With months of lockdown we may be forgiven for wanting to move away from our screens…. but Acquabella promises this will change with its Virtual Tour. The Spanish Bathroom Manufacturer has created a completely unique experience for their trade, retail and end-user customers; Enabling them to plunge into the quality and beauty of the new Acquabella products without leaving their showroom, studio or sofa.

The totally immersive experience lets the user to move from area to area on a stunning island backdrop with a central glass dome from where they can view the whole of the “Virtual Tour”. The dome is the central focus, enabling the “visitor” to see at close hand the newly launched Acquabella products and enjoy the informative technical area with ingenious visual aids. The Acquabella Virtual Tour takes the user around 10 different worlds within the Island; each one imaginatively creating an environment which represents the different Acquabella textures; Quiz, Arabba, Ethnic, Slate, Beton, Nude and Zero micro-texture. 

You have to see it to believe it – just click on the link!

The Tour is fully interactive and can be viewed by “foot” or drone, in day or night mode, while all the time enjoying the evocative sounds of the scene depicted. Literally a sensational experience. Whilst deploying the latest generation of video game technology the Virtual Tour has a “proper job” to do too, and cleverly showcases the huge range of stunning Acquabella products, highlighting their unique qualities enabling users to customise with colour, texture, size and shape and capture their design image for future reference. Users can download to their devices for the best experience and ask for a guided tour.

If Acquabella were to create a massive showroom, this is what it would look like. If Acquabella were able to take a stand at every exhibition in the world this would be a flavour of how it would be.

Acquabella’s CEO Juan José Benavent says, “The Virtual Tour is a truly unique tool for our retailers to transform their customer’s experience, a fabulous device for interior designers to impress clients, and of course via the website, customers can choose from over 2000 colours and configure the bathroom of their dreams – driving footfall to showrooms   When the constraints of the physical are removed it is amazing what the virtual can achieve” ……

Step by step guide to the Virtual Tour

•Moving from the flowing waterfall that is home to the Flow Zero, a celebration of a shower tray with soft lines and texture that suggests flowing water, fittingly housed in a tropical waterfall. Follow the path as the evocative sounds of nature change with each habitat bringing an added dimension to the experience. 

•Next is the tree house that exudes warmth and nature, just like the new Arabba texture, replicating traditional natural fibres.

•After descending the spiral staircase, you will arrive at a hut in the middle of the rainforest, home to the Ethnic texture, which found its inspiration from tree bark.

•You will then leave behind the vegetation to venture into an increasingly rocky terrain with unashamed glamour, a house inspired by the 1920s, full of curved lines and with a nod to the characteristic round drain from the Focus Beton shower tray that is its inspiration.

•Follow the Beton texture trail and you’ll find a building on a cliff overlooking the sea, perfect for the minimalist Base Beton shower tray.

•We then come to the most avant-garde building on the tour, perfect to showcase the award-winning Smart Quiz shower tray.

•Arriving at the elegant and simple home of the Base Slate shower tray is a truly sensual experience as you feel sand under your feet at the entrance of the Duo Slate environment; here water and earth come together, inspired by the Duo model, which offers two entirely contrasting finishes.

•We then move to an increasingly arid landscape, with greenery sparsely placed to capture the softness and warmth of the Arq Zero shower tray.

•The vegetation gradually fills the terrain to introduce you to the final environment, which is overflowing with a sense of harmony, fragility and calm that is only possible thanks to the recreation of natural skin captured by the Base Nude bespoke shower tray.


Acquabella Vutual Tour