The Unified Water Label Association is calling on the kbb industry to realise the importance of using water wisely on Earth Day, (22 April).

Earth Day is an international event that calls on world leaders to come together to prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction. Using a theme of ‘Together, we can Restore Our Earth™’, the day runs parallel to the Biden Administration’s global climate summit, with EARTHDAY.ORG hosting a live digital event.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “Climate literacy is one of the key themes for this Earth Day, as research has found that this is key to building a greener workforce and a consumer movement that will help solve climate change.

“This is a theme that is also part of UWLA’s communication strategy.  We believe that everyonehas a part to play in making responsible water-saving choices.  If those involved in designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and purchasing water using bathroom products, all work together to help each other, and consumers understand the issues around water scarcity, then we can drive home the message that for the sake of the planet we must use water wisely.

“We explored this at our recent Water Matters event, when Impact Entrepreneur Ben Keene raised some interesting questions on this topic.  He asked the bathroom industry to come together and be creative in meeting this challenge.  He suggested that it is necessary to be bold in order to help people understand the impact of their water consumption, and nudge them towards positive behaviour change.

“Our #dontforgettheplug marketing campaign is also addressing this message.  Currently being rolled out across the UK and Europe, it highlights key messages to promote the benefits of supporting the Unified Water Label.

“Those interested in finding out how they can become involved by supporting the UWLA or joining our campaign can find out more here.”

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