Virtual Worlds previewed a new update to its innovative design software at kbb Birmingham 2022. Virtual Worlds Professional Version 8 features a new graphics engine that provides real-time rendering with a level of detail it says has never been seen before.

Challenging the need for time-consuming photo-realistic rendering, the new graphics engine injects energy into the design where texture, light, reflection, shadow and sheen show their effect on the design as it is being constructed

Bringing the design process to life and ensuring buy in from customers at the early stages, Version 8 also gives the retailer peace of mind, making it simple to identify and rectify specification errors that may otherwise result in product returns. Material mistakes grab the attention straight away, woodgrain depth in furniture comes to life, lighting schemes can be adjusted, and colours and paint finishes can all be fully appreciated in a way that is as true to life as it gets with CAD.

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