Shown for the first time in the UK at the kbb show and a world’s first, VitrA’s new *100% recycled ceramic washbasin is environmentally friendly, yet stylish and reflects the brand’s commitment to using fewer resources, minimising waste and maximising their contribution to the circular economy.

Made from using broken and discarded ceramics, along with other waste materials from the manufacturing process that would typically end up in landfill, the 100% recycled ceramic washbasin from VitrA is said to set a new standard in sustainable design within the industry. A life cycle assessment found that the production of the recycled washbasins minimises VitrA’s environmental impact on fossil fuel usage and global warming by a significant 30% per product.

Available in five thoughtfully crafted designs, each basin embodies its own unique character, from the organic simplicity of the ‘Pebble’ to the geometric precision of ‘Square’ and ‘Circle, to the distinctive outline of ‘TV’ and the graceful curves of ‘Oval’. Finished in a textured matt taupe finish, the 100% recycled ceramic washbasins combine organic forms with minimalistic sophistication. 

Above left – diagram of the manufacturing process for the 100% recycled ceramic washbasin / Above right – VitrA’s 100% recycled ceramic washbasin shown at the kbb show

Gokce Ersel Otkun, head of sustainability at VitrA, comments: “The launch of the 100% recycled ceramic washbasin marks a turning point for the brand and the industry at large. Being the first in the industry to devise such a product demonstrates VitrA’s wholehearted commitment to delivering on its promises to champion sustainable design. We’re so excited to be on this sustainability journey, and feel this product is a significant step forward.”

Find out more about VitrA’s 100% recycled ceramic washbasin here.

*The entire basin is produced from nearly 100% recycled waste materials generated and disposed of during the CSW manufacturing process.

Pictured top: 100% Recycled Ceramic Washbasin in rectangular shape.