With shapes modelling a dewdrop, the new Antao collection by Villeroy & Boch transforms the bathroom into a space which invites nature and mindful moments.

The collection, which includes washbasins, baths, furniture, mirrors and taps, is all inspired by nature. With the German design duo kaschkasch, Villeroy & Boch has encapsulated a peaceful mood that makes the bathroom a welcoming haven for relaxation. All items in the collection, which has won international design awards, coordinate perfectly and come together in a complete design concept.

The quest for a perfect shape, with a natural rather than perfectionist look, was the starting point for Antao. The ultimate inspiration for the collection, the dewdrop, provides a common theme linking all elements: from ceramic to bath, furniture, mirrors and taps. Its shape is most clearly recognisable in the surface-mounted washbasins: organic with a slight asymmetry, and completely harmonious and balanced.

Just like in nature, where no two dewdrops are the same, a separate shape has been developed for each washbasin size in the Antao collection. The Antao taps also pick up on the dewdrop theme with soft contours and a unique shape, ideally complementing the collection with 11 different models in the finishes of Chrome, Matt Black and Brushed Nickel.

As well as classic white in a matte or glossy finish, the ceramic also comes in the on-trend matt colours of Matte Black, Almond and the new shade of Morning Green. These mellow, earthy colours convey a sense of peace and relaxation in the bathroom.

Antao furniture coordinates perfectly with the ceramic elements in the collection while at the same time adding its own special highlights, with high-quality natural materials, textured fronts and a harmonious selection of colours. As well as high-quality painted surfaces in mellow, natural trend colours, the Antao furniture programme also includes real wood furniture in Honey Oak and Warm Walnut as well as an elegant natural stone panel in real Botticino marble.

Another highlight of Antao is the free-standing bath. The bath naturally reflects the theme of the collection: a subtle asymmetry makes the designer piece an eye-catching feature that also meets the very highest requirements in terms of ergonomics and functionality.

To accompany, the organically shaped Antao illuminated mirror, in three different versions sets, the perfect mood in the room with atmospheric background lighting – via touch-sensor or optionally with smart ZIGBEE control.

All products in the Antao range are available to purchase now. Please visit https://www.villeroy-boch.co.uk