A new survey carried out amongst plumbing and heating engineers has highlighted the need for more support to promote the use of water-efficient products, so says Unified Water Label MD, Yvonne Orgill.

The research, carried out by the CIPHE, found that more than 50% of respondents said customers rarely (40.74%) or never ask (13.11%) for environmental attribute based recommendations.

Yvonne said “Whilst this figure of 53.85% is high, it also reflects that almost one in two consumers are asking about environmental considerations. We are making progress with consumer education, and previous research has shown that consumers are looking to make more environmentally friendly decisions.

“Bathroom manufacturers have invested in bringing these products to market but there is a gap in the chain, as installers and retailers are failing to do their bit and bring these products to consumer’s attention.

“With only one in three respondents seeing an increase in consumers asking about efficiency measures, there is huge scope for them to help inform those consumers about the products that are available.

“It is encouraging that three-quarters of respondents say they always or usually promote efficient products but we need more commitment, there is no reason why this should not be 75% are always promoting water efficient products.

“We have work to do at the Unified Water Label to help installers become more aware of the label and how they can use the database to identify products that carry the label.

“It is important that we all work together as there is a strong possibility that the government will force a mandatory label upon us, via the Environmental Bill. It is likely that this would reduce choice for the consumer and restrict products available

“We must also help installers understand that they are missing an opportunity to change consumer behaviour and support them in making more informed choices.”

Kevin Wellman, CEO at CIPHE added, “This research highlights the need for promoting greater water efficiency. Installation of a water meter can not only reduce your water bill and save on energy but it can also impact positively upon consumer behaviour that leads to more informed product choices. The corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the treatment and supply process brings further environmental benefits.”