When taking a tour of a city people tend to be drawn to places of interest, art, museums and great restaurants, but what about fabulous bathrooms?

During lockdown, Unidrain did a virtual tour of the homeland and found HighLine Custom drains are specified not only in the most prestigious hotels and spas, but the quaint, quirky, unique and interesting places too. Although there are many to choose from, Unidrain has selected three of its favourite projects.


Pictured top – this recently refurbished hotel with its Nordic-inspired spa features 90 High Line Custom drains, yet so uniquely have they been incorporated into the design they blend perfectly into the overall décor and style of the room. With its huge windows, wood panelling, sand and lyme grass; the space manages to feel open yet inviting at the same time.

The Audo

It’s all about perspective. this century-old, large, bold red building sitting on corner was turned into an amazing creative space. It is now a contemporary head office, showroom, restaurant and boutique hotel with a small number of individually and uniquely designed rooms; where the bathrooms feature HighLine Custom drains.

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

All hotels cover the practical requirements but the best do so with efficiency, then add personal touches and elegant style. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a hotel bathroom. The secret is in the choice of materials and tailor-made solutions, and 100 of the bathrooms in the Nobis Hotel show that Unidrain must be one of their ‘secret’ ingredients. The shower cubicles are enclosed by a sleek sheet of glass with an oversized waterfall shower head.