The Unified Water Label Association, (UWLA) has urged the bathroom industry to support its Water Matters message as world leaders committed to tackle climate change at the G7 summit in Carbis Bay last weekend.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says, “It was great to see that climate change was a major focus at the summit.  The world leaders present committed to cut emissions and pledged to meet net zero emissions no later than 2050.

“The bathroom industry can play its part in reducing CO2 by helping people understand the link between using water wisely, and know that when we heat water in our homes, it has an impact on energy efficiency and our carbon footprint. Bathroom products are at the heart of water use in the home as over 60% of water used in the domestic environment is used in the bathroom, and 25% of energy used in the home is associated with heating hot water, with 18% of the UK carbon emissions emanating from the home.

“If as an industry we promote the use of products that carry the Unified Water Label consumers can then make an informed choice about the bathroom products they select for their homes. With many manufacturers offering smart technology products that deliver good performance but use less water and energy, there is plenty of choice and no need to experience any loss in performance.

“Our #dontforgettheplug marketing campaign is also addressing this message.  Together the industry can help consumers make the link between water, energy and carbon issues, understand more about how much water they use, and promote the benefits of reducing water wastage.”

You can find a directory of products and more about the Unified Water Label here