A new Water Regs UK survey has exposed concerning health issues among plumbers nationwide. The data highlights the challenges faced by these professionals and calls for urgent industry-wide solutions to safeguard their well-being.

The survey findings reveal that a significant percentage of plumbers are grappling with various health problems. An alarming 73.2% reported joint aches, closely followed by 69.3% experiencing back pain.

Work-related stress was identified as a major concern, affecting 44.4% of respondents. Additional health issues reported include dry skin (33.2%), trapped nerves (29.8%), repetitive strain injury (23.4%), hearing loss (17.6%), and vertigo or other hearing problems (5.4%).

These statistics underscore the need for plumbers’ to prioritise their health and take appropriate steps to access help.

Julie Spinks, Managing Director at Water Regs UK recommends that plumbers first port of call should be their GP: “ “Plumbers provide a vital service helping others. It’s important that they take time to look after themselves too and seek help when they need it.”

Plumbers can approach their GP for a health check and many practices provide this support. Alternatively, those with private medical insurance can often arrange a health check through their provider, although additional fees might be incurred.

The survey’s standout statistic of 44.4% of plumbers experiencing work-related stress calls for particular attention to their work-life balance and mental well-being.

The plumbing profession demands physical exertion and imposes high-pressure situations, leading to significant mental strain. It is crucial to address the impact of work-related stress on their mental health.

Plumbers can find free support and resources in the UK through organisations such as the Mental Health – Lighthouse ClubMindSamaritans, and the NHS Mental Health Services, which offer helplines and counselling services.

Water Regs UK also emphasises the importance of implementing ergonomic practices and adopting appropriate tools and equipment to minimise physical strain associated with plumbing tasks.

Prioritising occupational health and safety enables plumbers to perform their duties more comfortably and reduces the risk of injury.

Water Regs UK remains committed to championing the welfare of plumbers in the UK. Collaborating with industry stakeholders, the organisation will develop strategies that prioritise the health and well-being of these vital professionals.