Providing the answer to awkward-shaped bathrooms, Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s response is their Coast Corner Set Bath – a choice that cleverly combines both the practicality of a corner bath with the modern indulgence of a freestanding bath.

Coast Baths Waters Baths of Ashbourne

“Just like pebbles in the ocean, we wanted to create the illusion that the perfect organic silhouette has formed over centuries – the sea slowly shaping the smooth contours of the bath with its steady currents and torrents, wearing it down to create the most natural of forms” comments Lee Frost, director of Waters Baths of Ashbourne.

Sculpted to fit the body like a glove, the smooth contours of the Coast bath edge are contrasted with the well-defined angles of the corner setting, exuding a luxurious contemporary aesthetic.

Crafted from one piece of incredibly hard-wearing Lucite acrylic, the double-ended bath is available in both left and right-hand options, proving the model versatile and durable – an exciting and unique addition to the Space Collection.