began with Peter J Hopkinson, trading as ‘Hopkinsons Fourways’, who started off supplying the local plumbers of Bolton with plumbing fixtures, fittings and of course the famous ‘three-piece bathroom suite’ in an array of pastel colours (now back on-trend!). From this humble but ambitious beginning, the determination and clear vision of the company has seen PJH lead the way in distribution to become one of the UK’s largest suppliers and distributors of bathrooms, appliances, sinks and taps, as well as part of a global organisation.     

Commented Richard George, CEO, PJH: “This is a fantastic achievement for our business which has changed considerably over the years. Turning 50 for any company is a marker worthy of note but for us, it highlights just how established, enduring and successful the business is within the KBB distribution sector.

“We couldn’t have done it without the support, efforts and energy of everyone who has played a part in this 50-year journey and on behalf of the company I would like to thank all the loyalty and dedication given to the business. We continue to have ambitious and exciting growth plans for the years ahead and we head forward knowing we are in the best place possible to chalk up another successful 50 years!”

For further information on PJH, visit www.pjh.uk , www.partners.pjh.uk or call, T: 0800 8 77 88 99.

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