Following a refurbishment, Hotel Fjordgaarden in Ringkøbing now boasts an exclusive new spa that is already attracting visitors from near and far. According to the hotel, aesthetics were a top priority in this project which is reflected in the luxurious solutions chosen; these include the elegant linear drains, covered with custom-cut tiles that blend almost invisibly in with the flooring.

West Jutland has a new attraction to tempt tourists

Situated next to the Ringkøbing Fjord is the Hotel Fjordgaarden; originally built in 1967, the hotel has undergone an expansion and total refurbishment and now includes a luxurious new spa.

COVID-19 and travel restrictions may have slightly affected visitor numbers, but guests have still been flocking to Fjordgaarden, and the hotel recoreded its busiest summer ever. The majority of this success can be attributed to the spa, which opened in June and was officially inaugurated in August.

“With the refurbishment, we wanted to attract a new segment of customers to the hotel; the spa definitely helps with this. We want our guests to feel that Fjordgaarden is worth the journey, and we think they will when they see our new super-elegant spa,” says Fjordgaarden’s manager Brian Madsen.

Luxurious style – exclusive details
According to Brian Madsen, every detail of the spa has been carefully considered. The style is well-thought-out, with large, rustic tiles, wood panelling as well as sand and lyme grass:

“The refurbishment has a strong focus on aesthetics; from the outset this was the top priority throughout the hotel. We want visitors to experience sheer luxury and elegance; this is reflected both in the design and the materials used. We’re delighted to report we’ve already had a lot of positive feedback from the guests.”

The spa was fitted with linear drains from the design company Unidrain, which is renowned for its stylish, minimalistic products. The hotel chose Unidrain’s HighLine Custom drain, to suit the spa’s fashionable look.
“Invisible” linear drains provide a stylish finish/ The solution provides a discreet drain, where the familiar grate is replaced by custom-cut tiles that match the surrounding floor:

“We’re extremely pleased that our drains were chosen to help create the right experience in the spa. Our Highline Custom drain with the tile covering produces an elegant finish and a beautiful style. It’s barely noticeable because it slopes so discreetly into the floor,” says Anders W. Christensen, Unidrain’s Area Sales Manager.

The discreet drain has been installed around both the pools as well as in the sauna and shower areas. The lounge area is also equipped with the stylish linear drains, which have been placed with great care: “Based on drawings of all the rooms, we made recommendations on the length and number of the drains. We also provided advice on their optimal location. The focus was on creating a result that merges form and function. We took water drainage into account to make sure the drains had the right capacity. In addition, we took care to create the right slope without cutting the tiles into pieces. This creates a solid, seamless look that’s extremely stylish,” concludes Anders W. Christensen.

Unidrain: Established in 2003 this design company has gone from inventing the linear floor drain to creating a leading international brand, spreading Danish design ethics and Nordic minimalism to the rest of the globe. From five star hotels in the Maldives, to the Award-winning Herman K in Copenhagen Unidrain products and accessories play a key role in the look and feel of these stylish bathrooms.

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