The Unified Water Label Association has launched a new website designed to highlight the advantages of the Unified Water Label to bathroom professionals and consumers, in a clear, informative and easy-to-navigate format. 

The website is also a resource for those wanting to source products that carry the Unified Water Label, with a searchable database of more than 13,000 products, and quick links for companies to become members and register products.

There is a wealth of information for those wanting to understand how the choices they make will impact on water, energy and carbon efficiency.  There are two new calculators to join the popular water calculator, for energy and carbon. The water calculator is used extensively by over 10,000 architects and has played a role within the water calculations for over 150,000 projects.  The carbon calculator helps identify how much carbon is used per litre of water coming into the property and the energy calculator helps identify how much energy is used to heat water to the desired temperature.

The consumer information includes advice and tips on how to use water wisely in the bathroom, with fact sheets and videos that are easy to understand.

UWLA CEO Yvonne Orgill said, “The Unified Water Label scheme is growing, with 70% of the market now supporting this voluntary labelling scheme.  It is currently supported by 160 manufacturers, and 40 additional supporters from environmentalist, related trade bodies and installer organisations, all under-pinned with a database of 13,000 products.

The new site provides all of these parties with a valuable tool to help us showcase UWL products and communicate the importance of using water wisely.”

You can find the new website at