The Unified Water Label Association has urged the industry to respond to a government consultation on introducing compulsory water labelling for fittings and water-using appliances sold across the UK, by reinforcing their commitment to the Unified Water Label.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “Whilst we welcome the government’s commitment to reducing water waste, we do not believe that a mandatory label imposed by Government is the best solution. 

“We do not consider it necessary or cost effective to develop a new labelling system when one is already in place. The Unified Water Label that has been identified within the ISO Standard 31600:2022 as best practice, and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, (DEFRA), has stated in the consultation document that their approach is based on this standard.

“The Unified Water Label is robust, already established and growing.  It is supported by the industry and has gained significant traction over the last twelve months, with retailers and merchants giving it greater visibility.  It is the only label worldwide that covers 14 differing product categories.  The database includes 14,000 individual products, which is regularly accessed by 10,000 architects and specifiers. The label has also been used on 150,000 building or refurbishment projects internationally.

“We believe that a mandatory label will be significantly more expensive for the industry than a voluntary one and that a mandatory system will take away the flexibility that the industry now has to operate a system that meets their needs.  They will also be exposed to an enforcement body that will have the power to impose sanctions, under the proposed mandatory scheme.

“We are asking the members and supporters to work with us for the benefit of the industry, and respond before the consultation closes in three months’ time on 25 November.

“The consultation policy document can be found here.”

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