The Unified Water Label Association has welcomed the launch of the Construct Zero change programme, which details the commitments made by the industry to reduce its carbon emissions.  The initiative, which is being led by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) includes a Performance Framework, which sets out how the sector will commit to, and measure its progress towards Net Zero.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “We welcome this report and the commitments that have been made.  It represents a step change in opinion about the need to act now, with more than 2,500 comments received to shape the framework.

“Whilst many of the metrics focus on the activities and output from firms within the sector, others relate to the delivery of energy savings in the building of new homes and the CLC Retrofit Strategy of existing properties.  One of the key commitments is that from 2025, new homes and buildings will minimise energy demand and reduce emissions in operation by 75% (dwellings) and at least 27% (commercial buildings) compared to current standards.

“The link between water, energy and carbon is one that we have highlighted in our recent campaigns to promote the Unified Water Label.  Our new website includes an energy and a carbon calculator that can calculate how much energy is used when water is heated, and how much relative carbon is used when changing to a product that uses less water.

“Contractors of new build properties and retrofit projects can select from a wide range of water using products that carry the Unified Water Label, which will help them reach the energy saving targets set out in the Performance Framework. Our database of products is already used by over 10,000 architects and specifiers on a regular basis, for new projects across the globe.

“We are looking forward to continuing the dialogue with the construction industry and the retrofitting sector to encourage them to support the use of Unified Water Label products.”

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