Julia Weise Hellum has joined Unidrain as a Key Account Manager and is setting out to build and expand customer relationships and networks in Europe and Asia. She has a solid knowledge of the construction industry and knows all about creating networks in foreign climates.

51-year-old Julia Weise Hellum is well travelled, having spent time exploring, living and working in the UK, USA, Italy and Chile, After many years of living abroad, she has returned to Denmark to take on the role of Unidrain’s new Key Account Manager. She will be spreading awareness of Unidrain in Europe and Asia; which means her workplace will once again take her across the globe.

“I’m looking forward to travelling the world with a Danish product in my hands. I’ve lived abroad for many years, so can definitely vouch for the fact that Danish design has an excellent reputation. Unidrain’s products fully live up to this standing and I look forward to demonstrating that to the outside world,” says Julia Weise Hellum.

Julia originally trained as a market economist, previously working with Danish and international brands within both the fashion and construction industries.

René Risom, International Sales Manager, said:

“Julia brings solid knowledge and experience from the construction industry. At the same time, she has lived abroad for many years, and thus knows all about building networks and making contacts abroad. We’re very happy to have brought Julia on board,” he says.

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The experience of being successful abroad is something that Julia Weise Hellum herself sees as strength for her new position. “When you’ve lived abroad for as many years as I have, you find it much easier to accept that there are lots of different ways of doing things. I feel that the humility I’ve acquired through my time abroad is important when it comes to creating new relationships,” she explains.

Julia Weise Hellum lives in Faxe and has two adult children


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